Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wrong Side of the Bed

I believe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed spitting nails today. Everything is a "big deal" today. The dogs did not pee fast enough this morning, packing lunch took too long, the coffee pot was not ready when I wanted it to be, picking out clothes was chaos b/c everything is dirty (I decided this morning, I need a new wardrobe OR a maid to do laundry), I have cried & laughed within moments of each other, traffic was horrible, I am angry at everything & everyone at the office, my back & stomach hurt. I decided it's not really the wrong side of the's PMS. Watch out Dallas--I will be driving home from work today. So, be nice to me, I really do not want to have road rage with you this afternoon.

Christmas is MAKING me eat!

Packages/gifts are being delivered daily now to the office from vendors "thanking" us for our business. About 90% of the time, each package contains food, lots of food! Between the "must" eats at the office, each party I attend there is a huge selection of food I should not be eating.....but I do. My Mom is cooking the best meal on Christmas day. The meal will consist of CARBS with a side of CARBS! I'm really not complaining, but why don't we cook more veggies during the holidays. I'm making 2 desserts for Christmas day. I think I am going to stay in PJ's all day....Everyone needs comfy clothes on Christmas day. I will not eat everything in sight on Christmas day.
I have never said this before.........BUT I am tired of eating everything I see right now. Come January 2008, I will celebrate my new lease on food! 2006 was a great food year for me....I lost over 50 lbs. 2006 was a bad food year for me....I gained, lost, gained, lost, and right now I have gained 8lbs since Thanksgiving. I am going back on my "new, improved" way of eating.......lots of veggies, with little flour & sugar. I need & want to get healthier! Pray for me!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas is 7 days away.....

Since Christmas is 7 days away, have you finished your Christmas shopping???? I officially finished shopping on Saturday. It was a huge relief to finally actually know it's completed.

Tell me how your Christmas shopping is going?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Restroom Mishap.

Today, I was brave. I went to Wal-mart to finish Christmas shopping. Before I actually put on my "Wal-mart" Christmas armour, I went to the restroom in Wal-mart. As a little girl walked out of the bathroom, I ran into the bathroom. I walked into a bathroom I have never seen before. It only had 2 stalls, and something white hanging on the wall. At first, I thought why does this womens restroom only have 2 stalls, and OMG a urinal! I ran out of the MEN's restroom as soon as I realized I was staring at a urinal.
Two questions: 1. Why would a little girl about 10 to 12 years old walk out of the men's restroom? 2. How many people saw me running out of the wrong bathroom?

Friday, December 14, 2007

The War-Zone at JCPenney.

Yesterday, I made a mad-dash to the local mall to purchase a much needed Christmas present for my PawPaw. The parking lot was unbelievable. It was like being at the circus. With each car door opening, it was like 20 clowns getting out of their match-box car. I started counting the number of people being dropped off--12 people inside full-sized truck. Scary!

As I was walking into JCPenney, the War started. It's amazing at the happiest time of the year people can become Satan within seconds. Accidentally, I was kinda pushed into a someone. She screamed at me. Why me? Friends, You should be extremely proud of me....I kept my mouth closed. Finally, I purchased what I needed for PawPaw and ran out of the store. Once I was in my car, I thanked God for my safe return.

May the Lord Bless ALL the holiday shoppers!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Red Head Moment

As I turned on the dryer, it would not turn on. I was getting upset...I thought I can not believe I have to call maintenance again to fix something. Also, I just washed all my dirty panties...and they all needed to be dried by tomorrow morning! I tried turning the knob again to turn on the dryer. Still did not come on. I was so frustrated I slammed the dryer door closed. Okay, BlueEyes, Another RedHead Moment! The Dryer does not work unless the door is closed.....When I realized what I did, I turned on the dryer. The dryer is now working beautifully!
I'm off to bed...Night, Night Blogging World.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sunrise...God is Good.

Sinus Infectionville

Texas weather is never constant. Over the weekend it was HOT, today it's rainy & cold. My poor little sinus cavities can not take all this change. Monday morning at 4am I woke up with a massive migraine. I stayed in bed most of the day Monday. The slightest movement make my world come chasing down all around me. Literally, I felt like my little,big head was going to explode at any moment. I even prayed for God to make it! The pressure was unbearable. My sweet dearest friends, Deb, Karla, and Heather, took extra good care of me. Deb came over to give me medicine with my Bozo the Clown hair, bad breath, no bra, and my extremely messy,dirty apartment. The sad part is my OCD never really kicked in. My home is always neat, tidy, and clean. The only thought I had was Deb will make it all better.....either with medicine or a hammer. The pressure from the migraine finally started going away about 5pm! Praise God for Relief!
Tuesday morning, I went to Dr. Girl. I was diagnosed with a Sinus Infection. Dr. Girl said my infection was so severe I would start to feel worse before I get better. Hate her. I started antibiotics last night. We will see how awful I start to feel tomorrow.
I had so many chores to get done this week, gifts to buy & wrap, dogs to bathe, laundry to wash, errands to run, etc. God has a funny way of slowing me down.
Dr. Girl gave me strict orders NOT to eat dairy products. Why would she tell me that? It only makes me want ice cream more! Hate her again!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Since I officially became an adult--meaning moving out of my Parents House & paying ALL my bills--I have lived in apartment communities. My homes have been really great, and a little scary to say the least. After 11 years of living in Dallas, the apartment I am in now is my favorite so far. The other apartments I have lived in never really felt "like home". My apartment now is the only home my dogs have known. I have "raised" them here. Life in Apartment with dogs can be challenging. My only wish for this apartment is that it came with a doggie door & a fenced in back yard (OH and more closet space!). Before I adopted my dogs, I never really knew my neighbors. Neighbors were always just someone you said hello too when I was running to & from my car. Since I take my dogs on walks, I have met a several neighbors....I have learned two things....People are either Friendly or Anti-Social. I have met some really nice people who are friends now. It's amazing the friendships I have found living in my neighborhood.

Do you know your neighbors? If so, are you friends with them?
Do you have any "Scary, Creepy, Neighbors you warn others about?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Did you doubt?

Since I was 5 years old, I always wanted to get married and have children. When I was about 12, I told my Mom I wanted to have 5 children. The look in my Mother's face was of shock & laughter.
At 33 years old, I still want to get married and have children. At times, I am extremely excited about my life has a married woman and mother. Other times, I am completely filled with panic. I believe God has already told me I will get married and have children...and He has given me peace while I wait. At times, I doubt this peace. Sometimes, I think maybe the peace God has provided is the peace he has provided to comfort me b/c he has planned for me to remain Single & childless. Then, I argue with myself that God's peace is a gift, and I should just accept it. I constantly think "Will I be a good wife and mother?" I think I will be a great wife, but becoming a Mother scares me. From the beginning to the end, I have my doubts. The thought of delivering a child worries me...and the thought of raising a child freaks me out a little.....Will I be a good Mom? My entire life I have always been attached to children. When I was younger, I was called the "Mother Hen" of the family. Right now, I can not imagine my life with children. Children teach you so much about your life and the world.....Children are one of my greatest Joys! I think I will be a good Mom....I just need lots of courage! :)
Did you ever doubt your ability as a Parent? Were you afraid of giving birth? Does Parenting get easier with time?

The Holiday Vacation

My family and I went to Branson, MO for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We had a great vacation. Branson, MO is family-oriented city filled with great people, sights, and entertainment. We went to see a musical about the Life of Jesus, called The Promise. The Promise was incredible. I was truly blessed & overwhelmed by God's Promise to me. I am not worthy to receive eternal Life with God, but Jesus already paid my ransom. Lord, Thanks for a wonderful, safe family vacation. Thank you for allowing my PawPaw who is 79 yrs old & 12 months (PawPaw states he is not 80 yet) the strength to still have the energy to travel. My family is truly blessed.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Friends, I will be extremely busy until after Thanksgiving! I pray you & your family eat way too much turkey, drink too much wine, and laugh until your sides hurt! What are you thankful for this year?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


At the age of 13, my Parents "allow" me to start shaving. I thought I was so grown...after all, I was old enough to shave & a new teenager. I knew everything about everything. After 20 years (oh my--20 years have really passed--I'm shocked--give me a minute to absorb this thought--20 years!---Okay, I think I'm recovering a little..20 yrs!)...Now, what's my point again...oh yeah....After 20 years of shaving, I hate it. Since I am Single, I shave once a week on Saturday. I'm such a routine person. I realized last night I have not shaved my legs in about 3.5 weeks. I am totally disgusted with myself. I could barely sleep with myself last night!

How old were you when you first started shaving? What's the longest you went without shaving?

Moment of Insanity

Yesterday, I worked 10.5 hours. I had an very productive, long day. When I got home, I had mental mush...absolutely no energy. At 9pm, I get this crazy thought.."I should straight & organize my closet and my dresser drawers. I have 2 drawers I have not opened since the last time I purged my clothes. I finally finish with organizing everything I wanted at about 10pm. I have a bag of very old tshirts I will throw away. It feels good when I get rid of stuff. I even found 2 pair of pants I fought I had. I put them away b/c I need to have them tailored. I guess I will be going to the tailor on Saturday!
I hope I can go home tonight just to relax. Knowing myself, I will come up with another chore I must do!

Moment of Silence

My favorite day of the week is Sunday. I love going to church to worship God, fellowship with friends, and pray. My "old" Church (I am still looking for a "new" church) has an incredible Pastor, named Shannon. Shannon prays almost every Sunday. Right before Shannon begins her beautiful Prayer, she calls for a Moment of Silence within the church. During the Moment of Silence, I find rest, comfort & peace within the Lord. It's one of the times I delight in the Lord while resting at his feet. The Moment of Silence does not last very long. I believe if it did most of the congregation would fall asleep.
I keep thinking about how great & awesome this Moment really is. It's amazing how this 4 to 6 minutes on Sunday morning is one of my highlights of the week. Also, I keep thinking God wants more alone time with me. He wants me to have many Moments where I find rest at his feet. Life is complicated, busy, and demanding. Where do I usually find peace? WITHIN THE LORD! God is calling me to spend more time with him, in his his his love.
Karla and I talked this week about us being accountability partners in Christ together. Karla, I am up for challenge. Let's begin today!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Toilet Seat 101

Universities should offer Toilet Seat Replacement 101. I'm such a girl when it comes to home repairs. I usually rely on a man to fix the problem, but this time I wanted to do it. Honestly, I was appalled to even ask a friend to replace the toilet seat! Next time, I will pick up the phone to call Rent-a-Husband! During my lunch on Friday, I went to buy a new toilet seat. After work I dodged the incredible traffic to get home in enough time to replace the broken toilet seat, before my Friends came over for dinner. How embarrassing would it have been for me to open the door with a toilet seat in hand? VERY EMBARRASSING! It only took 45 minutes to get the old seat off! I put the new seat on and to my surprise I purchased the WRONG size seat! I drove to Lowe's & purchased a $27 toilet seat. When I finally got home, it only took 20 minutes to attach the new seat.

Ladies, The Moral of the Story: ALWAYS get a man to do the little projects in the house b/c they do turn into big projects. If you have a big project, CALL someone!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Too Busy for my Own Good.

I planned on having a relaxing weekend. Apparently, the world (aka Friends) had a different plan. I realized on the way to work this morning I have plans tonight, Saturday, and Sunday. Tonight, I am grilling out tonight for some neighbors.....I'm pretty sure with a bottle or two of wine I will have a good time, but I simply want to be alone tonight. Stop Worrying, I'm not depressed....I just want alone time. Before everyone comes over tonight, I need to put on a new toilet seat and un-clog my bathroom sick. I have never replaced a toilet seat...and never used draino. It will either be easy or completely embarrassing if my neighbors have to go home to use the potty!
Saturday, I am going to the dog park with some friends. It should be big Fun with my psycho-Dog, Abby, who at times thinks she's a big dog in her 12 lb little body....or she's afraid of all the other dogs and wraps her leash around my legs. Saturday afternoon, I am cleaning out my dresser. I do live a boring life! I should be going on a date with a Very Handsome Man (VHM)instead of cleaning my dresser out! Where does one go to find a VHM?
Sunday, my Sorority is hosting our Annual Thanksgiving party. I'm bringing vegetable dressing. It's my first time making the toilet seat should be easy & good...or I will definitely have everyone using their own potty.

Wish me Luck!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Toothless Wonder & The Remote Control Idiot

Tuesday morning at 11:30am I had a date with my Dr. Sexy, my Dentist. Dr. Sexy planned to remove a wisdom tooth, I planned to get high from the incredible "laughing" gas and the prescription pain pills he would give me after the appointment.
Friends, You should be so proud of me.....I made the dental appointment a month ago, and I did not cancel it. Heck, I'm proud of myself! Normally, I would have cancelled the appointment 2 or 3 times before I had enough guts to actually step into Dr. Sexy's office.
The weird part about the appointment was I was only in the dental chair for 25 minutes, and Dr. Sexy was only in my mouth for about 10 minutes. It only took him 10 minutes to pull my tooth. The horrific part of the of the whole experience is I heard the tooth being ripped from my mouth....10 minutes of hearing the tooth being pulled completely out of my head was about all I can take...I was totally grossed out!
I had a brilliant idea to schedule an appointment with the cable company Tuesday afternoon to receive a new cable box for my bedroom. When I made the cable appointment, I was totally irrational. I thought it would be a great idea to schedule my date with Dr. Sexy and the Cable man on the same day. Boy, I was wrong! The cable man came when my mouth was still numb and the pain meds were finally starting to work. Poor Fellow, he did not know what hit him. He changed out the cable box, asked if I knew how to program the remote control to the TV. I told him No, he then proceeds to explain it to me....In all my Medicated Glory, I told him to please program the stupid remote because I am a Remote Control Idiot. Enough Said! As the cable man was walking out, he asked if I was okay....Was I okay? Are you kidding me? I told him Dr. Sexy, my Dentist ripped my tooth out of mouth...and I was NOT okay. Yep, I freaked the Poor Fellow out!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Shoe & Wall WON.

Friday evening, Deb and I had dinner plans. We planned for me to go to Deb's house to let her dog, Tiffany, outside before we went to dinner. While at Deb's house, I tripped and fell on one of Deb's shoes. I fell hard..real hard! I sprained my right ankle! Fun stuff!!!! Hurts bad, real bad.

Today, while I was changing my bed sheets. My right hand hit the wall hard..real hard. The wall took a huge chunk out of my finger. When I wash my hands (10 thousands a day), it burns!!!

The Shoe & Wall WON. I pray I will make it through the weekend without another accident!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

One of those days.

Have you ever had one of those days where you should have stayed in bed? Yesterday was one of those days. At the office, my computer died at 3pm on Tuesday afternoon. I did not get a "new" computer until 2pm yesterday. Did the "new" computer have all the software I needed to actually "start" my day? NO! When did I finally get everything I need? 3:30pm. I work for a company who's a reseller...So, each last day of the month, I work late. I tried using another computer yesterday morning, but the computer was slow...and it took 20 minutes to place 1 order. I was so frustrated yesterday I started to cry several times. I hate the fact I am an such a Girl!
My Supervisors passed out candy yesterday. It only took a couple hours to eat the candy. The candy was the start of bad food day. I ate everything in sight.........Candy, fries, hamburger, chips, ice cream, rice noodles, fried cheese.......gross, yuk! When I went to bed, I was disgusted with myself.

I should have stayed in bed yesterday!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life is Good...Until when?

I keep thinking my Life is going a little "too good" lately. When Life is going a little too well, I always expect something bad to happen. It's weird for me to even say that. God has blessed me beyond belief. So, why do I always expect bad things to happen? I think it's because something always happens when reality gets the better of me. Life can be difficult.....Work, Friends, Family, Pets, Dating, Church Hunting...are things that stress me out...but in reality they are my Blessings from God! It's funny how some of our Blessings in Life can be the cause of Stress. I attended Al-Anon years ago. My favorite Phrase I learned is "Let Go and Let God!" This is very Powerful for me. God handles everything...only if we simply give everything over to him. Amazing. Difficult, but Amazing. At times, I think I can handle Life on my own. I tell God I can handle situations on my own by not talking to him about what I want to do with my Life. I should be asking God what he wants me to do in with the gift of Life he has given me.

What are some of the Blessings in your Life that cause you stress?

Thursday, October 25, 2007


When I was in high school and college, I had a huge circle of "Gay" Friend's. Now, that I am older--33, my Circle of friends consist of Married Straight Couples, a few Single females, and few Gay Friends. The problem is that I never see my Gay Friend's b/c they live all over the world...and I am stuck in Texas. Where does one find new Gay Friend's who live close to me? :)

Here's what I miss the most about my Gay Friend's:

I never had to worry about if I was pretty or not going to Gay Club's.

I never had competition with a Gay man over another man (b/c I was a GAY club). We both liked the same thing--MEN!

My drinks were always free (their Mother's raised them right--always buying me drinks even if I was female)!

The music was always better at the Gay Club's.

I was always the "token" Girl.

Recently, two young Guys just moved into the apartment next to me. They have an adorable little puppy. While we were all outside walking the dogs, I introduced myself. Within minutes of talking to them, I asked if they were Gay. They both started laughing....and said Yes. My Gaydar still ROCKS!

My friend, Richard, is stationed in Germany. Germany even has a Gay Bar named Blue Eyes. The German Gay's LOVE ME!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big Mouth BlueEyes

Yesterday, my friend, Robert, celebrated his 55th Birthday! Deb, Robert, and I went to IHOP to celebrate! Robert wanted IHOP b/c he can finally order off the Senior Portion of the Menu!
Robert's Mother passed away about 2 months ago. I was talking about how we hold on to so much when someone we love dies. It's the little things that bother us the most after they pass away. Robert is bothered my his Mother's clothes being in garbage bags. Robert's Dad is not going to wear his Mom's clothes, but Robert is bothered by the fact HIS MOM's clothes are in a garbage bag. When my MawMaw died, I was bothered by someone I worked with wearing the same perfume MawMaw wore. How dare she smell like my MawMaw?! :)
During our conversation last night, I said "It's funny how we cling on to the little things when our "dead" ones pass away. I meant to say our "Loved" Ones. Since Robert's Mom passed away a short time ago, he's still grieving beyond belief. I said our "dead" ones twice! Poor Robert....Forgive me for having diarrhea of the Mouth!!!!

Happy Birthday, Robert! I'm very blessed to call you a Friend, an OLD friend, a Really OLD friend, but a friend nonetheless!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Hairdresser's Dog.

The world forgot one simple fact: Ellen DeGeneres is Human. Ellen cried because she's human with emotions. She wanted Iggy, the dog, to be returned to her Hairdresser's family. Ellen was honest about re-adopting Iggy to her Hairdresser. In this Chaotic World, how often do we find Honesty? Ellen could have lied to the adoption agency, but she did not....She was honest.
Ellen stated she made a mistake by re-adopting the dog. She should have read the adoption papers she signed. Honest mistakes happen daily. We all fall short.
This whole situation is out of control. Marina Batkis and Vanessa Chekroun, owners of the nonprofit Mutts and Moms agency, have received death threats for not returning Iggy. America, you disappoint me.....Death threats over a Dog is Outrageously Insane. I understand people love their animals. I have two of the Cutest Dogs Ever. They are absolutely a great Joy in my life. Would I make death threats over another person's dog issues? My answer is Simple: NO!
Ellen's main concerns are her Hairdresser's children. Ellen hurts because the children hurt. How incredible is that? An adult hurts because a child hurts! Tom Cruise said Jerry Maguire stated "We live in a Very Cynical World". We do live in a cynical world. Ellen was concerned/upset because someone else was hurting. I applaud Ellen for going on National Television asking for the dog to be returned to the Hairdresser. In my opinion, Ellen did what she could to make the situation right.
What I do not understand is this: Mutts and Moms' owners were adamant about their decision, and a spokesman for Batkis said she wouldn't be "bullied around by the Ellen DeGenereses of the world." Bullied by the Ellen DeGenereses of the World? Come ON! Ellen is only given America Laughter since her Career started..I have never recalled a time when Ellen was a Bully.
America, We have so many other major problems in our country & the world to make death threats and to call people names. Did you know we have thousands of Soldiers overseas at War? Focus on the War & let's see what you can come up with!

To Say OR NOT to Say.....

My entire life I have always been told I was loved by my family. I was told "I love you, BlueEyes" almost everyday! Now, I tell Family and Friends I love them. At the end of each phone call, I will say I love you. I do not say it because I feel obligated too, nor do I say I love you b/c it's just a "new, hip, catch" phrase. When I say I Love you, I mean it. I do not want a phone call, a moment, an event, holiday, or whatever the occasion to go by & NOT tell someone I love, I love them. Life is way too short to hold emotions of love, caring, or friendship inside yourself. In the back of my mind, I always think if that is the last time I will ever see that person, I want them to know how much I care...So, I am going to tell them how much I DO care.

Is it easy for you to say, "I LOVE You"? Is it difficult for you to "I Love you"? How were you raised-with or without the "L" word? Are you raising your children different than you were raised?

Before and After

Two weeks ago, my dogs were groomed. Here are the picture's:



Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Writers Block

I have been trying to come up with a new jazzy post for this Blog. It seems I have been attacked with "Writer's Block". I heard this Block is deadly for the blogging world, with only one cure: creativity, I might be in trouble. At the moment, all the creativity I have is extremely low...almost null & void. I do not want this blog to die! HELP!

Friends, what shall I Blog about?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Burning Rubber!

TGIF apparently means the people of Dallas become Nascar Drivers after 4pm. On the way home today from, I was truly amazed at the number of Dangerous Drivers I witnessed. I even had a Brilliant Idiot in from of me on his mobile phone, lifting his only free hand in anger that should have been on the steering wheel. He did not see the Driver in front of him slam on his breaks...So, he slammed on his breaks so quickly I smelled burning smelled like burning hair. Gross! MEN! I had to slam on my breaks......and my tires caused burning rubber! It was the worst 10 seconds of the day!

Dallas, Here's a tip for you....Just because it's Friday, it does not mean you are qualified to drive like Dale Earnhardt Jr. SLOW DOWN!

I'm LOST without it!

Dear ABC,

My Summer was incredible. I watched all my favorite Summer shows faithfully...almost like a religion, I never missed an episode. Fall Premiere Week was Great....Thanks for making Premiere Week a Huge Success! I have enjoyed all my Old Favorite Fall TV shows. I even enjoyed the new shows you created....Big Shots & Dirty Sexy Money ROCKS. My Love Affair with ABC has grown over the last several years. However, this season I feel like I have missed something important. Last night, I finally put it all together. I know you have condensed the season to a mere 16 weeks because you wanted to make us--the Viewer--happy. The re-runs were okay.....I complained about them, but I dealt with them. Hell, I even watched the re-runs. What I am trying to say is this: BRING BACK LOST! I miss LOST so much! The wait is killing. I want...NO, I need to find out how Charlie, Claire, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Kate, John, Ben, & Juliet are all doing on the Island! Who is the next Character to be killed? Will Jake finally realize Juliet can not be trusted? Does Charlie really save Claire's Life? And what really is up with the Black Smoke Thing? I know my TV addiction has gotten out of hand (Thank Goodness for my DVR), but COME ON, bring LOST back, damnit!

Your Faithful Viewer,

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Time always gets away from me! I'm always late. It seems to get better, but then I wake up right when I should be walking out the door for work. Today, I woke up at 7am. I needed to leave by 7am to get to work on time. I finally made it to work today at 8:30am. Oh well...what's a Girl to do? I love my snooze button a little too much on both my alarms! It's a sad fact that I do have TWO alarms.....Some mornings they help, other mornings it takes an Act of Congress to get me out of bed. It's not that I am a lazy person....Apparently, I just need more Beauty Sleep than Most. I am usually about 10 to 15 minutes late except for work (Since the Work I do, Pays the Bills...I really do not want the BossLady to come down on me daily/weekly). I have known to surprise friends on occasion by being on-time or even a little early.....Hell, I even shock myself when I am early! My family has always been on-time for everything. My PawPaw is extremely early for every thing. It truly amazes me....Here's the catcher: Since he is early, he gets mad b/c others are not early. When I with my family, they drive me crazy with trying to be early. The Family is Lucky I LOVE them.

What type of person are you: early, on-time, or LATE?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Stay OFF the Sidewalk!

I woke up this morning at 7am because my dogs have a grooming appointment at 7:30. On the way to the Groomer, I realized I did not have my glasses. I kept thinking why is everything so blurry! After I realized my glasses were still at home, I was paranoid for the safety of others. WATCH OUT PEOPLE--BLIND WOMAN DRIVING!!! I'm definitely NOT a morning person....I simply do not function well just jumping out of bed and starting my day.
Since I have been home, I have put a load of clothes in the washing machine, feed the cat, scooped out the litter box, and spot cleaned the carpet. It's now time to return to my big bed....It keeps calling my name....BlueEyes, You need more Beauty Sleep! Night, Night.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

How do you let go?

It's been over 2 years since my MawMaw died. At times, the pain is unbearable. I miss so very much....I have cried on & off since she died. I keep thinking of all the things I should have done or said before she went. I should have called her the day before her surgery. I have a horrible amount of guilt because I was too afraid to call. Why didn't I call her? On top of that guilt...I even have more guilt....I should have been there when she died. I could have held her hand while she passed. I listened to my family who told me not to come. They told me she was going to be fine. The surgery had a 50/50 success rate for her broken down body. I chose to believe she could conquer the world....After all she was MY MawMaw. Why did I not go home to say I love you one last time? I have moments where I must believe God was holding me back because he knew I could not handle watching her die. MawMaw was very ill for the last 2 years of her life. She is now in Heaven with God, pain free......Praise God for the Power of His Love.

I keeping thinking of the Surgeon's who told my family MawMaw was not going to make it. How do they get courage to go tell a Patients family they were not going to make it or that the Patient already died on the operating table? How do you tell a Patients Family their Loved One is not going to be around anymore? I could not even call my Friends back in New Orleans to tell them my MawMaw left this earth too soon! When I needed them the most, I could not reach out. I did not want to even admit it to myself she was gone.

I am Strong because I am a child of the Prince of Peace. God provides my strength when it has been depleted. I fully believe the pain of losing a Loved One never completely goes away. Also, I do not believe the old saying "time heals all wounds"....Our Precious Savior Heals & Comforts. I am Thankful to you Lord. Thanks for your Mighty Healing Hands.

Dedicated to all my Friends who are Mother's.


I saw this clip on youtube, and it's GREAT.
I hope you enjoy:

God Bless all the Mom's who are reading this blog...and across the world!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Confession Time.

I have something to confess. It's nothing unusual really...I just thought I would share this with all my Blogger Friends (the 3 of you will get a kick out of this). I have a dentist appt. tomorrow at 8:30AM. I'm going in just for a cleaning, but I'm scared to go. I do like my dentist--His name is Mr. Hot Dentist--Very Handsome Man--HOT, HOT! I even like the Dentist Hygienist. I hate going. I completely stress myself out. I even cancel appointments and re-schedule for another month. It's only after I get enough courage, I finally keep my appointment. I always think Mr. Hot Dentist will tell me all my teeth need to come out..and I will have false teeth by the time I am 35. YIKES. My MawMaw had false teeth by the time she was 35. Each time I get a cleaning or dental work done, I always push my head into the dentist chair and grab on the arm rest of the chair with all my might. How far can my head actually go into the chair? It's quite funny really....I'm like a huge kid. I am just grateful the dentist understands. Pray for me---and all my crazy fears!

UPDATE: I went to the Dentist today for my cleaning....I did not cancel my appointment! Aren't you proud of me?!? I even made an appointment to get some work done in the beginning of November. I guess we will see if I cancel the November appointment or not.

Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm such a GIRL.

Tonight, I left the office at 9:15pm! Today is the last business day of my 3rd Qtr. Busy, Chaotic day! I'm so glad to be home! I have 5 women on my team--6 including me......4 of us are PMSing. 4 WOMEN with PMS was quite humorous.....Lots of Laughter & Crankiness! All in all, the day was very productive.

As I was walking up to my Apartment, I noticed one of my neighbors, Amy. Amy was just getting home from church....once a month her church sponsors a Single Bible Study on a Friday. I asked if I could go with her next time. She was all excited and told me she keep me posted on the next Study. After Amy and I said "Good Night", I immediately started thinking about what I would wear to the Bible Study. The Bible Study is a month away & I am already thinking about what I am going to wear! I'm such a Girl!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


This is what I get when I start cleaning at 8:30pm:

Went to Bed Way too Late.

Having Major Back & Feet Pain.

Allergies in Full Force.

Waking up to a Beautiful Cleaned House: PRICELESS.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Premiere Week: Joyful!

Last night, was the beginning of Premiere Week. I watched Heroes and the Bachelor. I have my DVR set to record something every night this week! Yep, I'm addicted to TV. Since my summer TV shows ended, I have been watching lots of HGTV and Discovery Health, but now it's time to watch "real" drama on TV. I'm excited to see the Journeyman (which I have recorded at home), Bones, House, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Cane, Brothers & Sisters, Ghost Whisperer, Ugly Betty, Cane, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Big Shots, Pushing Daisies, Lost, October Road...and many other Shows. Thank Goodness I have a DVR I actually know how to use! Honestly, I'm a Busy Lady and I am not home enough to watch them all, but I enjoy them all!

What Premiere show(s) are you excited about watching?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Bliss Equals Monday Blues!

My weekend rocked! My friend Karla and I went to Melanie's house on Friday night just to hang out. Karla really needed to get out of her house after her crazy day. I called Karla & told her I was taking her out....We had a good time at Mel's.

Here's some crazy NEWS: I was up at 5:30am on Saturday! Can you believe that?? 5:30am on a SATURDAY! It was pure chaos. My Sorority attends the Plano Balloon Festival each year. At first, I thought I can not believe I am up this early for a Balloon Festival! It was actually very beautiful and refreshing to do something I have never done before. I was home before 10:30am, and in bed at 11am to take a nap. It was a great 3.5 hour nap!!!

Saturday Night, Taza and I went to dinner, shopped and watched 2 movies. My friend, Heather, told me I should try a new restaurant in McKinney named Petra's. So, Taza and I headed to Petra's. I did not think it was very good. The food was very bland...the portions were pretty big, but I had to add way too much hot sauce to my plate...I'm hoping it was the dish I ordered....I will try the restaurant one more time before I right it off completely. I'm such a food critic.

Taza and I went to a Plus Size Clothing Store. I purchased 2 pair of jeans! Since I have lost weight last year and gained a little weight this year, I do not own a pair of jeans that fits or that is fashionable! On Sunday I went to another store, and got 3 more jeans and a black pair of pants! I'm going to be so CUTE in my new clothes! I have a problem with pants and jeans........Why don't they make clothes to fit short FAT women? The petites are too short and the averages are two long...I'm going to have to get most of the jeans tailored! Craziness!
Taza and I saw 2 movies: Rush Hour 3 and Resident Evil: Extintion. They were both good movies.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Early Retirement?

I am very blessed. I have a great job that my friend, Heather, talked me into accepting. Honestly, I am very grateful for Heather walking me through the pros and cons. I am blessed because I actually have a job I like. Lately, when my alarm goes off at 5:15am to get ready for work, I just want to scream. I want to call in everyday with some sort of illness.....a Headache on Monday, Eyes hurting on Tuesday, Texas Allergies killing on Wednesday, My Dogs ate my Homework on Thursday, and I am just going to spend Friday in bed.....Get the idea? I want....NO, NO.....I NEED a vacation where I have no responsibilities. I am taking a family vacation before the end of the year...I am counting the days down. My vacation can not come fast enough. I keep thinking if I get one more email asking me to do someone else's job, I'm going to SCREAM! I have to keep reminding myself, I DO LIKE MY JOB! Do you ever feel this way??

Saturday, September 15, 2007


One of my newest friends, LaNae, is moving to Iowa soon. I met LaNae from my Pokeno Group! Friday night, some of my Pokeno friends, my friend Karla, and some other LaNae's friends went to Snuffer's for a last Girl's Night OUT with LaNae. We had beautiful weather so we sat on the Patio. We had Great Margarita's, good food, and LOTS of laughter. I have always found Laughter to be the best medicine! After Snuffer's, most of us traveled to Cristina's for more Margarita's. At Cristina's, we also sat on the patio. As the night progressed, the weather cooled down quite a bit. The cooler Mother Nature got the worse the bugs were. Bugs are nasty little beings created by God's sense of humor. I can just see God in heaven laughing at all the Silly Women who scream and run from bugs. The bugs were small. I think the Bug War at Cristina's started before we arrived, but none of the Wait Staff wanted to tell us a full attack of the Bug World was under way in fear they would be attacked too. After about 1.5 hours of the Bug War, we all decided to leave. When I finally dropped Karla off at home, she changed into pj's very quickly and took her curly hair down out of her pony tail. Right in the kitchen, one of the Bug Soldier's fell out of Karla's curly hair. Karla & I were a little freaked out (God's sense of humor again!). Karla killed the BUG. She's a Brave Woman.

WARNING: If you have curly hair, be warned the BUGS will travel in your hair to your home with the intention of continuing the Bug War. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Update on Randy: Like Pulling Teeth

I was brave today. I IMed Randy. I tried to start the conversation with humor. Humor was the wrong move. Randy has no humor....very dry. The conversation was awkward & weird. It was really like pulling teeth to get answers from him. He never even asked a question until we started talking about why I was looking for a new church. I kept thinking if Randy was really interested he would ask more personal questions, be more interested, etc. Right? Right!! Randy recently has gone through a divorce after 12 years of marriage. He's not ready to even be friends with someone yet. On top of it all, he called my pups Mop Dog...Absolutely Rude! :) My pups maybe Mop Dogs, but I'm the only one who can call them Mops! HaHa!
So, Mr. Randy unless you miraculous change over night, I will need a man who already has a sense of humor and is not so newly divorced. Randy, I'll pray for you to heal and to find happiness again!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm a HUGE Chicken

Today, I felt as if I turned 16 all over again. Let me explain my silliness to you.....Melanie and I were talking about finding me a man. We talked about finding someone at the office.....Eventually the conversation lead to a man at the office named Randy. Well, today Melanie talked to Randy about me. I turned into a 16 yr old again. Melanie told me to instant message Randy after they talked.....I said NO....because I am a HUGE Chicken. Honestly, I do not think Randy is interested BUT Mel insisted I IM him. Did I IM him? No. I promised Mel I would tomorrow. I might have to call in sick tomorrow just to avoid MY promise. Am I scared? Yes Why? I dunno. Well, I AM going to work tomorrow and I will IM Randy. It's not easy being Single.

Ladies & Gentlemen--Please give me some advice.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time to Smell the Flowers

My Little Shih-Tzu, Phoebe, LOVES flowers. She can spot a flower (whether it's a weed or not) with her little eyes from 50 to 100 yards away. She has pulled me in so many directions just so she can go smell the flower. My neighbor's Mother came into town to visit her son. His Mom put a beautiful flower plant right outside his front door (the plant is now died...that's what happens when Mom leaves). Each time we walked outside or came back inside Phoebe had to go smell the flower. I'm truly amazed by Phoebe. With each flower Phoebe smells, I hear God telling me to enjoy the little Moments in Life.

How can Phoebe, my small fury adorable little pup, take time to smell the flowers when I can not manage to take time for myself? Phoebe understands. It's amazing how something as small as my dog smelling each flower she comes in contact with is a Life Lesson from Our Glorious Lord! In the last few weeks, I feel like I have not had enough alone time with God and Myself. I'm rushed & constantly stressed. Nothing major really going on, but so much "stuff" to do. Definitely not enough time to do it all.

Since I finally made a decision to find a new church, I have added pressure to myself. I feel I should be able to walk into a church and "feel" like I belong immediately. I want God to tell me instantly this is the Church Home HE wants me to be at. Did I have the same experience at the my current Church? The simple answer is NO. I did not like my current church at first. I thought it was not a good "fit" for me. However, I stayed for 7.5 years. I became very blessed by this Church. My relationship with Christ Grew uncontrollably. It's home to me now. God has called me to find a new Church Home where I can grow more a Single Christian (and hopefully to find my Husband-to-be). Each new church I visit, I compare everything and everyone to my current church. Am I really having the best experience comparing each situation, person, and sermon to my current church? Again, the answer is NO.

With Phoebe smelling flowers, God has shown me I should enjoy looking for a new church. Take Time to Smell the Flowers, Blueeyes! Take Time to Enjoy it! Enjoy the Sermon & what each Church has to offer. Blueeyes, Open Your Heart & Follow my Directions........Oh, and by the way, Blueeyes, I am in the Driver's Seat, so please move over and Let me Lead You to a church where I want YOU to GO?

Friends: Take Time to Smell the Flowers........Life is a Precious Gift from Christ so enjoy it. Take time out for God and Yourself. Listen to where wants to Lead You, and Let Him Drive you there!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blogging From Home.


It's OFFICIAL! I am blogging from home! The Very Handsome Married Cable Guy came this morning to hook up digital cable and my internet! HipHipHOORAY! I'm finally very COOL!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007


Last night, Melanie (my new found coworker, now friend) and I went to have a few drinks at the Local Fox & the Hound. I love the FOX! Melanie and I are Husband Hunting for me (Melanie is already in a Great Relationship--Praise God, b/c Mel is absolutely Beautiful--She would be Great Competition). Mel and I had a little dinner (major heartburn city) and a few beers. I have not been "OUT" in a long time. On the way to the bar, I kept thinking how nervous I was.....How does one (being myself) behave in a bar after all this time? Will I finally meet my Prince Charming? Wonder if I do meet my Prince Charming? How exciting it would be? No wait, do I really want to meet the Prince in a Bar Setting? My Parents kinda did, so why not me?
Here's the scene: Melanie and I are talking & drinking---Have a GREAT time....Moments Later, a man walks to our table and sits down....he really makes himself at home. I was thinking...You must be kidding me.....Are men really that rude these days? Moments later, he calls his Buddy over who comes to the table and sits down. Rude again. They ordered food and stayed at our table. I'm amazed. It was not until a few minutes before Melanie and I left did one of the Guys say "I hope I did interpret you Ladies!" Come ON! Did I believe that? NOPE!
Anyway, Melanie and I had a great time until those Men came to our table.

Melanie and I are already planning our next adventure........Stay Tuned...I promise to keep you updated!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It will happen Monday.

Monday morning (between the hours of 8am and 12pm) the cable/Internet Technician will come to my home to upgrade my cable so I can finally have Digital Cable as well as a DVR AND he will hook up the Internet. I will finally be able to blog from home. Also, I will be able to put more pictures on my blog!! HipHipHooray! I'm so very excited! It's all coming together so quickly. KENNY, THANKS FOR BEING A GREAT FRIEND. I really appreciate your help and your time away from your family. Karla, Thanks for loaning out your the family Computer whiz. You are a doll!

Also, I will be getting a new "used" cell phone one day this week.....Thanks to Poppy Gene! My cell phone is about to completely die.

Praise God for the Karla & Kenny's Family!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Not Long Enough.

Why do 3 day weekends come & go so quickly? The weekend was definitely not long enough.

Here's my busy weekend:
Worked late on Friday.
Cleaned my Home.
Went to a Bible Study on Saturday.
Painted my toe nails (this is such a chore).
Bathed the Dogs.
Took a 4 hour nap.
Went to Sunday School and Church.
Told my Sunday School I was looking for a new church (this was a very hard thing to do b/c I absolutely Love my Sunday School Class....It's the best Class I have been in at my old Church).
Visited a co-worker at her new home.
Made Potato Salad twice.
Slept until 9am.
Finished Laundry.
Watered Plants.
My friend, Kenny, came over to hook up my computer. He's coming over again tonight to finish up.
Made lots of phone calls.
Went to Karla's house last night for Grilled Burgers. YUM!
Watched Kyle XY Marathon all day yesterday.
Ate at PF Changs. My fortune cookie said: I will find my Soul mate unexpectedly.
Visited with some Great People from Church.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two Years After Katrina.

New Orleans is my Home. It's where I first felt God's presence in my life. New Orleans is my heritage, my family, my culture, my happiness, my peace, and my hope. Two years ago, Hurricane Katrina destroyed my Home. My family and I were lucky........We all survived. Our houses survived with very little damage. We watched Katrina destroy everything in her path from various parts of Texas and Louisiana. We cried and prayed together. We watched: People being rescued. Families broken apart. People left pets behind expecting them to die. Looting. Violence. People dying due to lack of food & water. Dead bodies floating in the flooded City. People losing hope in Humanity. People who lost Faith in our Government. Victims pleading for help. Life as you know it is Gone.
Since Katrina, I have seen and read about: Children suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Families broken apart. An Increase in the Crime/Murder Rate. People coming back to homes that are not livable. People still finding Loved Ones died after 2 years. An Increase in Depression. Parents suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. People afraid to leave their homes after dark due to the Violence. Life as you knew it before Katrina is Gone Forever.
New Orleans is slowly building her way back to the City she once was. She has a very long road ahead of her. The City is still in such a Sad State. Thank you to the People who are actively rebuilding my Home. I appreciate your hard work.
The day Katrina hit was a milestone in my life. It made me realize we do not live in a safe world. The safety we feel could be taken away in moments. In my short 33 years, I have seen war, terrorism at worst (Sept. 11th), natural disasters, and more violence than I thought was possible. I'm not shocked by what happens in the world. The only Safety we can fully rely on is the Safety of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Lord, Please bless New Orleans and the rest of the United States. Protect & Guide Us. Lead us to make Disciples for you. Without you, we are not Safe. We live in a fallen, sinful world....Lord, I ask you to lead us out of sin and into your comfort. Amen.

The After-Math of Katrina.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Coffee Punch

Coffee Punch
1 half gallon of vanilla ice cream
1 half gallon of chocolate ice cream
Pour a pot of Flavored HOT Coffee over the ice cream.
Serve with Whipped Cream.

Walking through the Darkest Valley.

I have been reading an incredible blog for months now. Please listen to Christi's testimony. It's very beautiful, powerful, moving, & very real. Satan tested her, but with her Faith & her Love for Christ she overcame Satan's testing. Praise God for Christi!

Psalm 23
A psalm of David.
1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,

3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

Clean Sweep & My Friend's House.

It's official.........I finally finished cleaning my house last night. It took over a week for me to clean. Now, I just need to file papers & then I will be done. Isn't it a great feeling when you come home to a clean house? I just love that feeling. I do enjoy cleaning, but only when I want to clean, not when I need to clean.
Saturday, I started my day at 7:30am. I had lots of work to do and very little time. I finally purchased a desk. So, I had to move one of my green wing back chairs to my storage area so I can have a place for the desk. While I was re-arranging my storage area, I started putting things aside to take to the thrift store. I always feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders when I get rid of things I have not used in a long time. I'm amazed I still keep stuff I have not used in years. Last summer, when I cleaned out my storage area, I still had all of my old kitchen decorations from when I first moved out on my own. My kitchen has not been that style in 8+ years. So, why was I keeping the old stuff! I dunno! While cleaning the storage area on Saturday, I counted all my Christmas plastic tubs. 10 total and 2 two bags filled. Why does one woman need all those Christmas decorations? The simple problem is this.......I LOVE Christmas. I love After-Christmas Sales.
Now I finally have a desk........My friend, Kenny, will come over this week to hook up my computer! It will be wonderful to finally have a computer at home. I know, I can a person live without a computer at home. It has not been so bad. I'm on a computer at work for for 8 to 10 hours a day. When I get home, I do not feel the urge to check my email!
Saturday, my Sorority hosted a baby shower for My Friend's House. Please learn more about My Friend's House here. We had a great time! Lord, Please bless this project, the people involved, and the children & their families who will eventually be at My Friend's House.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Texas Heat VS. BlueEyes

Yesterday, I walked my dogs for about 40 minutes. When I finally returned home, I completely passed out on the sofa for 2 hours. After my nap, I had no energy....I was completely wiped out.

Texas Heat gets 1 Point........BlueEyes 0 Points.

I need move to a state where the temperatures are constant all year long........Any Suggestions?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Need Maid: Apply Here.

HELP! I need a maid! Lately, I have not wanted to clean. I do not have the time or the energy. I finally did laundry over the weekend. I washed a total of 10 loads. 10 loads for 1 person is absolutely ridiculous! Clothes, towels, sheets, dog's bedding's, was a chaos. I had an action plan for this week so I could have a clean house by the weekend. Last night, the action plan went right out the window. Here's the action plan:

Laundry and Clean the bathroom over the weekend...which was done.

Monday: Dust

Tuesday: Mop & Vacuum

Wednesday: Clean the Kitchen

Thursday: Sweep the patio

Friday: REST!

For months, I have been frustrated with the clutter in my room, especially my drawers (and I do not mean underwear). Last night, instead of dusting, I organized my dresser drawers. It looks great now. So, I will not be resting on Friday, I will be cleaning the Patio!
Tonight, the dusting frenzy begins! Why do I have so much stuff to dust? I need to stop collecting things!
I keep debating on getting a maid. How would it look if a Single Gal hired a maid? Do I really want a stranger in my home? Do I really want to spend the money on a maid? Am I really getting that lazy OR is just the Texas heat getting to me? Will the maid clean to my specifications? So, many questions. I guess if I just stopped complaining about cleaning and start cleaning I would save so much time!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Getting Older ROCKS.

I know I have gotten older, when

I get diagnosed with having Chronic Urticaria. Urticaria is a BIG Scary Medical Word for Hives.

The Police Officer who stopped me this week was definitely younger than me.

I am referred to as Miss BlueEyes. (When did I become a Miss? My name is simply BLUEEYES!)

I refer to people in there 20's as kids.

I get out of bed and hear my ankles, knees, and feet snap, crackle, and pop all at the same time.

the pain of being on my feet all day keeps me up at night even after I take PM medicine.

the nurse at the Doctor's Office who takes my blood is only 24.

spending more than 2 to 3 hours in a pool is considered work, not play.

I realized that my Cat is actual almost 18....He adopted me when he was a little over two.

I cried knowing the Cat has been my longest relationship (other than family).

I wear high healed shoes.

exercising use to be fun, now it's pure torture.

visiting home would be all about friends and a little family time, now it's completely opposite.

one of my dearest friends called two weeks ago to inform me his father died. (Our Parents are invincible, right?)

drinking coffee at 4pm is a great treat.

I forgot my Mom's birthday about 3 years ago. (I am still feeling the Motherly affects on this one!)

the bills are due and I actually have to pay them myself.

waiting to go to the bathroom could result in a huge accident.

my feet hurt when I finally stand up after sitting down for long periods of time.

the guilt of not going to church lingers for a few days.

my relationship with Christ has grown with each passing day.

it's been 15 years since I graduated high school.

searching for Christmas presents at my Parent's home was a huge treat (oh wait, I still search for presents!).

after I typing a long blog, I have to go look at the title of the blog to remember what the post was really about.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Police Officer

On my way to work this morning, Mr. Police Officer pulled me over. The reason he pulled me over is because my left break light is out. He was a very NICE & FUNNY Man! He asked for my driver's license and proof of insurance which I gave him very quickly. He asked if I still lived at the address on my driver's license and if I still actually have insurance. I told him I still live at the address on the driver's license, and if he wanted the name & location of my insurance agent, I would kindly give it to him. He laughed. He returned my insurance card and told me he was going to check to see if I had any warrants out for my arrest & he was going to be back shortly. I started laughing. He came back and told me I was a little too clean and I was allowed to go to work.

I'm marking this day in my calendar as a NO traffic ticket and a NICE COP day!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Girl's Weekend Rocks!

This upcoming weekend, I will be going on my 2ND Annual Girl's Weekend with Deb, Amy, and Friends. I'm so excited! I had an amazing time last year! Last year, Abby & Phoebe (my pups) went with us. This year Abby and Phoebe will be with Uncle Robert (Deb's Husband). Robert is Abby's boyfriend! Abby absolutely loves Robert! While Robert dog sits for me, the Ladies and I are headed to Granbury, TX. I have been to Granbury once before about 6 years ago. Granbury is a great little town.

Have you been to Granbury? If so, can you give me names of restaurants, stores to shop in, and stuff to do in Granbury?!

Friday, August 03, 2007

VBS Week & the Steece Family.

I am doing registration for VBS this week. I love checking in the kids. The kids faces are so filled with joy, excitement, and happiness to come to learn about Christ! How amazing is that?! I want to always have their same excitement when I learn more about Christ!

I finally purchased dog treats! My Girl's are not keeping me up anymore. Life is getting back to normal. Tonight is the last night of VBS. HipHipHooray! This week is a great week for the kids, but a very long week for the Adults.

Please pray for one of my Favorite Bloggers. Suz and Joe Steece who just delivered Quads! Suz delivered 3 handsome boys and a very beautiful girl! Can you imagine 4 beautiful babies at once? God has blessed them beyond imagination. Suz's did an amazing job during her pregnancy! Suz was so inspiring during her pregnancy...she was filled with a wonderful peace that showed on every picture she posted. I've never met the Steece's, but I have been praying like crazy for them! God Bless the Steece Family!

The Simple Life is Gone.

In Holland, there is a simple explanation for extremely stressed People in their Professional & Personal Life: It's called Burn Out. Burn Out is on the approved list of Health Issues/Problems approved by the Holland Government. In other words, the Company or the Holland Government pays someone who has taken leave from work due to the extreme stress in their life. Burn Out could be a great thing for the United States. Some people will take advantage of Burn Out, but I believe a good portion of America needs a break.

When I read the newspaper, I am not shocked any more. I simply accept America to do harm, cause chaos, and destruction. I am shocked that I am not shocked. I recently read about a Soldier who drove from Virgina to Texas to take revenge on another man based on name calling over the Internet. The Soldier burned the man's home down. I read many examples of evil in America: Murder, Rape, Incest, Violence, Racism, etc. Where does it stop? Who actually gets hurt with all the Violence we cause? The answer: the person causing the Violence. The man who burned down the house will go to prison. I believe the Soldier needed Burn Out. Seriously, maybe a little more than a Burn Out.

Do you need a "Burn Out?" Do you need a break from your fast paced life? What do you do to relax?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Can Your Dogs Count?!?

I'm going to share a Great Little Secret with you. MY dogs are smart! They really are very intelligent! My Dogs are Smarter than your dog! I'm glad I finally told everyone the truth.
Here's my story:
My dogs are crate trained. When I am out of the house, they are in their crate. When I am at home, they are out of their crate. In other words, they rule the house. They also sleep in bed with me. Very Spoiled Dogs! Before I get in bed each night, I give Abby & Phoebe 2 dog milk bone treats each. Last night, the unthinkable happened.........I ran out of dog treats. Yikes! I could only find one milk bone. I broke the treat in half in hopes of them not realizing they only got 1/4 of what they normally get. Well, let's say they both started looking for the other 3/4 of the treats. They both were jumping up & down from the bed, whining, barking, and acting a little nutso. Abby came face to face with me. I can just hear what she was thinking.....Where the hell are my other treats, Mother? I could not take all the chaos they were causing as they hunted for their treats. It was bedtime & I had a long day! I needed sleep! I finally got out of bed, went to the fridge, got a piece of cheese for them both, walked back to my room, gave them cheese, got in bed, and all was calm again! They both curled up next to me and fall asleep. Yep, MY dogs can count! Can yours?

Monday, July 30, 2007

VBS Week/Still Hunting for a New Church/My Brother.

It's Official.....VBS starts tonight at 6:30pm. WOW! I can not believe it's already here........and yet I'm already looking forward until it's over! Last year, I did so much for VBS. I helped decorate, helped with registration, make sure everything was running smoothly for our Security men, etc. This year I did not do much. I am responsible for registration this year & making sure the Security men are doing okay. VBS is not my priority this year. Since I started looking for a new church, I am slowly pulling myself away from activities at my current church. I was told on Saturday by my friend Ty I should go to my current church's Board & tell them why I am leaving. I thought about doing this, but now I think I am definitely going to. I think it's important they know why I am leaving. It might not make a difference to them, but I am going to tell them. I found a church I really liked, but I still want to do more research on the Single's program. Also, I want to visit 3 to 5 more churches before I make a decision on a new church home! If you know of a church in the Plano/Allen/McKinney/North Dallas Area with a great Singles Program, please let me know.

Friends at my Current Church: I am finding a new church....I am NOT replacing you. I need a church home where there is a Single's Program. I love all my friends at FCC. I will cherish everyone single one of you. We will still remain friends......God has placed your friendship in my life for a Great Reason! So, Stop Worrying about me.

PandaMom, post a blog ages ago about blogs just showing the Greatness in our Lives. Well, what I am about to say it not pretty. My family needs all the prayers we can get right now. So, here goes. Both my Brother and I have back problems....more than likely they both are heredity issues. My Brother, Stephen, is a Welder. So, he is on his feet from the moment he gets to work until he leaves. Because Stephen is on his feet constantly his back problems are more severe than my own. About 2 to 3 years ago, the Doctor gave Stephen pain medication. Let's say one thing led to another and now Stephen is in a Christian Rehab Program in Mississippi. Stephen is married with one child and 2 step-children. Please pay for Stephen to put his faith in Jesus Christ to overcome his addiction so can live a life filled with Peace & Happiness. The program is a 13 week program. 3 days into the program he called wanting to go home. In Stephen's heart, he knows he needs this, but it's extremely difficult. This program is so completely out of Stephen's comfort zone. His wife, Julie, is having a difficult time. My Mom is having a difficult time......Honestly, I think my Mom might have a mini nervous breakdown about all of this. Stephen can make ONE 15 minute phone call weekly, and he can have visitation one a month for 3 to 4 hours. Stephen's 1st visitation is coming up Saturday, Aug. 4th. My family is going to see Stephen. Please pray for Stephen and our family to get through this. Pray for a God-filled recovery for Stephen!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm a List Girl.

I write a list for almost everything I do. Each morning I come into the office, I always write a list of what needs to be done. I write down the chores I need to do, what to bring on vacation, errands I need to run, the bills that need to be paid, what needs to be other words, I'm a List Girl! Last weekend, I completely cleaned my home. Before I started cleaning, I made a list: Dust, Clean the Bathroom, Wash the Rugs, Change my Sheets, etc. When I shop for Christmas, I must follow my list completely. The list will be adjusted a couple of times, but it's followed. I can not help myself.....I NEED MY LIST.

Are you a LIST Person?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Cutest Girl Dogs Ever.

The picture with the dog with the toy is Phoebe. The picture with the lazy dog with her tongue sticking out is Abby. Time passes so quickly. I adopted Abby 3.5 years ago and Phoebe 2.5 years ago.
It seems like yesterday that I drove home with Abby in my car while she proceeded to get sick a few times. Abby was extremely shy & very standoffish. It took about a week before she even started completely wagging her tail! She was abused by a man before I got her. Abby warms up to women very quickly. It takes her a long time to warm up to men. When she does finally warm up to a man, he is her boyfriend forever! It really seems like I just picked up the little fur-ball Phoebe from her breeder. Phoebe was the smallest little girl......3 lbs! She was the crazy hyper dog who loved everyone instantly....not much has changed for Phoebe. Phoebe never meets a stranger!!! Phoebe could be a great dog model.....the only problem we would have is she would lick the camera and camera man way too much!
My favorite time of the day is when I walk into the house and let the dogs out of their cages! They are always so excited to see me! God has blessed me with two of the greatest dogs.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Very Important Public Warning!

On Friday night, I went to my friend Mindy's house for dinner. I cut up fresh jalapeno peppers for a salad. After I finished washing & cutting the peppers, I washed my hands. About 10 minutes later, I rubbed my eyes and the oil from the pepper got in my eyes. It was the worst eye burn/irritation I have ever experienced! I had to immediately wash my face with soap and water for the burning to at least subside a little. Hours later, I touched my lips & my lips started burning.

Warning: Never cut up fresh jalapeno pepper and touch your face. Your face will literally burn even after you wash your hands!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Funny Story.

Karla & I were at Sonic last night. Karla ordered a soft serve ice cream cone. I started watching Karla eat her cone. I thought she ate her cone pretty weird (Karla bites into her ice cream instead of licking it).......So, I told her what I thought. Within seconds Karla started laughing so hard ice cream came flying out of her month. It was quite funny to see my Karla friend spitting ice cream. We laughed & laughed.......Yep, we had the giggles.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you got the giggles?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Extrovert VS. Introvert

My week is busy. The only night I had free was Tuesday night. It was great sitting at home relaxing. I enjoyed my time alone. I walked the dogs, cooked dinner, talked on the phone, washed dishes, picked up my home a little, and was in bed by 10pm. I have something planned every night this week. Next week, is the same way.......Busy!

Here's the question of the day: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I'm definitely an extrovert with a little of an introvert need to spend much needed time alone.

Friday, July 06, 2007

1993: Old Friends

The year was 1993. I just started my 2nd year of college. I thought life could not get any better. I enjoyed going to college, meeting new people, attending classes, and my freedom away from my Parents. I lived on Campus in Lee Hall. I started meeting lots of new Girlfriends while living at Lee. I met one in particular who I thought would always be my friend, Jan. Jan and I have been friends for 14 years. 14 years is a very long time! I have not seen Jan in about 5 to 6 years. Life simply gets in the way of what is really important. Jan is in Dallas this week visiting with her husband's family. I went to Aunt Mona's house last night to see Jan and her family! It's wonderful even after all the time that has passed between our last visit Jan and I simply picked up on where we left off. This is truly a sign of a great friendship.
Matthew (Jan's husband) fried fish last night. The food was great, but the company was even better! I enjoyed myself so very much. It was great spending time with Jan and the family........that's why I am going back again tonight! Matthew even told me last night that out of all Jan's friends when he first met Jan, I was his favorite friend! WOW, I am so honored! Thanks Matthew! Matthew and Jan have been married for 7 years & have been together for 12 years. They have 2 beautiful children. Logan who is 3 and Casey who is 7 months. It's amazing how much Logan looks like Matthew and how much Casey looks like Jan. I am totally amazed that Little Jan has children now. I guess this means we officially Adults!

Dear God, Thank you so much for Jan and her family. I am so blessed to have them in my life. God, please let me focus on my old friendships as well as my new ones. Old friends are so very special!