Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Not Long Enough.

Why do 3 day weekends come & go so quickly? The weekend was definitely not long enough.

Here's my busy weekend:
Worked late on Friday.
Cleaned my Home.
Went to a Bible Study on Saturday.
Painted my toe nails (this is such a chore).
Bathed the Dogs.
Took a 4 hour nap.
Went to Sunday School and Church.
Told my Sunday School I was looking for a new church (this was a very hard thing to do b/c I absolutely Love my Sunday School Class....It's the best Class I have been in at my old Church).
Visited a co-worker at her new home.
Made Potato Salad twice.
Slept until 9am.
Finished Laundry.
Watered Plants.
My friend, Kenny, came over to hook up my computer. He's coming over again tonight to finish up.
Made lots of phone calls.
Went to Karla's house last night for Grilled Burgers. YUM!
Watched Kyle XY Marathon all day yesterday.
Ate at PF Changs. My fortune cookie said: I will find my Soul mate unexpectedly.
Visited with some Great People from Church.


Heather said...

How funny, I made potato salad this weekend too. Let's compare--dill or sweet relish--celery or none--mayo or mustard--egg or none, dill or none. Ummmm...I gotta go get a heaping helping right now....

Heather said...

Did ya get the computer up and running? Missed seeing you on Sun.