Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big Mouth BlueEyes

Yesterday, my friend, Robert, celebrated his 55th Birthday! Deb, Robert, and I went to IHOP to celebrate! Robert wanted IHOP b/c he can finally order off the Senior Portion of the Menu!
Robert's Mother passed away about 2 months ago. I was talking about how we hold on to so much when someone we love dies. It's the little things that bother us the most after they pass away. Robert is bothered my his Mother's clothes being in garbage bags. Robert's Dad is not going to wear his Mom's clothes, but Robert is bothered by the fact HIS MOM's clothes are in a garbage bag. When my MawMaw died, I was bothered by someone I worked with wearing the same perfume MawMaw wore. How dare she smell like my MawMaw?! :)
During our conversation last night, I said "It's funny how we cling on to the little things when our "dead" ones pass away. I meant to say our "Loved" Ones. Since Robert's Mom passed away a short time ago, he's still grieving beyond belief. I said our "dead" ones twice! Poor Robert....Forgive me for having diarrhea of the Mouth!!!!

Happy Birthday, Robert! I'm very blessed to call you a Friend, an OLD friend, a Really OLD friend, but a friend nonetheless!

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