Friday, December 29, 2006

Home again.

I went home to New Orleans to visit my family for Christmas. I had a wonderful time this Christmas. I rented a car, loaded it up with luggage, presents, and my dogs. We made the 8 hour journey home with no problems. I was about 2 hours away from my Parents front door I could not wait to get out of the car. When I finally arrived, I do not know who was more excited me or my pups. We all jumped out of the car with pure delight! My PawPaw was at my Mom's house. It's always so good to spend time with PawPaw. I know he is lonely since MawMaw died last year. This Christmas was the 2nd Christmas without MawMaw. This Christmas was so much harder for me than last year. I miss her so much more this year. Everyone in my family got along well.........even my Mom and I got along extremely well. We talked & laughed the entire time I was home. Praise God for small miracles. My Mom's Brother, David, even came by with the his family. We have not seen David is years. Praise God for another small miracle. Please pray for my brother, Stephen & his family. Stephen is not in a good place right now, so he and his family are struggling.
Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Praise God for the birth of our Savior!
Please pray for my friend, Heather. Heather is having complications from surgery still. Pray for healing, wisdom, comfort, & peace for Heather.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Gifts!!

I already know several Christmas Gifts I am getting! I am getting a watch, a computer, a ceramic white Christmas tree that lights up, and money towards a new/used sofa from my Parents. The computer is from my Mom's office. She purchased a home based computer without realizing it last year. She just purchased a business based computer, so I get the home based one! WOOHOO! I get a fairly new computer!!! The ceramic Christmas was painted by one of my Parents when they were first was so adorable, they would go out on dates at the ceramic place. They painted Christmas ornaments and very cute. My Mom called a week ago asking what else I wanted for Christmas. I jokingly told her I wanted a new sofa. We both laughed. Well, much to my amazement my Dad called that same night and told me they would pitch in to buy me a new sofa. I already found a sofa I really liked at Lazy-boy. I will have save some money, and then I get the sofa! HipHipHooray!

Do you know what Santa is getting you for Christmas???

Busy Holy Days.

My vacation was wonderful, but I was having a difficult time adjusting back to reality. I think I am finally back on track, but then Christmas vacation is so close. I may have a relapse! I went to the mall on Saturday to finish up Christmas shopping, but it was pure chaos so I left. I think I had memory loss from the last time I went to the mall at Christmas time. Mental note to self: avoid malls during Christmas time. However, I discovered a new Christian book/gift store this week. I went to Mardel's for the first time this week. Mardel's has everything I want and need!

I love my new job. I work with really good people. I enjoy what I do. I have good hours and great pay!!!! Praise God for small miracles.

Please pray for my friend's Heather and Lorraine. Heather had major complications from surgery. Heather is finally at home recovering. Lorraine had a stint put in her heart yesterday. Lorraine also has 2 other major blockages which will be treated with medication. Please pray for a speedy quick recovery for them both, as well as strength, comfort, and peace.

What are some of your family's specific Christmas traditions?
Do you open Christmas presents Christmas eve or Christmas day?
Does Santa leave his presents unwrapped or does he wrap them?
My family always has gumbo along with the "traditional" Christmas meal. We have potato salad instead of mashed potatoes. Within the last 10 years, we always open gifts on Christmas eve. Santa never wraps gifts at my house.

Friday, December 01, 2006

On the Road Again.......and the true meaning of Christmas!

I am officially back from vacation. I went with 9 of my family members to Gatlinburg, TN. The members of my family that went are my Mom, Dad, PawPaw, Tina (cousin), Stephen (brother), Julie (sister-in-law), Chase (18 year old nephew), Allie (15 year old niece), and Cameron (7 yr old nephew). Here's the run down of my trip: I flew to Houston on Monday. My cousin, Tina, and I drove to Louisiana on Monday night. On Tuesday, 10 of us loaded up and drove 10 hours to TN. We left Louisiana at 4am (way to early). I have the cutest little 7 year old nephew who said 30 minutes into our trip "Are we there yet?" We all started laughing. The drive was not bad. The drive back to Louisiana was never ending & the drive to Houston was even longer! :) I was so very excited to be home on Wednesday night. I was even more excited to see my friend Deborah at the airport & to see my puppies!!!
I saw some really incredible shows. I saw a 50's show, the Miracle, a Comedy show at the Comedy Barn, Dixie Stampede, & the Chinese Circus. My favorite show was the Miracle which was the story of the life of Jesus. This play touched me in so many ways......I cried & laughed. (I will have to say this........The men who played Jesus and the Devil were incredible actors and extremely HOT! Can I really say Jesus and the Devil were hot in the same sentence????) Praise God to our Glorious Lord! His Kingdom is Mighty.

I had a great & blessed vacation. It was great to get away from my crazy little life!!! I am ready for another vacation. I have so many options this year. I want to go to New York City, Austin, and Seattle. Who wants to go with me?

I am excited about this weekend. I am going to decorate for Christmas. I love the Christmas season: the decorating, shopping (especially cheap after the season Christmas decor), cooking, spending time with friends and family! I love the true meaning of Christmas. I am truly amazed our Lord was born so I may have eternal life. Can you imagine being the Mother Of Christ? Every time she kissed her son, she kissed the face of God. The child she held was the Great I Am! Praise God for the Mother of Christ. Thanks Lord for Loving Us.

My favorite Christmas song is Mary did you know:

Mary did you know, that your baby boy
Would one day walk on water?
Mary did you know, that your baby boy
Would save our sons and daughters?
Did you know, that your baby boy
Has come to make you new?
This Child that you delivered,
Will soon deliver you!
Mary did you know, that your baby boy
Will give sight to the blind man?
Mary did you know, that your baby boy
Would calm a storm with His hand?
Did you know, that your baby boy
Has walked where angels trod
And when you kiss your little baby,
You've kissed the face of God?
Oh, Mary did you know?
Mary did you know?
The blind will see, the deaf will hear,
The dead will live again,
The lame will leap, the dumb will speak
Praises of the Lamb?
Mary did you know, that your baby boy
Is Lord of all creation?Mary did you know, that your baby boy
Will one day rule the nations?
Did you know, that your baby boy
Was Heaven's perfect Lamb?
And this sleeping Child you're holding
Is the Great I AM

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday's Blessings!

This is the day the Lord has made.......let us be glad and rejoice in it!! Praise & Thanks to our heaveny Father for this beautiful windy day.

Friday, November 10, 2006

New Job

Well, my first two days are almost over. The job is not exactly what I thought it would be (good and bad). My health insurance does not begin until Jan. 1st.......I was told it was Dec. 1st. My schedule was 8:30a to 5:30p, but it now is 7:30a to 4:30a. The people are very quiet which is something I am not use too........however, they are nice for the most part. The company really does not have a "training" program.......I am a Special Order Buyer. I handle all the special orders for the company. I am not sure if I am going to like it, but for the time being.......they are paying me great money. So, I am going to get trained and learn to like it! However, I do have an interview on Wednesday at 12:30pm with a new company in Dallas right off Tollway & Spring Valley. Please pray God's will be done.

God Bless.
Have a safe weekend!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The New Sweetheart Queen.

I start my new job tomorrow! I am wrapping up work I really do not want to do today at my "old" job! I am not going to work real hard today. I am going to work, but not stress about it! I might even play tetris all day today!!!
Pray for my new job tomorrow.

Last week, I hosted my monthly Sorority Meeting! Every year around October or November we vote on who will be the New Sweetheart Queen of the new year, so we voted last week...........and this YEAR THE SWEETHEART QUEEN IS ME!!! HipHipHooray. I am very excited! I even have a beautiful sparkly crown. I am looking forward to the Sweetheart Party! I feel like Ms. America!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Beginnings.

In 2 days, I start my new job! I can not believe my 2 week notice has flown by. I am excited & nervous. I am ready for a new beginning. I am ready to actually do something at work for once. I am ready!

Last weekend, my church hosted a Youth Rally/Lock-In. It started at 7pm until 7am. I actually stayed up the entire time! I planned on going home around 2am or 3am, but I did not think it was a wise move b/c the kids out numbered the adults. I was afraid the Youth taking over and starting a riot! (joking) By the time I got home, my body ached! I am way to old to stay up all night. I think I got sick from staying up all night, too. I have a horrible cough & my head is not doing so well. When I was younger, I could stay out all night, come home, slept for a few hours, and do it all over again. Well, now we fast forward 10 years and it has taken me 3 days to fully recover from my wild night at the Youth Rally. Today was the first day I feel 100% Tammy. Sunday, I was only at about 20% myself, yesterday was about 85%, and Today I am 100% ME! Praise God for small miracles.

When was the last time you stayed up all night?

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Not in the Mood.

Lately, I have not been in the mood to blog! I keep thinking there is nothing to really say! I live a boring life right now.........nothing exciting going on. I am simply not in the mood!

However, I did accept a job offer in Plano! I should start on Nov. 9th! I am really looking forward to starting a new job with a new company! Please pray I will successful at the new company!

I had a great weekend. Friday night, I had dinner at my Karla Friend's house. Saturday, I went thrift store shopping & breakfast with Heather, dinner at Karla's house again, and home by 8:30pm.....and asleep by 10:30pm! Sunday was an incredible day. I visited a new Sunday School Class which was awesome.....the sermon was great at both services. My church also hosted Trunk or Treat! Sunday was a great day! Praise God!

I am getting old.........and let me tell you why I know this. Last night, I walked for an hour or so. Once I finally got home, I was exhausted. I cooked & ate dinner, watched tv, and was asleep on the sofa at 9:30pm. Whenever I walk, I am worn out. When I first started really walking again, I kept thinking who can I call to come pick me up so I will not have to walk the rest of the way home. Yep, I am old.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Courtney,
Happy Birthday to you!

Two Job Offers

Thanks so much for praying for me to find a job. I have been offered two jobs this week. Each company would be a great company is extremely close to home, pays a little more than I make, good benefits, etc. and the other company is in the next city over, pays a great deal more that I make now, but the company is going through a great deal of change.....and I am scared to make a decision. I think I know which one I would choose, but it's a tough decision. I feel I am so brain dead from my current job that I can not possibly do the job that pays so much money, and it's why I should choose the job that does not pay as much. So, with that thinking I am only hurting myself b/c I know I can do any job given me with proper training. One of the factors in my decision is the location of the other job.....But I could move closer to the job once my lease is up.........I do not have to live in the city I live in, and I have a friend who works for a moving company who might be able to get me a discount on moving in about 8 or 9 months when my lease is up. My dearest sweetest friend, Sharon, could I get a discount on moving? ;)

Please pray I make the right decision choosing the right company so I can do God's will and not my own.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Decorating for Christmas

I have a question. Would I be crazy if I am already thinking about decorating for Christmas? My holidays are always on the go, and I really want to enjoy my Christmas decorations this year. I want to start decorating for Christmas the first couple of weeks in November. What do y0u think?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Saving, Cleaning

I am going on vacation very soon so I am limited as what I will do b/c I have to save every extra penny. If anyone has any extra pennies, send them my way! I need them ;) So until I go on vacation, I will not buy anything except food & gas. I will eat at home 6 days out of 7. I will watch movies I already have at home. I will not spend money on stupid things! I will not step foot into a thrift store (until my sweet friend, Heather, "forces" me go with her---Heather, PLEASE force me soon). I will not buy a new purse (this is going to kill me!). Yep, I am trying to convince myself! My life will be pretty boring until I go on vacation. Lots of cleaning, cooking, reading, and old movie watching for me! Can I really not buy a new purse until after I get back from vacation?! Pray for me! I am addicted to purses!

Whenever I travel, I must do "spring cleaning" before I leave. I must wash & change my sheets, wash the dogs beddings, dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom & kitchen, most of the laundry must be done, and everything must be in it's own spot. I absolutely love coming home from vacation to a very clean house. I totally stress myself out when it comes to cleaning, packing, taking care of myself & the dogs before I leave on vacation. This trip my dogs will have to be boarded. I am definitely going to be freaked out about that. I hate the fact they will be boarded! I am going to miss them so very much!

Friday, October 13, 2006

New Developments.

I went walking on Tuesday & just as I walked onto the trail I see Andy in the distance.......We walk together.......I really did not think we would, but Phoebe stopped to do business, and Andy stopped with us! I kept thinking that was pretty cool. Honestly, I think he likes my dogs better than me.....but we will see. We get to the end of the trail, and Andy asked if I normally come this way. I told him I normally go the other way(which is up the trail, through the neighbor, and back on the trail again---not really different from the way we came...just the opposite way)......He gives me a "stupid look" and within 3 seconds he said "Have a good night, we are going this way". Was it something I said? Did he smell my BO (I promise I had on deodorant!)? Maybe he had to go to the bathroom (maybe he had diarrhea?)! So, I thought our walk was going pretty well until he had to poop!

I had a good interview yesterday afternoon! I really want this job!!! It would be a great opportunity for me, and it's so close to home! Please pray I get this job. Pray for God's will to be done.

I have decided I love walking as a form of exercise! I enjoy being outside with the rest of the wild animals. I use to walk years ago when I lived in the ghetto, but I have not really walked for exercise in a long time. I love it. I am walking almost every other day! I even put walking before going out to eat last night. Amazing! In my former life, I would have skipped walking with the intention of walking when I got home, gone to the restaurant, and then gone home to put on pajamas with no walking whatsoever. Last night, I walked, ate, walked a little again (really for the dogs this time), pajamas & TV time, and then bed time! I would like a round of applause! ;)

TGIF! I have waited for Friday since Monday morning at 7am! I am ready for the weekend. My Sorority and I are hosting a garage sale this weekend in one of our neighborhoods. It's going to be great weather! I am ready to shop!!! I love garage sales.

Tonight, I am going to dinner with some friends! We are celebrating Kenny's birthday! Happy Birthday Kenny! I am very blessed to have a "little" brother like you in my life! Thanks for making me apart of your family!

End of my New Developments.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Is HIS name Toby or is that the dog's name?

While walking last week, I met a nice looking man. He had a beautiful German Shepherd mix. We stopped to talk b/c our dogs stopped to talk. We introduced ourselves & chatted a little about the dogs. It's weird, but meeting him was not so intimdating b/c he had a dog. (yep, I am a wuss when it comes to meeting men). I walked away thinking was his name Toby or was that the dog's name?!?! I saw "Toby" again on Wednesday, and then shortly after we said hello I fell in the mud (so, I ran home before "Toby" saw me covered in stinky mud). Last night, I went walking again hoping to see "Toby". I did see him! We stopped to talk again. The dogs said hello to each other. Well, I am happy to report Toby is the name of the dog.......and Andy is the name of the man! It's funny b/c Andy thought my name was Amy. Funny! I did not see a wedding band........hmmm......things that make you go hmmmm. ;)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Blahs.

Today is a typical Monday. I definitely do not want to be at work today! I am so exhausted my head keeps bobbing as if to say "The RED HEAD IS SLEEPING". I am waiting for the "Sleeping Alarm" to go off any minute now.
Last week, I had something planned EVERYNIGHT (very frustrating). The only event I have planned this week is my Beth Moore Bible Study. HipHipHooray! I am going to take time out for myself this week. I foresee lots of bubble baths headed my way.

What do you do when you have time to yourself?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Scariest Moments.

Here are some of my Scariest Moments of my Life:

1. Starting college for the first time. I moved to campus & I was scared to live away from home. I begged my Parents not to leave me that day. Two weeks later, I was so excited to live away from home! Freedom is amazing!

2. Moving to Dallas. I moved to Dallas with $250 in my checking account. I worked at Walmart so I was transferred. When I showed up at the new Walmart, they had no clue who I was.

3. Living with a horrible roommate.

4. Starting a new job.

5. Losing my job.

6. Breaking up with my ex.

7. Living alone for the first time: I slept with the kitchen light on for weeks (yep, I am a wuss).

8. Having one of my dearest & sweetest friends give me a flu shot......Yep, that's right. My friend, Karla, gave me my flu shot. We were both so freaked out about the whole experience. Karla finally stabbed the needle in my arm (I think she liked stabbing me!), and the flu shot was given. FRIENDS: Do NOT try this at home especially when Karla has a needle in her hand.

9. Turning 30! How did I get to this age? I was only 18 yesterday! Better yet, How did I finally become 32?!

10. Seeing my own reflection in the mirror at night while the lights were off, and thinking someone else was in the house trying to kill me. I told the killer to leave me home. When I finally realized the killer was myself......I put myself back to bed.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wednesday Blues

Yesterday consisted of lot of very bad things. Here's what happened:

7:30am: Co-worker and I had another huge disagreement. She's the biggest bully I have ever met, and yesterday I was not going to take it anymore.

9:30am: I was told my department is moving to Des Moines, Iowa in April 2007. I have 6 months to find a new job (Pray I find a new job soon).

3:15pm-4:10pm: I had a huge fight with my Mother. She called yesterday "telling" me I needed to move my damn ass home (her exact words). It's been way too long since I lived at home. Texas is NOT my home, Louisiana is. She does not understand why I have chosen my friends in Texas over my Family. How could I have been gone for 10.5 years away my family and her? She is trying to understand why?! What keeps me in Texas? My Mother is not in Texas....she's in Louisiana, and that's where I should be. When I have children, I will understand what she is going through. I have wasted my life in Dallas and my time with my family was wasted.

Friends: I love and respect my Mother, but there are days when I want to just stop calling her. Yesterday was one of those days. Texas has been my home for 10.5 years. Since it's been 10.5 years, why can she not just let this subject go? Every time she brings this up, it only drives me away from her more. My decision to live in Texas does not reflect on my love for her or my family. Yes, I love her, but my life does not have to revolve around her. I have my own life to live. I MUST form my own life away from my family. It all comes down to this: My Mother did not have a great relationship with her Mother. So, she wants the perfect relationship with me. She does not realize we are not perfect. My Mom Misses me, but she simply can not just say that......She must get angry at me. My Mother will never understand me or my decisions. Mom must "try" to control all aspects of her life, and the lives of her loved ones. I am an adult and I will control my own life. She does not have any tact when it comes to handling personal issues (especially with me). She does not know how to keep her mouth closed when it comes to family members. She thinks b/c she is my Mother, she can say anything she wants to my Brother and me. The Mother status does not give her this privilege. Mom is way to clinging to me. When I am visiting in Louisiana, at times I feel like I am being smothered by her. Please pray for my relationship with my Mother.

4:45pm: While taking the dogs outside, I fell in a huge mud puddle. My entire back-side was covered in mud & water. I had to take off my flip-flops to actually walk without falling again.

4:50pm: I had to do the walk of shame back to my apartment covered in mud. The mud kept falling off my rear end in clumps, and I smelled horrible. The smell from the mud & water was horridness.

5:00pm: I washed my cellphone in the washing machine. I have another cell phone I am using right now, but my new cellphone got washed. Yeah, ME!

I probably should have stayed in bed yesterday! Praise God, today is a new day. Today is the Day the Lord has Made........Let us rejoice in it!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Company News: 6 months to go.

Today has NOT been a good day! First, my co-worker and I had another disagreement this morning over something outrageous---the ice tea maker. Second, I was told my department will be moving to Des Moines by April 1st. I could move to Des Moines, but the company will not pay the relocating fees (can you imagine saying that to your employee???? Your job is only solid if you move to Des Moines, but we will not be paying your moving fees!) I am definitely not moving to Des Moines.....Texas is MY home! Please pray I will find a new job before April 1st gets here (or I will have to move in with one of you.......I cook & clean!)! Pray God places me in a Great Company where I can grow Professionally & Spiritually!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Progress!

Most of my friends know I am on a diet.........I limit my flour and my sugar intake. I have been really determined to lose more weight by the end of the I only allow myself to have very little flour and/or sugar. My friends Deb & Robert called asking if I wanted to come over for dinner last Saturday. They were making spaghetti......and I actually told them no (spaghetti is one of my favorite meals------pasta is fabulous.) I am finding most restaurants will cater to the dieter. I am also walking in the afternoons. I try to go walking every other day or every 2 days (my rear end muscles hurt very badly right now)! Since I am not just on a "DIET", but a NEW CHANGE of life......I am beginning to see the rewards. Over the weekend, I started trying on clothes that I could not fit into a year ago. I can actually fit into most of my "old" clothes. HipHipHooray! I now have a huge assortment of clothing (I just need someone to iron everything now---anyone willing???)! I am so very excited. Last fall/winter I felt I wore the same articles of clothes every week! This year I will be different.....I am going to wear my "skinny" clothes. Yep, that's right even us big girls have "skinny" clothes! I am looking forward to the time when my skinny stuff will be my "fat" girl clothes! Praise God!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday's thoughts.


*Today is the Day the Lord has Made, & I will rejoice it in.

*I am going over to the Casa de Rice tonight for dinner! YUMMY!

*I am sleeping in tomorrow! HipHipHooray!

*My company is sponsoring a happy hour this afternoon! I get to leave the office at 2:30pm today! HipHipHooray!

*I LOVE Grey's anatomy.


*I think we should plan a Girl's Weekend Away the beginning of 2007.

*I have lost 60lbs. I am dropping dress sizes all over Texas. I pray no one picks them up!

*I still want Popeyes chicken.

*I need a dog walker in the mornings! I love my babies, but walking them at 5:30am or 6am every morning is hard. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with beautiful weather this week.

*We need to plan a Girl's Night Out or In soon. I will even host.

*I need to learn how to groom my dogs properly. Can you imagine the cost savings?
*Why do celebrities think a marriage is disposable?

*I can not spell to save my life.

*Last night, I was lazy. I took the dogs outside, cooked dinner, washed dishes and watched Grey's & Six degrees. I forgot to record ER (stupidity). Did anyone record it?

*Pray for our Military & their families. They are fighting for freedom & justice.

*I still want a HUGE Margarita....and I will get one today!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thoughts for the day...

*I had the same nightmare a couple of times this week......and it really disturbs me. I hate bad dreams especially when I am the only one in bed!

*Today is BEAUTIFUL outside. I pray for more days like this.

*I went walking yesterday afternoon on the trail behind my apartment complex for about 40 minutes. WOW....I went walking for 40 minutes. When I first started walking again, 25 minutes would do me in! By the time I got home I felt like my legs were rubber. The dogs and I took a nap for about 30 minutes.

*I started using new hair products (something I never do) & my hair is looking good. I'm too sexy for my sexy it hurts!

*I am ready for vacation. Pray for my family to have a happy, fun vacation.

*I want a day where I have no commitments, obligations, or chores.

*Praise God for a Mother who in her own way loves me but at the same time trys to control me. When will she learn I am an adult who makes my own decisions, pays my own bills, and cleans my own house. Yesterday afternoon, she tried telling me how to manage my money. This drives me crazy.

*Praise God for friends like Kenny & Karla who show love to all children. Karla: Please remember your Rewards are heavenly, and you will make it with extra children in the house. I am ready for a great Saturday afternoon.

*I would love to be on the beach today with a margarita in hand, or in the mountains with a good book and a cup of coffee.

*My MawMaw's birthday would have been this Saturday, Sept. 30th. I am now teary eyed just thinking about spending another birthday without her. God: I miss her dearly.

*Have you ever wondered why Girls mature faster boys?

*I need a nap right now.

*I am ready for Friday.

*I have to get back to work now. They pay me to work, not blog.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Book of Daniel

My Church is hosting the Beth Moore bible study: The Book of Daniel: Lives of Intergrity & Words of Prophecy. I am the Leader of the Evening Study. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity. Last week was our first lesson, and I am already learning so much. I am looking forward to the Christian am will become after the study is over.
I absolutely love Beth Moore. She is one of my "Hereos" in my life. I pray I become the Christian she is and will be some day. Beth Moore is constantly on "Fire for Christ". I am in awe of Mrs. Moore. Praise God for Strong Christian Women like Beth Moore. They have so much to teach us......We simply must open our hearts to God's Good News! We are Saved by Grace. Glorious is our Lord.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Comfort Food for the Sick.

Since I have been sick, I have craved my "sick/comfort" foods. Each time I am sick, I want Wendy's french fries, hot & sour soup, chinese food, fried chicken from only Popeye's, chicken fried steak or chicken, chicken tortilla soup, apple juice, diet 7-up, and chocolate. The only thing I have had this time is apple juice and diet 7-up! I want to lose another 20 lbs before vacation so I am being strict on myself, BUT today I am having lots of weak moments. I keep thinking I could go to Popeyes for dinner and be good for the rest of the week.......Or I can go for a long walk this afternoon after I eat Popeyes. I keep saying to myself.....Devil, GET behind me! I do not need or want Popeyes! I am NOT going to eat Popeyes tonight, I am NOT going to eat Popeyes tonight, I am NOT going to eat Popeyes tonight.......I Am going to eat blackened fish with veggies, and I am going to LOVE it! Can one of my dear friends go to Popeyes and stand guard for me? If you see my car at Popeyes, you have my full permission to start shooting at my tires!

What are your comfort foods when you are sick?

2 days of bed rest...

I have been in bed the last two days. I have a cold/allergy/sinus illness of some sort. I have slept until 11 am for 2 days, taken naps during the day, and have not been able to fully sleep at night. Yesterday afternoon, I almost took a 2 hour nap. I could NOT sleep last night. I woke up the first time about 2:20am, and it was down hill after that.......I woke up every hour or so. Today, I have medicine/sleep head syndrome! I can barely keep my eyes open.......I need a nap. But how do you tell your employer....."I need a nap, so I am going to take a 30 minute sleeping break in my car." I might get "walked" out of the building, but definitely not in a good way. Summer/Fall colds are horrible.......I think they are the absolute worst! The weather has been so beautiful. All I wanted to do was be outside, but nope.....I was inside sick. The only good thing about the last 2 days was my dogs were very well behaved! Praise God! Over the weekends, they normally get pretty restless so they do marathons around the house, play real loud, chase toys or each other......Just hyper little girls. Every time I slept, they slept! Praise God I did not have dogs running over my head or chest!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Charlotte York.

In the Words of Charlotte York from Sex and the City:

"I've been dating since I was 15. I'm exhausted. Where is he?"

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In God's Word.

Christian Friends,

I have been a Christian all of my life......I can not remember a time when God was a part of my life. I was raised Catholic. I went to mass almost every Sunday mostly without my Parents, I went to Catechism, I was a member of the Youth Group, on the Youth counsel, a player on the softball and volleyball teams, but I never really understood the bible when I was a child. I knew Christ died for me & b/c of his death I was saved.......I knew a few stories from the bible, but since I was "taught" reading the bible was only for an Elder of the Church or the Priest, I did not read the bible. I started college & went to the Catholic Church next to my campus......and still did not get much out of the church. I moved to Dallas and thought I did not want to go to church again. After I got most of my partying out of my system, I started looking for a Church home. I probably visited 20 churches before I felt like I had a church home. Honestly, I did not like my church home when I first started attending.....It was a traditional church with lots & lots of Elderly, and I wanted a Young Hip Church where I had lots of peers my own age (and lots of Single Men). God had another plan. I found a Church where my Spiritual Life started Growing and Embracing the Bible. I started new bible studies, I attended Sunday School Class, and actually occasionally enjoying the traditional service. I have changed so much as a Christian over the last 5 years. I enjoy reading the bible, Christian books, bible studies, Christian music and the committee's I am on. Right now, I am doing a bible study on my own by Max Lucado. The name of the Book is Just Like Jesus. Let's just say the Holy Spirit is working hard on me through this book & through the last several weeks of sermons at church. I have changed so much on the inside......Reading this Book, I long and am striving to be Just Like Jesus. I can tell in my attitude I am changing......Believe me, this post is not about patting myself on the back, I am just shocked at the fact this book was actually written for me. I am simply amazed my heart is changing. Reading God's Word is like eating Chocolate for me, the more I read the more I want! I have become more patient driving, with my dogs, my Mother, friends, my brother, with children, and even co-workers. I have always had a problem with my temper/anger. As I have aged, the temper/anger is subsiding, but reading this book has shocked me. It's showed me I do not have to be angry or my temper does not have to flare when I am upset. It's taught me I am sinful when I am angry. Jesus lived over 30 years on earth without one sin. Amazingly, as humans we sin daily. Jesus lived without un-necessary anger, and I can too! God is also pushing me to step out of "my comfort zone" to become more involved in other aspects of the church. It's hard for me to step out of my comfort areas to branch out to do more to Glorify God's Kingdom. I struggle doing what I want, when I want it & how I want to do it than actually doing what God wants me to do. For example, a friend at church kept asking every Sunday if I wanted to serve communion. I kept saying no. Finally, the Holy Spirit won the battle, and I am now serving communion! It's comforting to know I am not the only one who struggles with this. My friend Sharon and I were talking about this very subject recently. I am also comforted by the fact I have friends like Sharon and many others who stand firm in their faith. Friends and Family who love the Lord. I am blessed to have so many People in my Life who are strong Christians.

The Question of the Day:

What is God working on in Your Life? What changes do you see happening in your life b/c you are in God's Word? What has turned around in Your Life since you have surrendered yourself to Christ?

Happy Birthday, K, K, & J!

I can not believe it's been 4 wonderful years.........Today is Kirsten, Kaden, and Jeremy's Birthday.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Kirsten, Kaden & Jeremy,
Happy Birthday to you....

Eat lots of Cake & Ice Cream today!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Taking you back into childhood.....

My weekend was filled with lots of fun-kid friendly adventures. On Saturday, I went with my Youth Kids to play whirlyball and laser tag. I did not play whirlyball. Laser Tag was my game of choice! I love playing laser tag! I probably had more fun than some of the teenagers.
As I was playing my second game of laser tag, I had the sudden immediate urge to go to the bathroom. Here's the moral of this story: You know you are getting old when you have to take of your laser tag vest, stop playing the game, and pray you make it to the bathroom before you pee on yourself! Second moral: Never drink lots of water before you play laser tag.

Saturday night I was babysitting. We were coloring and watch Mary Kate & Ashley goes to Paris. I have seen this movie a zillion times with the girls. As I opened the huge bag of crayons, I was completely taken back to my childhood.........Hundreds of memories filled my head. I always loved getting a new box of crayons when I was a child. I also love the smell of play-do. Such sweet memories. I love the smell & taste of boiled seafood. When I was a child, we always had huge "crawfish/shrimp/crab boils" with family and friends. I loved the excitement of Christmas and Birthday's (actually I still love the excitement). I love the anticipation of what Santa was going to bring me! What sounds, smells, books, taste, etc. take you back to your childhood

Monday, September 11, 2006

Unity is the Gift.

Dear Friends,

At times, Sept. 11, 2001 seems like a distant nightmare which never existed. Five years later the reality of Sept. 11th is still with all of us. It was the worst terror attack on the American population. It gave us fear and doubt. We felt lost & alone in the world. People we loved were dying right in front of us. Cops and Firefighters rushed into each of the Twin Towers to rescue as many people they could. Hundreds of the Cops & Firefighters died trying to save the innocent. Thousands of people died in the Towers. The buildings were destroyed, crumbled down to the earth. People were running for safety, and jumping from the Towers. The families and friends who lost someone special are still dealing with their loss. It's amazing we all live in our own little worlds. When tragedy like Sept. 11th happens it takes us back to reality. It makes us realize there are many more problems in the world other than mine own. Every life in American was changed on Sept. 11th.

Five years ago today our Great Country was changed forever. After the Sept. 11th attacks, this country "grew up" quickly. The attacks gave us a great gift.......unity. People were talking to strangers again, the American flag started popping up in & out side homes, churches continued to pray for our country and the ones we lost, People started respecting our armed forces, police officers, and firefighters, families got stronger, and People fell in love with America again. America is the Greatest Country in the World. I am proud to be an American.

Nation Of Survivors
In the bright September morning without warning to us all
A few thousand lives were shattered and we watched two buildings fall
And a billion souls felt empty, and the flags at half-mast fly
In the memory of the innocent which didn't have to die
We've lost brothers, sisters, cousins. We've lost family and friends
But we've made the choice not to forget their lives and tragic ends
Though we've had our share of troubles we have put them all aside
As a nation grieves we find ourselves defending them with pride
We're a nation of survivors, with one heart we share a tear
But we live to serve the memory, not giving in to fear.
Though they try to take security with the things they've done and said
All their acts of inhumanity bring unity instead. So we stand here as a family.
One heart, one soul, one voice.
We are challenged by this moment, and united here by choice.
--Jack Foshee Jr., Sept 12, 2001.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Last Night, Kenny and I moved some of my un-necessary clutter from my storage areas to a garage sale my friend Deb is hosting! WOW, I can not believe I had some much clutter in my storage areas!!!! It's simply amazing I was storing all that stuff for nothing! I have 2 storages areas attached to my apartment (one pretty large, and the other much smaller). I have so much space in each storage area now.....the smaller storage area is almost completely cleaned out! I now have room to buy more stuff and fill up the areas again! JOKING! It's time to get rid of stuff I do not like or use anymore. It's time for a fresh start! I feel great about de-cluttering! Praise God for friends like Kenny and Deb to help me with my cluttering ways!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chores........hate them?

The weather is finally cooling off! PRAISE JESUS! This morning I actually had to put on pants to take the dogs outside b/c it was a little chilly! I am so looking forward to Fall! ;)

Last night, I sat on my sofa looking at my adorable little apartment. I kept thinking to myself I should really be doing a chore or two tonight. I should have dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, or started a load of laundry. I did not do anything other than take the dogs outside, washed my face, and went to bed. It was the first time in a long time I actually just relaxed at home without doing one chore. I did a full "spring" cleaning a week ago, changed my sheets last Saturday, and steam cleaned my carpets on Monday. My apartment is not dirty, but I always think I have to do something when I am home relaxing. Why is that? It's probably b/c I am a clean freak, or some would say just a freak! I do not mind cleaning my home. At times, it actually relaxes me. I love the "feel" & smell of a clean house. At times, I enjoy cleaning my home on Saturday, listening to great music, dancing around acting silly, and wearing old nasty "house cleaning clothes". Maybe I just like the music & dancing around aspect of cleaning....Cleaning is a great excuse to being silly, BUT I am a definitely a good dance cleaner! There are some chores that I hate.........I hate: cleaning the ceiling fans, folding clothes, scooping the litter, mopping and sweeping. What chores do you enjoy & what ones do you hate?

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I am the PAYING Customer!

My Life this week is a little frustrating..........On Tuesday night, my apartment owned fridge went out. This is the THIRD time the fridge has gone out. I called maintenance about 8:45pm Tuesday night. Did they call or even come by to fix the problem? NO! I called again Wednesday morning asking them to fix the problem. Mind you, the entire time my food is defrosting & my patience is getting shorter & shorter. I get home with a note on my counter stating the fridge is "blowing cold air". I think, "WOW, this is great.......the fridge is finally working"! When I opened the freezer to get ice, most of the food was already defrosted, and the food in the fridge was warm........I called the office again, and this time I was not so nice. At first, they said it would be Friday, possibility Monday---since Monday is a Holiday, it would be Tuesday---before someone from the manufacture would be able to come out.........Once again, my temper and patience got the better of me, after much discussion about me being a GREAT resident & never being late for rent the entire time I have lived there, and a threat to call the home office---which I did---I got a fridge from a vacate apartment. YEAH, TAMMY. The "new" fridge is cold, but the ice maker does not work. So, I have to call again this morning.......another inconvenience! I absolutely hate dealing with apartment, cable, phone, tv, or electric problems. People can be rude........Don't they get it........I AM THE CUSTOMER. I may not always be right, but I am STILL THE CUSTOMER. I am reasonable when it comes to maintenance, but 6 days to fix the fridge is outrageous.........In July, I was having trouble with my a/c on a Saturday. I called the apartment office, and some new guy answered the phone. New Guy proceeded to tell me I would not be able to get the a/c fixed until was 98 degrees outside. I nicely told him refusing to fix my a/c is "an bearable living condition" in July at 98 degrees, so they were in breach of my lease and I would be moving out in 48 hours with NO penalties. The apartment manager called me back, and my a/c was fixed within the hour.
On the brighter side of apartment living, I actually LOVE living in my apartment. The people in the office are very sweet, repairs are normally done in a timely fashion, I live on the 1st floor, my apartment is my adorable little home, I live close to the pool & sand volleyball court and the eye candy is pretty GREAT when the men are playing volleyball--YUM!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I have been home most of this week (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday evenings). It's been blissful not really having anything to do other than cook, eat, read, watch TV, take the dogs outside, and rest. It's been "Tammy" time most of the week. I have really enjoyed my time alone. However, I woke up this morning to my apartment walls closing in on me. I woke up at 5:30am this morning by jumping out of bed thinking I have to get out of this house, but by 6am all I wanted to do was go back to bed! Yep, I am a weirdo! Praise God I have plans tonight......Praise God for Great Friends! Honestly, I have had a good time spending time alone, but now it's time to branch out!

I watched "When the Levees Broke" by Spike Lee on Monday & Tuesday on HBO. Being from New Orleans, I am extremely sensitive about what happened to the people in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina. "When the Levees Broke" made me cry and laugh. I was disappointed, discouraged, & disheartened about how slowly the American Government responded......It took President Bush 2 WEEKS to finally get himself to New Orleans to see the damage. Don't get me wrong, I do like President Bush, but I was extremely disappointed in him. Most of the people who survived Katrina and the flooding were without food, clean water, shelter for DAYS. People were dying: the elderly and babies did not have a chance. People were next to decreased people for days........Can you imagine the smell from decaying bodies? People saw loved ones drown........Thousands of People were left homeless with barely the clothes on the their backs. Most of the people came from the lowest income neighborhoods, BUT these people who were left homeless owned their home and were taxpayers! Hundreds of People are still waiting on FEMA trailers. FEMA, where are you? Parents & Children are still living in tents. Can you imagine living in a tent when the temperatures are over 95 degrees without air conditioning? I would melt! People from New Orleans are displaced all over the country without friends or family near. Can you imagine not being giving a choice on where someone placed you after a horrific event like Hurricane Katrina? Imagine NOT being with your Husband, Children, Extended Family, and/or Friends. You may say this could never happen to you, but ask hundreds of people it did happen too. Please ask them how they felt after it happened. Hundreds of People are suffering from Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The suicide rates have reached the highest numbers in New Orleans (and people around the country who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina) in the last 20 or 30 years. People are STILL finding loved ones dead in their homes. Can you imagine finding a parent, child, friend, or spouse dead after all this time? It's almost a year since Hurricane Katrina destroyed a part of New Orleans, and the clean-up is extremely slow. New Orleans will be rebuilt........stronger than ever. Praise God for the Strength, Style, Grace, and Love my City has.......I miss her everyday.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Just Say NO to DRUGS!

Last night, I kept dreaming lots of crazy things.
First, I dreamed I won the lottery, quit my job, purchased a house here and one in New Orleans, and all of my friends kept asking me for loans......Can you please pay off my house? Can you please buy me a new car? Can you buy this or that for me?......I was greedy, b/c I kept telling everyone NO! I do remember Heather popping up in my dreams & we were thrift shopping with my lottery winnings & we had on matching outfits.....weird!
Second, I dreamed my friend, Sharon, called me & asked me if I could come to Noah's birthday party that afternoon.......I told her I already had plans, but she proceeded to yell & scream at me, telling me I was a bad person, how Noah was going to be disappointed b/c I was the only person invited & I was not showing up!!!
Third, I dreamed Sharon called me to ask me if I knew where Noah was, then Rebecca was at Sharon's house screaming in the background Hunter was missing too......Both Mother's were in a panic......I was thinking how crazy they both sounded........I looked out my window, and in the dream I could see Sharon & Rebecca in Sharon's house both flipping out. So, maybe I was their neighbor?!
My alarm finally went off, and the dreams stopped. Thank GOODNESS.......I was beginning to fear Sharon!

Boys & Girls........these dreams were the product of taking benadryl right before bed time! JUST SAY NO!!!! DON'T DO DRUGS!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Monday!

I had an okay weekend. Nothing major was planned. I spent Friday evening with Karla & her family. Saturday morning, we finally finished the scrapbook we have been working on for a solid month (thank God it's done). Saturday evening, I went to Deb & Robert's house for dinner. Robert cooked Paprika Chicken, and it was Fabulous! Sunday was church. I had a not so great time at church this weekend dealing with some stupid drama. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly drama can start over the simplest things. Anyway, that's all I am going to say on this subject, before I get upset again! Remember People, whatever you read on my blog--stays on my blog..........I do not need anything I say on here to get back to people I go to church with or associate with......So, hush those lips of yours!

Tonight, I am hosting my book club group. We are actually not discussing a book tonight......I thought it was time to just have my book club Ladies over so we can actually spend some time together, and actually pick out a book for September. In preparation for tonight, I have cleaned my apartment: dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen & bathroom, started laundry, and I might even make my bed today. When I went to bed last night, I exhausted and had horrible back pain, BUT my home is clean!! I am cooking tonight: veggie jambalaya, chicken, cheese biscuits, and tomato & cucumber salad. YUM! I am looking forward to cooking tonight.

It's now Aug. 14th. We are half way through August. Praise God. So, maybe we will have another month of really hot weather! I am tired of this hot weather. I am tired of sweating & being hot. I want the COLD weather. I love wearing fall/winter clothes way more so than summer clothes! Yes, I am definitely ready for COLD weather. It's more comfortable to walk the dogs when it's 32 degrees than when it's 104.

Since I have been on an organizing frenzy at home, I have found clothes that I am too small for now. (God, I love saying that). In January this year, I went shopping for "work/church" pants. I purchased 3 pair, and now they are ALL way to big on me! I paid way to much money for them, and I hate to give them away. So, does anyone know a tailor in our area? If so, could you please email me with their name and number. I cheated on my "diet" all weekend long....It was simply wonderful.....It's Monday, so I am full force again!

I am tired of re-runs this summer. I am watching two summer shows I love: The 4400 and the Dead Zone. Great Shows! I am ready for the Fall Line-up. I was a TV junkie last Fall, and I will be a TV junkie this fall. I am glad I actually know how to use my VCR now (it took me about 2 years to finally work the tv, cable box, and vcr all together!) b/c I record so much! Praise God for VCR's! What TV shows are you looking forward too?

God Bless.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthday, Rebecca

Everyone Must Sing Happy Birthday to Rebecca:

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday Rebecca,

Happy Birthday to you!

And many more!

May God Bless & Guide you this new coming year!
Don't eat too much cake! ;)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sucked into your Own Blog?!

I started reading my blog today. I started from the very 1st entry & I am simply sucked into my own life! Have you ever gotten sucked into reading your own blog? Is there a blog other than our circle of friends you get sucked into?

Monday, August 07, 2006

2 Purses for $7... Can you beat that?

On Saturday, Heather & I went thrift Store Shopping! We had a GREAT time! I love going to thrift stores! The only horrible thing about Saturday is was 150 degrees, and everytime I stepped out of the car I thought I would melt! I got 2 purses, an antique pyrex dish, and pillows for my new loveseat all for $15.00! I love a bargain! I wonder if there is a thrift store that specializes in plus size clothing?! Heather, Thanks so much for twisting my arm & making me go! What would I do without YOU!? I can not imagine a world without friends like you! Heather, when are we going again?! ;) Next time, let's plan a huge day of Thrift store fun.........Start off with breakfast (to give us energy, of course) & then start shopping. I am ready today!

Saturday night, I went to a Birthday Party for a friend of mine! It was a night filled with lots of great "family" time, food & fun! When I finally got home on Saturday, I was exhausted. The sun is my enemy this year. I hate the big bright hot shiny sun.

Happy Birthday, Sharon!

Ladies & Gentlemen:

Please wish my Great Friend Sharon a Very Happy Birthday!

Let's all sing now:

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Sharon
Happy Birthday to you!

Love your Friend, Linkless!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Ever you felt this way?

I am so looking forward to the weekend, but I am not looking forward to Monday morning at 5am when the alarm sounds to get me out of bed to start my new week! Ever felt this way?
I enjoy my time outside of the office, and at times I feel as if I way too many other important things to do than be at work. I am grateful I have a job, and very grateful it pays the bills, but the older I get the more I would love to do something I LOVE to do.

I have a friend, whom I am going to call Co-worker, who is going through a hard time right now. Co-worker is in a new "great" relationship with a great man, and they plan to be married. The trouble is the new couple in this "great" relationship have tons of issues as a couple, and they each have personal issues. I have listened to Co-worker several times talk about her relationship. I have expressed my opinion some, but not completely come out & said what I really want to say (I know a first for me!). How do I come out and tell Co-worker I think she is making a huge mistake? What do I say to her & How do I say it? I truly respect and love Co-worker & I do not want to hurt her. Co-worker is a Christian. She is praying about her issues, but she's lost at the moment. She already knows what she should do, but I do not think she is strong enough to deal with everything going on in her life at the moment. I believe she wants me to "tell" her what to do, but it's not my life.......She needs to take responsibility for herself and her relationship. Please pray for Co-worker. I feel helpless as a friend. Ever felt this way?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

10 years ago?

Rebecca & I were talking last night about the past. We have actually known each other for 9 years. Holy Cow 9 years, and we still actually speak to each other!!! She is just lucky I love her! ;) I have lived in Dallas 10 years, one month, and 26 days. WOW! I never thought I would have lived in Dallas this long! I hated this city when I first moved here. I am sure I hated it b/c it was different, it was away from home, away from my family & friends, and I was extremely unhappy in the beginning. I admit I had a rough start when I first moved here. I was NOT moving back home to New Orleans just to hear my family & friends say "I told you so!". I was going to live here no matter what the cost, even if the cost was my own happiness (I call this stupidity & extremely head strong)! It took me a couple of years to finally realize Dallas had lots to offer & the people were not sooo bad. I started working for a great company who had great people in it. I started making friends, going clubbing, partying continually, & having a good time. Over 10 years, time have certainly changed!
When I first moved here I was: sleeping on an old borrowed futon on the floor, I basically lived in an un-furnished apartment, I had my Mom's old mini-van, I made $8.50/hour, I lived with a horrible roommate, I was depressed, 90 lbs. thinner, I only had BooBoo Kitty, I was "clubbing" most nights instead of attending church, I was trying to find myself and I missed my family & friends in New Orleans tremendously.
Ten years later I am: sleeping on a king sized bed, my apartment now is over flowing with furniture, I inherited my MawMaw's car, I make more than $8.50/hour (thank you Jesus!!!!!!), my roommates are my children who all have 4 legs, I gained 90 lbs, I have lost a good portion of my gained weight, my clubbing days now revolve around books, I joined a great church with amazing people, I found myself & matured a great deal, and I still miss my family & friends, but definitely not has bad especially after Hurricane Katrina! Right now, it scares me to live back home during hurricane season! God, I am so grateful you love me so much to bless me with so many amazing gifts in my Life, to help me change so I could have a blessed life, and to bring me back to Christ.

Question of the day: Where were you 10 years ago?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Last Friday, I went to Rob's again to help pack! It was a weird night for me. I constantly talked to myself the entire night & I had the hiccups several times. My hiccups are little weird ones......I normally only hiccup once.........So, it was a night filled with one little hiccup numerous times over the course of the night! Weird! I talked to myself most of the night b/c I was more or less packing by myself. The weekend before Rob and I packed together.......I did not mind packing alone, it was just I had no one to talk to......and I was singing to myself most of the night.......and if anyone has heard me sing, it's simply not pretty! It's funny, but I love to sing........especially at home when I am cleaning. Give me a cleaning towel and I will sing you a song! La, la, la, la, la!
Since I have been helping Rob pack, my need to clean my apartment has been in full force! I have re-organized my closet, cleaned & dusted my room, & reduced the clutter in my room! It's amazing, but removing some of the knickknacks made my room seem bigger.
My friend, Kim, gave me a leather loveseat! It's beautiful! When Kim & I started to become friends I feel in LOVE with her furniture. Kim is engaged to be married, and they decided to give the loveseat to me! The furniture was delivered on Saturday! My little home is simply adorable! I am very blessed to have what I do. Lord, Thanks so much for blessing me with my beautiful home!
It's official: I have been accepted as a High School Youth Sponsor. Praises are in order, & Prayers are definitely needed for my sanity and the happiness of the Kids!

God Bless!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Update on my Life Style Change

I have dropped 4 dress sizes! GO TAMMY GO! 55.5 lbs!

OCD: Can I Stop the Madness!?

It's amazing how much work I do in my home, and how much still needs to be done. Chores never end, dogs always need walking, and organizing everything b/c everything has a place and it needs to be in the exact right spot............All this equals to me having a touch of OCD! When I got home last night from work, I took the dogs for a nice walk around the complex, bathed them, organized my clothes in my closet, cooked dinner, washed a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, watched the movie "The Rookie" (Great Movie), and painted my toe-nails (my toes are so sexy now!!!!!). No wonder why I never relax at home.........Something always needs to be done. Tonight, I need to actually organize the rest of my closet.......and this weekend I need to organize my storage closets. The madness will never end. Honestly, I think this all stems from helping Rob packing & organizing his apartment. I want everything to be perfect, cleaned, & organized. Thank you Rob for making my OCD come out this week! ;)

So, who else has a touch of OCD?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sugar & Flour Free: Could this be Good?

I went to a locally owned store that specializes in sugar free & flour free foods. I ordered a Cheesecake Brownie. I had my doubts, but I was completely wrong (and I hate to be wrong)! It was little bites of heaven. The dessert was not only good, it was excellent. It was better than my most passionate kiss I ever had (okay, maybe not, but since it's been years since I have been kissed, I am sticking to my story)!

A Day in the Life of a Social Butterfly:

Last weekend, I was extremely BUSY! I do not think I stopped to smell the roses once!

Friday night, I went to dinner with Deb & Rebecca........I think I had the best meal all week on Friday night! YUM!
Saturday morning, I went to see Lady in the Water. It was a great movie. I absolutely LOVE M. Night Shyamalan. He's extremely talented!
Saturday afternoon, I went to help my friend, Rob, organize and pack his apartment! As I suspected, Rob is a typical bachelor! How come Single Men NEVER throw anything away? Honestly, Rob's apartment was not has bad as I thought it would be.........Single Men simply do not really clean or pick up after themselves (actually, I have known two Single females who did not clean or pick up after themselves--and I was shocked)! It's amazing to me b/c I am such a clean, anal freak when it comes to my home. PEOPLE hire a maid! :)
What's going to happen to their home lives once they get married?!? The New Wives will have to be extremely organized, flexible, and strong willed when it comes to cleaning! Rob was already making great progress when I arrived........he already had lots of trash bags already outside waiting to be thrown away & lots of piles ready to go to the Goodwill! When we first started you could not see Rob's floor, but after a couple of hours the floor was visible. HIP, HIP, HOORAY! Moving is never involves so very much......organizing, packing, going thru all of your's hard to decide what you want to throw away, donate, and keep. Packing is NEVER fun especially if you are Single, b/c it's just you packing & the only person you talk to is yourself (not fun at all)! I had a great time with Rob packing and making fun of each other!
Sunday was busy! I did not stop all day! I went to Sunday School, Church, Lunch, home to take a Nap, a Youth Sponsor Interview, and finally returned home again only to clean a little. I think I finally got in bed about 12:30a thinking I needed a vacation from my life! Can people actually take a vacation away from their own lives? hmmmmm.......something to think about!
Tonight, my bestest friend in the whole wide world (I have to suck up b/c she is helping me tonight), Karla, is coming over to help me hang up my Rack! Thanks Karla! I am so excited to finally have the plate rack hung on the wall with my apartment back in tact!

Praise God for my Amazing Circle of Friends! I am very lucky to have the friends I do, and I pray my Friends finds Happiness and Joy today in Jesus Christ!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Hunt is over.

My hunt for a plate rack is over. Thanks to my friend, Heather! I can not relax about buying it. I now will stress over how to display it. I think I have convinced Heather to come over to my house one night next week to help me display the "rack", and the pictures evenly. I can never get anything on the walls evenly the first, second, third, or fourth time.......I probably have hundreds of nail holes in my walls covered by the pictures. How does one actually fill the holes in your walls without having to paint them again? Does anyone know?

I am ready for the weekend........although I will not have a moment of rest (b/c I am a Beautiful Social Butterfly).......At least I will not be in the office. I have a love/hate relationship with my job, and a much needed break is needed. Two whole entire days devoted to something I want to do, when I want to do it, how I want to do it, and with whom I want to do it to...........PRICELESS!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hunting for Racks.

At times, I amaze myself with my own indecisiveness. I have wanted one plate rack that holds 4 plates, or 2 racks that hold 2 plates. The racks must be the right size, color, and length. I have gone all over the metroplex looking for the right one! I even lost 2 bids on ebay for the perfect plate rack. The hunt for the plate rack is driving me crazy! I am so outspoken & bold, but I have trouble making decisions about decorating, and other stuff I care not to mention at the moment (and I would have to say I do have great decorating talents once I actually make a decision)! Tonight, I convinced a friend to go with me tonight to look at two plate racks I like....maybe she can make a decision for me! Joking! I pray my hunt is over soon......The stress is driving me mad.........And you do not want to see a red head go mad......It's simply is not pretty.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Texas Summers Equals HELL

So, it's July (can you believe it's July already?!!!?) in Texas. In other words, it's hot as HELL! I love living in Texas. I love my life here.........I have a great Church, friends, a job, 2 great dogs, one grumpy old man cat, friends who have become family, and a Cousin who lives in Houston. I have everything a Girl could want (except a husband, but that's a totally different subject I will eventually touch on again soon)! I should be happy, but I am NOT! Lately I have been Hot, Sweaty, Sticky, and in a bad mood nasty mood. When I even think about walking the dogs, I get in a bad mood.........Once I am outside walking the dogs, I instantly get upset & want to cry. I get angry at them when they don't go to the bathroom right girls are very lucky they are so lovable! Phoebe got groomed a couple of weeks ago, and since then she runs to every shady part in the yard. I could not figure Phoebe out until this week why she was being so weird while she was outside. I took off my shoes to walk on the grass. The grass was HOT, and felt like little razor blades since it only gets watered once a week. It was horrible! So, after Phoebe does her business now, I pick her up. I can not subject Phoebe's little paws to little razor blades everyday. Yep, My Pups are spoiled. Abby just loves the warmth of the sun & it seems the heat does not bother her (she's a weird little pup)! So, let's get back to me!!! I simply can not take it anymore. I wanted to go to a Baseball game or two this summer, as well as the zoo.......who was I kidding.......I will go only if the zoo and baseball stadium get A/C! I need a summer home where the weather is 70 to 75 degrees all year long! My A/C has been running non-stop for a week now!!! Can you imagine how much my electric bill will be?

To all my Friends: If you can not find me this summer, I am simply at home in my pj's enjoying the joys and comforts on the A/C! If you want to go to the pool at my apartment complex, please call me. I love going to the pool, but I refuse to go alone! Call me up, bring the kids, and let's make a day of it.

Stay Cool My Friends!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rita Mae

Today is the One Year Anniversary of the Death of my MawMaw. I miss MawMaw every single day.........the pain of her Death is still very new. I no longer cry everyday, but there are times it hits me & the pain is unbearable. It's funny how quickly time passes..........It seems like yesterday I was flying home for her funeral. MawMaw's funeral was bittersweet. I had a great time with my family. I spent time with family members I have not seen in 15+ years. At times, I forgot MawMaw died and I thought "I have not talked to MawMaw in so long, I should call her"......A couple of times, I actually picked up the phone, dialed her number, and thought it would be great to talk to her today.........only to have PawPaw pick up the phone, and then I remember she is no longer with us. WOW, talk about a shock. I laugh about it now, but the first time it was hard for me to deal with it. It's funny, but the home my Grandparents shared is still MawMaw's house. Sorry PawPaw, it will always be MawMaw's house. ;) Praise God for the Wonderful Life Rita lived........I am very blessed to have had MawMaw in my life. She taught me how to love. MawMaw, I miss you.

The Joy of Tooth Pulling

Last Thursday (one whole week ago), I went to my "mean, hateful" dentist to have one wisdom tooth pulled. Let's just say, it has NOT been a pleasant experience! I did okay over the weekend, but on Monday I started to have incredible pain. I called the dentist crying asking to come in. I made an appt. early on Tuesday dentist was my Knight in Shining Armor......he cleaned out the whole in my mouth, and it felt much better......I did not have a dry socket......Thank God......I do not think I could have handled the pain of a dry socket! I hate the dentist......actually I hate all dentist.......they are mean, hateful, crude people. I can not imagine a person growing up saying they wanted to be a Dentist.......Imagine working in the mouth of your patients every day........Imagine the bad breath you have to face everyday! Gross, Yuk! My pain is slowing going away........I still have some pain, but I can eat solid foods again (Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!) Praise God for Darvocet!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Projects, Movies, UFO's, and My Men=Great Weekend

I had a great weekend. Friday night, I went to Marcia's house to work on our Sorority scrapbook.
Saturday, I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom. I love a cleaned home! It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment! (Okay, cleaning MY OWN house gives me that feeling---I am definitely NOT cleaning anyone else's mess!!) I took the dogs outside about 6 times, talked to neighbors, read a book, took a shower, and even shaved my legs! Busy day filled with chores. I went to the movies with my friend, Deb, and watched The Break-Up. The movie was good. I did not want it to end the way it did, but maybe the Next Movie will the The Make-Up! I am hoping (fingers crossed!) ;) After the movie, the weirdest thing happened when Deb and I were walking to the car. We both saw a UFO in the sky. It was a huge black snake looking "thing" just floating in the air...........the UFO must have been huge b/c even when it was miles away from us, it was still visible. Deb and I officially have seen a UFO. I kept telling Deb maybe it was an alien space ship coming to take over the world. I guess the Aliens decided not to take over the world on Saturday evening.............Watch out world, we all must be prepared for their arrival. Weird!
Sunday was a great day! I went to Sunday School Class and Church. My friend, Tim, and I take turns teaching our class. It was my turn to teach. My Class decided to teach on newspaper clippings during the summer, and how it relates to the bible. Yahoo News had an article about how American's have fewer close friends than we did 20 years ago. It was a great lesson. Praise to God for giving me the right words to say! I think we all learned something from it.
Sunday afternoon, I read a little more & went to the movies with friends. I went to the movies with Kent & Eric. We went to see the Devil wears Prada. It was a Great movie (a must see)! Kent and I are friends from New Orleans.....14 years ago.......this makes Kent my oldest friend in Dallas (Poor Kent)! Here's how Kent and I met: I met Scott, an old ex-friend now, who was dating a man by the name of James. Scott and James broke up. James and Kent starting dating. Kent moved to Dallas.......James followed Kent to Dallas, Scott moved to Dallas shortly after James, and I moved to Dallas 3 months after Scott. Kent and James dated for about 6 years. Kent and James broke up. Now, Kent and Eric are together. I would have to say when Kent definitely upgraded when him and Eric started dating. Eric is HOT, extremely HOT........and by the way so is Kent!!!! Kent and Eric are a great couple! I can tell Kent is extremely happy! It's amazing to have Kent as a friend (he is truly a great guy)......and out of everyone we hung out with back home and then here in Dallas, Kent and I are the only ones who keep in contact with each other! Praise God for old friends and adventures!

Happy 4th of July! Praise God for our Military. Please pray for protection and safety for everyone in the war zones.

God Bless!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Long week

This has been a long week! I have been busy most of the week, but it's still been a long one. I think some of my problem has been I have been a little lonely this week. My friend, Deb, went out of town for a week on the youth mission trip. My friend, Karla, had her other best friend in town this week, and I hated to even call b/c I wanted them to spend time together. I talked to my Mom this week. Mom completely shocked me. Mom who has only lost 1/4 lb told me I should stop eating things with cheese and butter on the things I eat (mind you, the portions I eat are, I am limited to the amount of cheese and butter I can have). Then she asked me what I was eating, blah, blah, blah! How dare she ask me what I have been eating when I have lost 44.5 lbs. I am still on track for my goal this year. She was trying to tell me what to eat, and what not to eat! So, I was really upset & hurt with her. I have not reached out to call anyone else because I have been busy (I guess I would not have been so lonely if I would have just picked up the phone to call another friend, but I guess I was having my little own pity party!). So, I have been a little down. Ohhh by the way, I am on my monthly....So, I have been moody, lonely, sad, happy, and grumpy all at the same time. Go figure!
Here's was my week: Monday: Karla's 30th surprise Party. Tuesday: I went to my friend Janie's house. Wednesday: I washed clothes and cooked. Thursday: I went to Karla's house to celebrate her actual birthday. I cooked red beans and rice for Karla. Friday: I am going over to my Sorority Sister, Marsha's, house to work on a project. I know I was busy, but I was still lonely! Thank God I have two active dogs who love me unconditionally!
I really do not have any plans at all for the weekend......My only plan is to Clean my Palace!!!!! Can a Queen ever have a day off?!

Happy 4th of July Weekend.

God Bless!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy 30th Birthday, Karla!

Today is one of My BESTEST Friends birthday! Happy 30th Birthday Karla!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Kurla,
Happy Birthday to you.............

and many more!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pictures from Girl's Weekend

Abby Resting from Her Wild Night.

Phoebe & Abby looking out the Window.

Phoebe Playing Cards.

The Ladies & Our Tie-Dye Tree.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Girl's Weekend Rocks

Hello Morning My Blog Fans/Nazi's!
Last weekend, I went to Oklahoma for a Girl's Weekend! The Girl's were Deb, Amy, Tammy (another Tammy), Michell, Crystal, and myself. The theme for the weekend was Childhood toys & games!
Friday morning, Deb and I drove to Oklahoma with my dogs. The drive to OK was great! Deb and I had a great silly time driving to OK! (Thanks for driving me to OK, Deb! You are the best) The dogs did not get sick once the entire trip (Abby waited until she got home Sunday to get sick)! Deb and I met Amy, Crystal, Tammy, and Michell at the cottage. God was working miracles b/c all of us arrived at the cottage at the same time! Thank you Jesus!
Friday we tie-dyed t-shirts! We all had a great time tie-dying our shirts. I actually did not think my shirt would come out pretty, but it's the coolest! I am looking forward to wearing my new tie-dyed t-shirt! Crystal had the best looking T-shirt!
Friday night, we ate at a great little Italian restaurant. The food was delicious. Our waiter was named Endrit, and he was so handsome....Crystal and I fought over him. It actually came down to my dogs or Endrit. Crystal loved Abby and Phoebe. So, Crystal said I could take my dogs home or Endrit......My Pups came home with me, and I suppose Crystal kidnapped Endrit and took him home with her! Go Crystal! We played games when we got back to the cottage. Amy is an amazing little hostess! Amy got prizes for all the winners of each game! It was a great day!
Saturday we walked around one of the little small towns in OK. We went to antique stores, an entire sale, and ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant. One of my favorite activities is shopping at Antique, Estate, or Garage Sales. I was so excited to go into each new store. I got a few new tea cups and saucers, and a couple of kitchen decorations! I can not wait to go to my next antique store. Anyone want to go with me?!?
Saturday night, Tammy cooked steak on the grill! It was so yummy! We played games, and everyone got new prizes again! (Thanks Amy!) It was about Midnight when Amy, Crystal, Deb, and myself went to a dock at the National Park. Deb and I held on to each other b/c there were spiders all around us! Gross, Yuk! Some spiders were big enough to eat a human (just joking)! Amy and Crystal were the brave ones b/c they laid down on the dock. Deb and I stood up the entire time, too scared to sit down. While we were on the dock, a man got out of his truck, and headed down our dock. As the man approached Deb called out "Friend or Foe", and the man NEVER answered her! Deb and I were beginning to really panic. The man finally said he was Ranger Bill. Honestly, I think he thought we were drinking........but we were all happy on life and the great weekend we were having! He actually had to ask if we were drinking & when we told him "No" he left us to tend to the other wild animals in the National Park!
Sunday morning, we woke up to find sweet little notes from Michell. Michell left early to go home to be with her Husband on Father's Day. I was so lazy on Sunday morning! I did not want to do anything! We packed up the cottage, and finally head to the mineral pool. The mineral pool is suppose to have a warm side and a cold side. Well, the warm side was HOT, and the cold side was Warm.......and I thought it was completely miserable. I could only stand the pool for about 20 minutes. The dogs were in there crate in the pool area. It was not a good experience for them or me! If anything was bad about the weekend, it was the warm pool in June! The temperature outside was over 90 degrees and then the pool was over 90 degrees too! It was miserable!
Deb and I left about 2pm to drive back to Texas! Deb and I were so the time we arrived at my place, I think we all were done for driving for the day! Thanks Deb for driving the entire weekend! You Rock!
It was great to spend time with All Christian Women. I am truly blessed to have spent the entire weekend laughing, shopping, eating, and playing games with Amazing Women! Thanks to Amy, Deb, Tammy, Crystal, and Michell for making my weekend so memorable! I adore you all!

God Bless!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Is it Monday already?

I had a great weekend! Friday night, I went to my friend, Heather & Jason's, for dinner. It was great! Heather and I sat outside on their front patio for hours on Friday. When Heather suggested we sit on the patio, I thought I would die b/c it felt like it was 152 degrees outside. I had a great time sitting on the patio and talking! It was not even hot! The more Heather and I talked, the more we realized we have so much in common and our lives parallel in so many ways! It's pretty weird! I am enjoying getting to know you more and more, Heather. Sharon knew what she was doing when she said we should be friends! Thanks Sharon--You are the Bomb-Diggadee! New Friends are always great!
It was about 10:45pm when little Lukey woke up sick. All I am going to say about Luke being sick, I will never eat peanut butter again (thank goodness it's not one of my favorite foods)! We cleaned Luke & his beddings and I went home. Heather told me Luke was sick a few times after I left too, but Luke is feeling better! Praise God!

Saturday I cleaned, and had dinner with friends. Sunday, I went to Krislynn's Dance recital. She was simply adore! DANCE, Krislynn, DANCE! I look forward to one day going to my own child's recital! I can not wait!

I have a very busy week. Pray for me! ;)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Facts about VBS

Life has been constantly moving & shakin' lately! VBS is under full swing........the children are having a ball, but I can see exhaustion in the faces of most of the adults. VBS is a great week, but at the end of it.......I am completely wiped! Since VBS last year, I said I was NOT helping the week of VBS, but look at me......I AM helping out! Praise God, I am NOT a station or crew leader this year. I think this VBS is one of the best I have experienced. Thanks to Pastor S, Karl, and All for making this VBS the best ever.

Since I started decorating for VBS, I found muscles I have not used in years(especially the butt muscles!) At times, I wish my butt would simply fall off.

I am so exhausted at night, I can not seem to sleep. I lay in bed thinking of when I will sleep......I finally killed the sheep I was counting.

I have left dishes in the sink every night this week. This is so UN-like me. Dishes MUST be done before I go to bed, but this week I think the dish fairy forgot my house.

My back & leg pain has moved completely to my left hip. My left hip screams "sit down fat girl, SIT down."

At times, I think I am having more fun than the kiddos this week. Every night, I put on my dance shoes and dance to the VBS music........I'm such a nerd.

I have been passing out bottled water to the safety men, station, and crew leaders this much water can a grown man drink?! I am amazed. I kept thinking last night a couple of them would float away soon. The exercise is great walking back and forth to make sure everyone is fully hydrated, but when I get home I realized I have not had any water all night long. So, I drink and drink tons of water, and I think I might float away!

Each night, I have been checking in the children as they arrive for VBS. Two of the new kiddos have said, "I can not believe you do not know my name yet".......okay kiddos, I am OLD! I am lucky I remember my own name.

Last night was so sad, my Friend, H, made a huge paper mache black bear (which is pretty cool), and one of the real small kids was completely scared of him. The poor child freaked out when his crew leader tried a few times to put him closer to the bear........Great Job H on scaring the kids! ;)

Since I have been so busy this week, all I wanted to do was eat everything in my sight, but I have resisted! Damn me! Ice cream sounds great right about now!

Have a great day!
God Bless!

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Arctic has moved to Texas!?!

VBS! VBS! VBS! VBS! Vacation Bible School is Back!
I am decorating for VBS this week. My Church is slowly turning into the Arctic. I have always been a station or a crew leader for VBS, but this year I decided to help with decorations. I am not really sure which is the lesser of two evils. The actual week of VBS is so difficult for me........I work full-time, so I have to run home to take the dogs outside, and the run up to the church for VBS. I normally do not get home until about 9:30p or 10p. By the time I get home I am spent, and my dogs are ready to play b/c they have been in "bed" all day. Decorating has not been very difficult.........other than my back & leg hurting. Two more decorating days left, and VBS officially starts on Sunday! Please pray for the children during VBS.........May they have a great, fun time learning about our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Day of Remembrance

I had a wonderful Memorial Weekend! I relaxed & enjoyed myself. I slept late, watched tv, and cooked healthy food. I house/dog sat for Kenny & Karla. It was 4 dogs and me. It was pure chaos. The dogs loved running around the house and back yard. It was blissful they could all blow off some energy! If Pongo was not trying to hump Phoebe, he was being fussed at for trying to hump Phoebe. Pongo is like the little old creepy man at the retirement home who tries to hump any female that comes along.

On Friday, I found out I actually do have a real back problem that is causing my back/leg pain. For years, I always thought my back pain was from my weight, but the Doctor said "Nope, it is heredity". So, it's not because I am a Fat Girl that I have back problems, it's simply b/c my back is going to fall off soon! I have to go see a specialist soon, maybe he can save my back! Praise God for giving me a great Doctor who is patient with me. My a1c test came back great.......6 months ago it was a 7.1, and now it is a 5.6. 6.0 or less is in normal blood sugar range! Go Tammy Go!

Memorial Day has always been a great day of remembrance for me. After Sept. 11th, I feel honored to have such Great Men and Women in America who are willing to die so I may have freedom. On Sept. 11th, we lost so many Great People in the Twin Towers. I recently read a book written by Marian Fontana who lost her husband Dave Fontana in one of the Towers. Dave was a Firefighter in NY. Marian wrote about her life as a widow, and how Sept. 11th changed her life forever. I praise God everyday for Marian's Husband, Dave, and the many men like him. How many people did he save to only die himself? How many lives were touched by Dave's hand? (Marian, Thanks so much for a beautiful book. I will truly treasure your words all the days of my life. Thanks for standing up for what you believe in, and showing women every where we can make a difference. Thanks for becoming the President of the 9/11 Widows and Victim's Family Association. I am truly proud of you.) How many lives were touched by Sept. 11th? How many lives will never be the same b/c of Sept. 11th? How many children were affected by Sept. 11th?

How many lives are touched my the war going on now? How many of our loved ones are fighting so we can have freedom? I am a member of a small church in my community, and we even have people in the war zones right now who are loved by a member of our church. I keep reading about the war, and all the great obstacles our military faces each day. We are all touched by the war, we may not know it, but every life has been touched.
I am Honored to call myself an American. I am HONORED to be a part of our countries past, and I am Graced with the opportunity to see our country grow. I am not saying America is perfect. I am saying we are truly blessed to be part of the Greatest Nation on Earth who has thousands of Men and Women who are willing to fight for our lives, freedom, happiness, and families. Lord, Bless, Guide, & Protect our Military, Government officials, and their families left behind. Give them Strength, Comfort, and Peace.

God Bless.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Garage Sales, Pigs, and Kids!

I had a good weekend. I went to Garage Sales with Heather (I had a great time Heather---Thanks)! I found a cute little coffee table. I love it! Heather and I started out with great weather, but by the time we finished it was HOT......real Hot. By the time I got home, I was finished with the Texas Summer.....and it's NOT even summer yet! What am I going to do when temperatures reach 100 degrees?! I will definitely melt! Luke was with us a better part of the morning.....Luke was so good.......We had him in and out of the car several times, and he did great! Good Job Luke! I am glad you like your new desk! Learn lots! Your Mom is a great shopper!
Saturday night, I went to the Bugh's house for a Pig Roast. It was great! I had a really great time with the kids.......especially Camden! Sharon, I think you guys should start renting Camden out! When I first arrived at the Pig Roast, Camden ran up and hugged me, I knew at that moment my heart already melted for this child. Whatever he wanted that evening, if Mom and Dad said no, he could have asked me, and I would have giving him the world! " want how many cookies??? Okay, Let's go get you those dozen.......and do you want soda too?"

Hugs & Kisses to Luke and Camden!