Friday, June 30, 2006

Long week

This has been a long week! I have been busy most of the week, but it's still been a long one. I think some of my problem has been I have been a little lonely this week. My friend, Deb, went out of town for a week on the youth mission trip. My friend, Karla, had her other best friend in town this week, and I hated to even call b/c I wanted them to spend time together. I talked to my Mom this week. Mom completely shocked me. Mom who has only lost 1/4 lb told me I should stop eating things with cheese and butter on the things I eat (mind you, the portions I eat are, I am limited to the amount of cheese and butter I can have). Then she asked me what I was eating, blah, blah, blah! How dare she ask me what I have been eating when I have lost 44.5 lbs. I am still on track for my goal this year. She was trying to tell me what to eat, and what not to eat! So, I was really upset & hurt with her. I have not reached out to call anyone else because I have been busy (I guess I would not have been so lonely if I would have just picked up the phone to call another friend, but I guess I was having my little own pity party!). So, I have been a little down. Ohhh by the way, I am on my monthly....So, I have been moody, lonely, sad, happy, and grumpy all at the same time. Go figure!
Here's was my week: Monday: Karla's 30th surprise Party. Tuesday: I went to my friend Janie's house. Wednesday: I washed clothes and cooked. Thursday: I went to Karla's house to celebrate her actual birthday. I cooked red beans and rice for Karla. Friday: I am going over to my Sorority Sister, Marsha's, house to work on a project. I know I was busy, but I was still lonely! Thank God I have two active dogs who love me unconditionally!
I really do not have any plans at all for the weekend......My only plan is to Clean my Palace!!!!! Can a Queen ever have a day off?!

Happy 4th of July Weekend.

God Bless!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy 30th Birthday, Karla!

Today is one of My BESTEST Friends birthday! Happy 30th Birthday Karla!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Kurla,
Happy Birthday to you.............

and many more!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pictures from Girl's Weekend

Abby Resting from Her Wild Night.

Phoebe & Abby looking out the Window.

Phoebe Playing Cards.

The Ladies & Our Tie-Dye Tree.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Girl's Weekend Rocks

Hello Morning My Blog Fans/Nazi's!
Last weekend, I went to Oklahoma for a Girl's Weekend! The Girl's were Deb, Amy, Tammy (another Tammy), Michell, Crystal, and myself. The theme for the weekend was Childhood toys & games!
Friday morning, Deb and I drove to Oklahoma with my dogs. The drive to OK was great! Deb and I had a great silly time driving to OK! (Thanks for driving me to OK, Deb! You are the best) The dogs did not get sick once the entire trip (Abby waited until she got home Sunday to get sick)! Deb and I met Amy, Crystal, Tammy, and Michell at the cottage. God was working miracles b/c all of us arrived at the cottage at the same time! Thank you Jesus!
Friday we tie-dyed t-shirts! We all had a great time tie-dying our shirts. I actually did not think my shirt would come out pretty, but it's the coolest! I am looking forward to wearing my new tie-dyed t-shirt! Crystal had the best looking T-shirt!
Friday night, we ate at a great little Italian restaurant. The food was delicious. Our waiter was named Endrit, and he was so handsome....Crystal and I fought over him. It actually came down to my dogs or Endrit. Crystal loved Abby and Phoebe. So, Crystal said I could take my dogs home or Endrit......My Pups came home with me, and I suppose Crystal kidnapped Endrit and took him home with her! Go Crystal! We played games when we got back to the cottage. Amy is an amazing little hostess! Amy got prizes for all the winners of each game! It was a great day!
Saturday we walked around one of the little small towns in OK. We went to antique stores, an entire sale, and ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant. One of my favorite activities is shopping at Antique, Estate, or Garage Sales. I was so excited to go into each new store. I got a few new tea cups and saucers, and a couple of kitchen decorations! I can not wait to go to my next antique store. Anyone want to go with me?!?
Saturday night, Tammy cooked steak on the grill! It was so yummy! We played games, and everyone got new prizes again! (Thanks Amy!) It was about Midnight when Amy, Crystal, Deb, and myself went to a dock at the National Park. Deb and I held on to each other b/c there were spiders all around us! Gross, Yuk! Some spiders were big enough to eat a human (just joking)! Amy and Crystal were the brave ones b/c they laid down on the dock. Deb and I stood up the entire time, too scared to sit down. While we were on the dock, a man got out of his truck, and headed down our dock. As the man approached Deb called out "Friend or Foe", and the man NEVER answered her! Deb and I were beginning to really panic. The man finally said he was Ranger Bill. Honestly, I think he thought we were drinking........but we were all happy on life and the great weekend we were having! He actually had to ask if we were drinking & when we told him "No" he left us to tend to the other wild animals in the National Park!
Sunday morning, we woke up to find sweet little notes from Michell. Michell left early to go home to be with her Husband on Father's Day. I was so lazy on Sunday morning! I did not want to do anything! We packed up the cottage, and finally head to the mineral pool. The mineral pool is suppose to have a warm side and a cold side. Well, the warm side was HOT, and the cold side was Warm.......and I thought it was completely miserable. I could only stand the pool for about 20 minutes. The dogs were in there crate in the pool area. It was not a good experience for them or me! If anything was bad about the weekend, it was the warm pool in June! The temperature outside was over 90 degrees and then the pool was over 90 degrees too! It was miserable!
Deb and I left about 2pm to drive back to Texas! Deb and I were so the time we arrived at my place, I think we all were done for driving for the day! Thanks Deb for driving the entire weekend! You Rock!
It was great to spend time with All Christian Women. I am truly blessed to have spent the entire weekend laughing, shopping, eating, and playing games with Amazing Women! Thanks to Amy, Deb, Tammy, Crystal, and Michell for making my weekend so memorable! I adore you all!

God Bless!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Is it Monday already?

I had a great weekend! Friday night, I went to my friend, Heather & Jason's, for dinner. It was great! Heather and I sat outside on their front patio for hours on Friday. When Heather suggested we sit on the patio, I thought I would die b/c it felt like it was 152 degrees outside. I had a great time sitting on the patio and talking! It was not even hot! The more Heather and I talked, the more we realized we have so much in common and our lives parallel in so many ways! It's pretty weird! I am enjoying getting to know you more and more, Heather. Sharon knew what she was doing when she said we should be friends! Thanks Sharon--You are the Bomb-Diggadee! New Friends are always great!
It was about 10:45pm when little Lukey woke up sick. All I am going to say about Luke being sick, I will never eat peanut butter again (thank goodness it's not one of my favorite foods)! We cleaned Luke & his beddings and I went home. Heather told me Luke was sick a few times after I left too, but Luke is feeling better! Praise God!

Saturday I cleaned, and had dinner with friends. Sunday, I went to Krislynn's Dance recital. She was simply adore! DANCE, Krislynn, DANCE! I look forward to one day going to my own child's recital! I can not wait!

I have a very busy week. Pray for me! ;)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Facts about VBS

Life has been constantly moving & shakin' lately! VBS is under full swing........the children are having a ball, but I can see exhaustion in the faces of most of the adults. VBS is a great week, but at the end of it.......I am completely wiped! Since VBS last year, I said I was NOT helping the week of VBS, but look at me......I AM helping out! Praise God, I am NOT a station or crew leader this year. I think this VBS is one of the best I have experienced. Thanks to Pastor S, Karl, and All for making this VBS the best ever.

Since I started decorating for VBS, I found muscles I have not used in years(especially the butt muscles!) At times, I wish my butt would simply fall off.

I am so exhausted at night, I can not seem to sleep. I lay in bed thinking of when I will sleep......I finally killed the sheep I was counting.

I have left dishes in the sink every night this week. This is so UN-like me. Dishes MUST be done before I go to bed, but this week I think the dish fairy forgot my house.

My back & leg pain has moved completely to my left hip. My left hip screams "sit down fat girl, SIT down."

At times, I think I am having more fun than the kiddos this week. Every night, I put on my dance shoes and dance to the VBS music........I'm such a nerd.

I have been passing out bottled water to the safety men, station, and crew leaders this much water can a grown man drink?! I am amazed. I kept thinking last night a couple of them would float away soon. The exercise is great walking back and forth to make sure everyone is fully hydrated, but when I get home I realized I have not had any water all night long. So, I drink and drink tons of water, and I think I might float away!

Each night, I have been checking in the children as they arrive for VBS. Two of the new kiddos have said, "I can not believe you do not know my name yet".......okay kiddos, I am OLD! I am lucky I remember my own name.

Last night was so sad, my Friend, H, made a huge paper mache black bear (which is pretty cool), and one of the real small kids was completely scared of him. The poor child freaked out when his crew leader tried a few times to put him closer to the bear........Great Job H on scaring the kids! ;)

Since I have been so busy this week, all I wanted to do was eat everything in my sight, but I have resisted! Damn me! Ice cream sounds great right about now!

Have a great day!
God Bless!

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Arctic has moved to Texas!?!

VBS! VBS! VBS! VBS! Vacation Bible School is Back!
I am decorating for VBS this week. My Church is slowly turning into the Arctic. I have always been a station or a crew leader for VBS, but this year I decided to help with decorations. I am not really sure which is the lesser of two evils. The actual week of VBS is so difficult for me........I work full-time, so I have to run home to take the dogs outside, and the run up to the church for VBS. I normally do not get home until about 9:30p or 10p. By the time I get home I am spent, and my dogs are ready to play b/c they have been in "bed" all day. Decorating has not been very difficult.........other than my back & leg hurting. Two more decorating days left, and VBS officially starts on Sunday! Please pray for the children during VBS.........May they have a great, fun time learning about our Lord, Jesus Christ.