Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday's thoughts.


*Today is the Day the Lord has Made, & I will rejoice it in.

*I am going over to the Casa de Rice tonight for dinner! YUMMY!

*I am sleeping in tomorrow! HipHipHooray!

*My company is sponsoring a happy hour this afternoon! I get to leave the office at 2:30pm today! HipHipHooray!

*I LOVE Grey's anatomy.


*I think we should plan a Girl's Weekend Away the beginning of 2007.

*I have lost 60lbs. I am dropping dress sizes all over Texas. I pray no one picks them up!

*I still want Popeyes chicken.

*I need a dog walker in the mornings! I love my babies, but walking them at 5:30am or 6am every morning is hard. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with beautiful weather this week.

*We need to plan a Girl's Night Out or In soon. I will even host.

*I need to learn how to groom my dogs properly. Can you imagine the cost savings?
*Why do celebrities think a marriage is disposable?

*I can not spell to save my life.

*Last night, I was lazy. I took the dogs outside, cooked dinner, washed dishes and watched Grey's & Six degrees. I forgot to record ER (stupidity). Did anyone record it?

*Pray for our Military & their families. They are fighting for freedom & justice.

*I still want a HUGE Margarita....and I will get one today!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thoughts for the day...

*I had the same nightmare a couple of times this week......and it really disturbs me. I hate bad dreams especially when I am the only one in bed!

*Today is BEAUTIFUL outside. I pray for more days like this.

*I went walking yesterday afternoon on the trail behind my apartment complex for about 40 minutes. WOW....I went walking for 40 minutes. When I first started walking again, 25 minutes would do me in! By the time I got home I felt like my legs were rubber. The dogs and I took a nap for about 30 minutes.

*I started using new hair products (something I never do) & my hair is looking good. I'm too sexy for my sexy it hurts!

*I am ready for vacation. Pray for my family to have a happy, fun vacation.

*I want a day where I have no commitments, obligations, or chores.

*Praise God for a Mother who in her own way loves me but at the same time trys to control me. When will she learn I am an adult who makes my own decisions, pays my own bills, and cleans my own house. Yesterday afternoon, she tried telling me how to manage my money. This drives me crazy.

*Praise God for friends like Kenny & Karla who show love to all children. Karla: Please remember your Rewards are heavenly, and you will make it with extra children in the house. I am ready for a great Saturday afternoon.

*I would love to be on the beach today with a margarita in hand, or in the mountains with a good book and a cup of coffee.

*My MawMaw's birthday would have been this Saturday, Sept. 30th. I am now teary eyed just thinking about spending another birthday without her. God: I miss her dearly.

*Have you ever wondered why Girls mature faster boys?

*I need a nap right now.

*I am ready for Friday.

*I have to get back to work now. They pay me to work, not blog.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Book of Daniel

My Church is hosting the Beth Moore bible study: The Book of Daniel: Lives of Intergrity & Words of Prophecy. I am the Leader of the Evening Study. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity. Last week was our first lesson, and I am already learning so much. I am looking forward to the Christian am will become after the study is over.
I absolutely love Beth Moore. She is one of my "Hereos" in my life. I pray I become the Christian she is and will be some day. Beth Moore is constantly on "Fire for Christ". I am in awe of Mrs. Moore. Praise God for Strong Christian Women like Beth Moore. They have so much to teach us......We simply must open our hearts to God's Good News! We are Saved by Grace. Glorious is our Lord.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Comfort Food for the Sick.

Since I have been sick, I have craved my "sick/comfort" foods. Each time I am sick, I want Wendy's french fries, hot & sour soup, chinese food, fried chicken from only Popeye's, chicken fried steak or chicken, chicken tortilla soup, apple juice, diet 7-up, and chocolate. The only thing I have had this time is apple juice and diet 7-up! I want to lose another 20 lbs before vacation so I am being strict on myself, BUT today I am having lots of weak moments. I keep thinking I could go to Popeyes for dinner and be good for the rest of the week.......Or I can go for a long walk this afternoon after I eat Popeyes. I keep saying to myself.....Devil, GET behind me! I do not need or want Popeyes! I am NOT going to eat Popeyes tonight, I am NOT going to eat Popeyes tonight, I am NOT going to eat Popeyes tonight.......I Am going to eat blackened fish with veggies, and I am going to LOVE it! Can one of my dear friends go to Popeyes and stand guard for me? If you see my car at Popeyes, you have my full permission to start shooting at my tires!

What are your comfort foods when you are sick?

2 days of bed rest...

I have been in bed the last two days. I have a cold/allergy/sinus illness of some sort. I have slept until 11 am for 2 days, taken naps during the day, and have not been able to fully sleep at night. Yesterday afternoon, I almost took a 2 hour nap. I could NOT sleep last night. I woke up the first time about 2:20am, and it was down hill after that.......I woke up every hour or so. Today, I have medicine/sleep head syndrome! I can barely keep my eyes open.......I need a nap. But how do you tell your employer....."I need a nap, so I am going to take a 30 minute sleeping break in my car." I might get "walked" out of the building, but definitely not in a good way. Summer/Fall colds are horrible.......I think they are the absolute worst! The weather has been so beautiful. All I wanted to do was be outside, but nope.....I was inside sick. The only good thing about the last 2 days was my dogs were very well behaved! Praise God! Over the weekends, they normally get pretty restless so they do marathons around the house, play real loud, chase toys or each other......Just hyper little girls. Every time I slept, they slept! Praise God I did not have dogs running over my head or chest!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Charlotte York.

In the Words of Charlotte York from Sex and the City:

"I've been dating since I was 15. I'm exhausted. Where is he?"

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In God's Word.

Christian Friends,

I have been a Christian all of my life......I can not remember a time when God was a part of my life. I was raised Catholic. I went to mass almost every Sunday mostly without my Parents, I went to Catechism, I was a member of the Youth Group, on the Youth counsel, a player on the softball and volleyball teams, but I never really understood the bible when I was a child. I knew Christ died for me & b/c of his death I was saved.......I knew a few stories from the bible, but since I was "taught" reading the bible was only for an Elder of the Church or the Priest, I did not read the bible. I started college & went to the Catholic Church next to my campus......and still did not get much out of the church. I moved to Dallas and thought I did not want to go to church again. After I got most of my partying out of my system, I started looking for a Church home. I probably visited 20 churches before I felt like I had a church home. Honestly, I did not like my church home when I first started attending.....It was a traditional church with lots & lots of Elderly, and I wanted a Young Hip Church where I had lots of peers my own age (and lots of Single Men). God had another plan. I found a Church where my Spiritual Life started Growing and Embracing the Bible. I started new bible studies, I attended Sunday School Class, and actually occasionally enjoying the traditional service. I have changed so much as a Christian over the last 5 years. I enjoy reading the bible, Christian books, bible studies, Christian music and the committee's I am on. Right now, I am doing a bible study on my own by Max Lucado. The name of the Book is Just Like Jesus. Let's just say the Holy Spirit is working hard on me through this book & through the last several weeks of sermons at church. I have changed so much on the inside......Reading this Book, I long and am striving to be Just Like Jesus. I can tell in my attitude I am changing......Believe me, this post is not about patting myself on the back, I am just shocked at the fact this book was actually written for me. I am simply amazed my heart is changing. Reading God's Word is like eating Chocolate for me, the more I read the more I want! I have become more patient driving, with my dogs, my Mother, friends, my brother, with children, and even co-workers. I have always had a problem with my temper/anger. As I have aged, the temper/anger is subsiding, but reading this book has shocked me. It's showed me I do not have to be angry or my temper does not have to flare when I am upset. It's taught me I am sinful when I am angry. Jesus lived over 30 years on earth without one sin. Amazingly, as humans we sin daily. Jesus lived without un-necessary anger, and I can too! God is also pushing me to step out of "my comfort zone" to become more involved in other aspects of the church. It's hard for me to step out of my comfort areas to branch out to do more to Glorify God's Kingdom. I struggle doing what I want, when I want it & how I want to do it than actually doing what God wants me to do. For example, a friend at church kept asking every Sunday if I wanted to serve communion. I kept saying no. Finally, the Holy Spirit won the battle, and I am now serving communion! It's comforting to know I am not the only one who struggles with this. My friend Sharon and I were talking about this very subject recently. I am also comforted by the fact I have friends like Sharon and many others who stand firm in their faith. Friends and Family who love the Lord. I am blessed to have so many People in my Life who are strong Christians.

The Question of the Day:

What is God working on in Your Life? What changes do you see happening in your life b/c you are in God's Word? What has turned around in Your Life since you have surrendered yourself to Christ?

Happy Birthday, K, K, & J!

I can not believe it's been 4 wonderful years.........Today is Kirsten, Kaden, and Jeremy's Birthday.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Kirsten, Kaden & Jeremy,
Happy Birthday to you....

Eat lots of Cake & Ice Cream today!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Taking you back into childhood.....

My weekend was filled with lots of fun-kid friendly adventures. On Saturday, I went with my Youth Kids to play whirlyball and laser tag. I did not play whirlyball. Laser Tag was my game of choice! I love playing laser tag! I probably had more fun than some of the teenagers.
As I was playing my second game of laser tag, I had the sudden immediate urge to go to the bathroom. Here's the moral of this story: You know you are getting old when you have to take of your laser tag vest, stop playing the game, and pray you make it to the bathroom before you pee on yourself! Second moral: Never drink lots of water before you play laser tag.

Saturday night I was babysitting. We were coloring and watch Mary Kate & Ashley goes to Paris. I have seen this movie a zillion times with the girls. As I opened the huge bag of crayons, I was completely taken back to my childhood.........Hundreds of memories filled my head. I always loved getting a new box of crayons when I was a child. I also love the smell of play-do. Such sweet memories. I love the smell & taste of boiled seafood. When I was a child, we always had huge "crawfish/shrimp/crab boils" with family and friends. I loved the excitement of Christmas and Birthday's (actually I still love the excitement). I love the anticipation of what Santa was going to bring me! What sounds, smells, books, taste, etc. take you back to your childhood

Monday, September 11, 2006

Unity is the Gift.

Dear Friends,

At times, Sept. 11, 2001 seems like a distant nightmare which never existed. Five years later the reality of Sept. 11th is still with all of us. It was the worst terror attack on the American population. It gave us fear and doubt. We felt lost & alone in the world. People we loved were dying right in front of us. Cops and Firefighters rushed into each of the Twin Towers to rescue as many people they could. Hundreds of the Cops & Firefighters died trying to save the innocent. Thousands of people died in the Towers. The buildings were destroyed, crumbled down to the earth. People were running for safety, and jumping from the Towers. The families and friends who lost someone special are still dealing with their loss. It's amazing we all live in our own little worlds. When tragedy like Sept. 11th happens it takes us back to reality. It makes us realize there are many more problems in the world other than mine own. Every life in American was changed on Sept. 11th.

Five years ago today our Great Country was changed forever. After the Sept. 11th attacks, this country "grew up" quickly. The attacks gave us a great gift.......unity. People were talking to strangers again, the American flag started popping up in & out side homes, churches continued to pray for our country and the ones we lost, People started respecting our armed forces, police officers, and firefighters, families got stronger, and People fell in love with America again. America is the Greatest Country in the World. I am proud to be an American.

Nation Of Survivors
In the bright September morning without warning to us all
A few thousand lives were shattered and we watched two buildings fall
And a billion souls felt empty, and the flags at half-mast fly
In the memory of the innocent which didn't have to die
We've lost brothers, sisters, cousins. We've lost family and friends
But we've made the choice not to forget their lives and tragic ends
Though we've had our share of troubles we have put them all aside
As a nation grieves we find ourselves defending them with pride
We're a nation of survivors, with one heart we share a tear
But we live to serve the memory, not giving in to fear.
Though they try to take security with the things they've done and said
All their acts of inhumanity bring unity instead. So we stand here as a family.
One heart, one soul, one voice.
We are challenged by this moment, and united here by choice.
--Jack Foshee Jr., Sept 12, 2001.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Last Night, Kenny and I moved some of my un-necessary clutter from my storage areas to a garage sale my friend Deb is hosting! WOW, I can not believe I had some much clutter in my storage areas!!!! It's simply amazing I was storing all that stuff for nothing! I have 2 storages areas attached to my apartment (one pretty large, and the other much smaller). I have so much space in each storage area now.....the smaller storage area is almost completely cleaned out! I now have room to buy more stuff and fill up the areas again! JOKING! It's time to get rid of stuff I do not like or use anymore. It's time for a fresh start! I feel great about de-cluttering! Praise God for friends like Kenny and Deb to help me with my cluttering ways!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chores........hate them?

The weather is finally cooling off! PRAISE JESUS! This morning I actually had to put on pants to take the dogs outside b/c it was a little chilly! I am so looking forward to Fall! ;)

Last night, I sat on my sofa looking at my adorable little apartment. I kept thinking to myself I should really be doing a chore or two tonight. I should have dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, or started a load of laundry. I did not do anything other than take the dogs outside, washed my face, and went to bed. It was the first time in a long time I actually just relaxed at home without doing one chore. I did a full "spring" cleaning a week ago, changed my sheets last Saturday, and steam cleaned my carpets on Monday. My apartment is not dirty, but I always think I have to do something when I am home relaxing. Why is that? It's probably b/c I am a clean freak, or some would say just a freak! I do not mind cleaning my home. At times, it actually relaxes me. I love the "feel" & smell of a clean house. At times, I enjoy cleaning my home on Saturday, listening to great music, dancing around acting silly, and wearing old nasty "house cleaning clothes". Maybe I just like the music & dancing around aspect of cleaning....Cleaning is a great excuse to being silly, BUT I am a definitely a good dance cleaner! There are some chores that I hate.........I hate: cleaning the ceiling fans, folding clothes, scooping the litter, mopping and sweeping. What chores do you enjoy & what ones do you hate?