Thursday, December 13, 2007

Red Head Moment

As I turned on the dryer, it would not turn on. I was getting upset...I thought I can not believe I have to call maintenance again to fix something. Also, I just washed all my dirty panties...and they all needed to be dried by tomorrow morning! I tried turning the knob again to turn on the dryer. Still did not come on. I was so frustrated I slammed the dryer door closed. Okay, BlueEyes, Another RedHead Moment! The Dryer does not work unless the door is closed.....When I realized what I did, I turned on the dryer. The dryer is now working beautifully!
I'm off to bed...Night, Night Blogging World.


Taylor said...

Been there, done that!!

Heather said...

That sounds like something YOU would do. If it's any consellation. I once cooked an entire ribeye steak, in a pan ON TOP OF THE BURNER COVER. Talking on the phone and cooking, don't mix.