Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Are you Shy???

Last night, I was talking to Karla. I discovered Karla is shy......this news was extremely weird to me b/c I never thought of any of my friends really being shy?! Karla is the same friend who claims she is shy, but told everyone on the internet she went "stinkys" in the potty! Are you just as confused as I am?! When I look back, I would have to say most of my friends are shy.
Believe it or not, but when I was younger I was extremely shy. I would never talk to anyone other than the people I knew. When I started high school, my life started to change. My Governement teacher told me to be proud of who I was, and then he told me I was going to "help" out with mock trials. So, my teacher casted me as the "hysterical-crazy" person in the trial. It helped me grow as a young adult. When I finally started college & lived on campus, my life completely changed. I started to get of out of my shell, and I became the person I am today. I am no longer shy. I can talk to anyone at anytime, anywhere! Don't get me wrong, at times I can become the "shy teenager" when I am around a man I am interested in, but most of the time I am who I am! So, the question of the day is............ARE YOU SHY?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday's are GREAT!

I am really trying to fool myself today! Monday's are so hard on me, but today is going to beautiful here.........The weather change will be great after the rainy weekend we had!

My weekend forecast was:

Friday night, I went to my church's Talent/Un-Talent show........I am in the sign choir. We performed Holy is the Lord.........we were GREAT......maybe the best performance of the night......then again after watching our Youth Pastor dance with a one of the contestants maybe he was the best performance of the night! I went to have coffee after the Talent show......it was a great night. Saturday, I actually got up early enough to lead our Faith weekly bible study....I then went Karla's house, and ended up at the mall in horrible rain. Saturday night, Deb came over for dinner and we watched In Her Shoes. It was a good time. I am glad Deb came over on Saturday night b/c I did not want to be alone!
You see.........my Step-brother, Jeff, went to be with the Lord early on Saturday morning. Praise God he went quickly! Please pray for my family, and Jeff's Grandmother and Mom. I am doing really well handling Jeff's death.........so much better than I am still handling my MawMaw's death. I am pretty sure my MawMaw met Jeff when he got into heaven! Praise God for Grandmothers!

Sunday was church.......and I babysat on Sunday afternoon! I adore watching children! They teach me so much about God......it's simply amazing! The girls Dad made Sunday a no TV day. So, we played Madagascar Sorry, and read books. It was great medicine to be silly with the kids. I even won the game! Miss Tammy WON the game........it that not the saddest thing you ever have read.......I won the game while I was playing with a 4 year old and a 6 year old! I even tried to lose......I tried to lose real hard too.......but they kept making all kinds of silly mistakes, and everytime I would try to break the rules, I got yelled at.......So, I won the game playing by the rules! Silly Girls! I was home about 7:30pm, in PJ's by 7:40pm, and was asleep on the sofa about 9:45pm!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am the Biggest Loser!
At work, we are having a weight competition.......We had to sign up about the amount of weight we wanted to lose by April 1st. Right now, I am the BIGGEST LOSER! I just love those words. I'm a LOSER! I have lost 9.5 lbs. Go ME Go ME Go ME!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Can you teach a young dog new tricks?

My life has been extremely busy the last few weeks..........and I love it! During my chaos, I have been trying to teach my dogs to sit, stay, heel, and shake. Here are their results: Abby will only sit when I have cheese or her favorite treat in my hand, Phoebe never sits b/c she is the most restless dog in the world. Abby & Phoebe will only stay long enough to finish a treat and immediately after they are running around like crazy little freaks. Trying to train them to heel is a completely different story.....it's pure chaos.....Their definition of heel is run like maniacs! I really want them to learn how to shake........but Abby looks like I am beating her everytime I say shake, and when I tell Phoebe to shake, she will actually lift her paw, but at the same time she bites me???!!!! Phoebe is my passive aggressive pup. So, I have decided they can be cute little untrained dogs for their entire lives!!! At least, they are house broken!!!! Honestly, I am not going to have any training sessions this week, but I will start again on Monday. I will work on one command at a time, and if they master that one command I will reward them like crazy and start on the next command! Wish me luck!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

My Birthday, and the old ole days....

WOW! It's amazing how quickly a 3 day passes! I believe even if I took off a whole week from work it still would not be enough!!!!

I took Friday off.......and it was a GREAT day! Deb and I went to breakfast, shopping in Frisco, and then we went to downtown ole' McKinney. I love downtown McKinney! It's a beautiful little town! I would love to live in a small town! Everytime I walked out of a store I just imagined the "good old days" when the little town of McKinney was established! I think about the time frame my Grandparents grew up in.......My PawPaw did not even have a toilet in his home as a child! Can you imagine? Times back then were so much simpler, people were centered around family and friends, and everyone went to church. Times have changed so much in 80 years. Okay, let me get back on track............Friday night, Deb, Robert, and I went to Kobe Steak..........It was so great! I loved it. Saturday morning, I went to breakfast with Karla. Saturday night, I went to dinner with 26 of my friends! I had a great birthday day!!!! Sunday was another great day........I went to church, and then to lunch.........and dinner with friends!!!!
The only sad aspect about my birthday is that it's OVER! boohoo, boohoo, boohoo!!!! I do have a great Praise about this weekend! God has blessed me with some amazing friends! I am truly blessed to have all the friendships in my life.........and ,of course, all the children in my life!
I am simply amazed how quickly life happens...........I just turned 32, but I still feel like I am 21.......Praise God I am not 21 anymore, but I still feel young. My MawMaw use to say she felt she was a young woman trapped in an old woman's body!

The Ice Cream feast was GREAT! I had ice cream twice this weekend! Oh my goodness.........It was blissful! I went to Henry's on Friday, and Cold Stone Creamy on Sunday! The ice cream was sinfully delightful!

Have a great day! I will write more soon.

Big Hugs!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Day in the Life.....

Yesterday afternoon, I gave both dogs a bath! It's amazing how much better they look and feel after I bathe them! Abby & Phoebe did their race around the apartment for about 30 minutes after they were clean!

I had an interview today at 9am for a Buyer Position for the company I already work for! It was a great interview......But aren't all interviews good, & then they never call you?! I pray I get the position! Please pray I get the position! It's everything I love to do!

This morning I struggled to get out of bed at 5:00am........I did not want to actually work today, I just wanted to have my interview and then go home!!! Today is my "Friday" for work. I have tomorrow off! Praise God for small favors! It's amazing since I have tomorrow off, I have the long weekend/short-timers disease.......meaning I am not working any more today!!! No more pen pushing for me!
Since it's my birthday weekend, I ate a piece of chocolate cake today. I have not had any "real" sugar since Christmas time..........and Guess What? The chocolate cake was good, but not Great like I remember it being! When I have ice cream this weekend, maybe the ice cream will be just okay instead of the rich flavors I miss so much! I hope the ice cream will just be okay so I will never have to eat it again............Who the heck am I kidding? If one flavor of ice cream is not so good, I am jumping to the next flavor until I find my all time favorite! Ice cream is my complete downfall! It's my favorite dessert! Whoever invented ice cream needs to be shot???


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's & Friendships!

Praise God yesterday is over. Valentine's Day never really bothered me until the last couple of years. I can not really explain it, but I have come to actually dislike Valentine's day! I am glad it's over. What's a single girl suppose to do on Valentine's day? Sit at home and drown in my own self-pity b/c I am Single.........NOPE, not going to happen.......Praise God I am Single, Praise God I only have to pick up after myself.........I am still looking for my soul-mate, and I know he's out there someone! God, Please bless my future husband.....may he be happy in you.

It's 3 days until my birthday!!! I am so looking forward to spending Saturday night with my family here in Dallas. God has blessed me completely with my circle of friends here in Dallas. I could not ask for better friends. It brings me to tears to imagine life without my friends, and my family! Life is completely about relationships and building your relationships through Christ. It's about watching our children grow up with lives filled with laughter, happiness, and the love of Christ. It's about having someone you can turn to when you need a friend. It's about the simple things in life.....the great book....God's word, Family, Friends, Laughter, Children, Happiness.....Life is simply a masterpiece waiting to happen........Thanks to my friends who have made my masterpiece exciting and fun! Thanks to all of my friends who love me just the way I am, Thank you for letting me into your lifes, Thank you for being there for me, and most importantly Thank you for being you!!!! God, please bless my family and friends......May they prosper in you.

Have a great day!

Big Hugs!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Where have all the Cowboys gone?

I heard one of my favorite songs on the radio yesterday, and I can not get it out of my head!!!

Here are the lyrics:

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?
Oh you get me ready in your 56 chevy
Why don't we go sit down in the shade
Take shelter on my front porch
The dandy lion sun scorching,
Like a glass of cold lemonade
I will do laundry if you pay all the bills
Where is my John Wayne
Where is my prairie song
Where is my happy ending
Where have all the cowboys gone
Why don't you stay the evening
Kick back and watch the TV
And I'll fix a little something to eat
Oh I know your back hurts from working on the tractor
How do you take your coffee my sweet
I will raise the children if you pay all the bills
I am wearing my new dress tonight
But you don't, but you don't even notice me
Say our goodbyes
Say our goodbyes
Say our goodbyes
We finally sell the chevy
When we had another baby
And you took the job in tennessee
You made friends at the farm
And you joined them at the bar
Almost every single day of the week
I will wash the dishes while you go have a beer
Where is my Marlboro man
Where is his shiny gun
Where is my lonely ranger
Where have all the cowboys gone
Yippee aw, yippee yea (3 times)


Friday, February 10, 2006

My 3 Favorite Things:


1. Cashier at Walmart
2. Assistant Manager at the Preston Collection
3. Purchasing Agent


1. Legends of the Fall
2. Lonesome Dove
3. The Notebook


1. Lonesome Dove
2. Gone with the Wind
3. James from the bible


1. Marrero, LA
2. Jacksonville, FL
3. Pittsburg, PA


1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Real-Life ER
3. Lost


1. San Francisco, CA
2. Jamaica
3. Cancun, Mexico


1. Friends Blogs
2. My Bank
3. USA Today, Yahoo News, and DallasNews


1. La Dolce Vita
2. Luna De Noche
3. Gumbo Shop, Cafe Maspero's


1. Cajun/Seafood
2. Mexican
2. Thai


1. On my Honeymoon (oh wait......never mind)
2. In the Mountains sitting on the cabin porch with a hot cup of tea reading a good book.
3. On the Beach, with a cold beverage in hand!!!!

More quirks....and the tea.

Here's some more quirks of mine:

I can not stand hangnails......they must come off! As well as un-even nails.....gross!

I hate getting all dolled up to go to a formal event, but once I am ready to go I become a Sassy Diva! It must be the red hair.

When I take my dogs outside, I hate when neighbors who are walking their dogs ask me stupid questions......or better yet tell me how to walk my dogs??? Can someone really tell me how to walk my dogs??? I thought by putting one leg in front of the other was good enough!

I hate getting Friday afternoon traffic on 75.......On Friday afternoons people become NASCAR drivers......simply, the road is filled with NASCAR idiots!

I hate when People learn I am a devoted Christian they automatically assume I am very closed minded.

I hate committing myself to certain things, b/c I know I will hate the fact I committed myself to it and I will dread going, but once get there I have a great time. It's always a constant battle within myself to get myself there...........but like I said, I always have a great time once I get to the event!

I hate ironing clothes!!!


My Sorority will have our Sweetheart tea on Saturday. What does one wear to a tea???? I have been asking myself this question all week......Do I wear pants, a skirt.....Pajama's?! We are having the tea at an old Opera house! I am more excited about the location than I am about the tea. I think I am going to wear my new pink shirt.........Hey Sharon, since you were being so domesticated yesterday with mopping your floors, Can you please come Iron my shirt? ;) LOL!

Have a Happy Friday, and a blessed weekend!

Big Hugs!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

What makes me unique?

My dear friend, Sharon, wrote a blog about all of her little quirks......She did such a great job, I thought I would do my own quirks.

My quirks:

Everything has a place, and everything must be in it's place! (I believe this curse is from my Parents) Picture frames, or any of my pretty things must be in there place! I am extremely anal about cleaning too! My apartment must be cleaned weekly!

Dishes can NOT be left in the sink over night, but dishes can be left in the sink during the day. (this really does not make sense).

While grocery shopping, I must go down every isle! It simply is not a good shopping experience if I can not go down each isle.

I am very critical of my own cooking! Although I am a great cook, I always think I can do better! When I have company over, I never let them help me clean up.......even if the company is family, or a friend who is family!

I take the same route to and from work everyday!

I have a routine at night when getting ready for bed.......I take off my eye make-up, wash my face, floss my teeth, brush my teeth, and then I put asterigent on my face.......it's the same routine since I was in college.

No one, and I mean no one, can take care of my dogs the way I do! I am the best Dog Parent in the World!!!! I am over-protective of my dogs too! My Vet. knows me by name! (Imagine me with my own children---watch out world!!)

I can not stand for my hair to be in my face, and I must always sleep with my hair in a ponytail!

What are some of your quirks??
Stay tuned, and I will tell you what my pet peeves are!!!

God Bless!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

28 hours a day?

I think 4 more hours should be added to each day! Last night, I had every intention of reading my bookclub book, and cleaning my house. As soon as I walked into my home, all my energy just completely drained! I got my second wind around 9:30pm......which should have been bedtime....I cleaned my kitchen, and straightened up. Tonight, I must read, read, read, and clean! I am going to clean the bathroom tonight, dust tomorrow night, and vaccum on Friday. Hopefully, when the weekend comes I will only have to bathe the dogs, clean their beds, and change my sheets! I enjoy doing housework, except when I feel overwhelmed by them! Right now, I feel extremely overwhelmed.
Last night was a long night for me. I kept thinking about my MawMaw. I started to cry, and laugh at the same time. I miss MawMaw terribly, she was a great crazy Lady! She was definitely a handful! I admire my PawPaw for being such a great support to MawMaw during their marriage. There were many times when PawPaw could have left, but he made a promise to her, himself, and God that he would stay married to MawMaw thru good, bad, and extremely bad times. I am truly amazed at how much they loved each other b/c they were complete opposites. I worry about PawPaw constantly now. I know he's so lonely.....I pray for comfort & peace in his life! PawPaw is a great man! I love & adore him. I pray God sends me a man like PawPaw, except the man he sends must do chores.........PawPaw just started doing chores since MawMaw went to be with the Lord! lol!
My family and I are planning a Thanksgiving away this year. We are going to the Rocky Mountains in TN. It's going to be a beating trying to please everyone on this trip. Give me a rocking chair outside, a good book, a cup of hot tea or coffee, and I will be happy.........Oh, and give me a good hiking trail.........without bugs......maybe I should pack my friend, Laura, in my suitcase.......she can handle creepy crawly things! Praise God for friends like Laura!
I have lost a total of 8.5 lbs! Yea ME! I need to get a little more strict with myself! My portion sizes must be smaller, and I must limit my carbs. I have increased my veggies and fruit intake, and I was doing great on low carbs until yesterday.......yesterday I had a carb feast! Gosh, it was great! I still have not had any "real" sugar.....and I am proud about it! On my birthday, I am eating cake and ice cream! YUM! The ice cream must come from a great ice cream place....maybe marble slab, or cold stone creamery.......my brain is about to explode just thinking about it!!!

I am done rambling for now! Have a great day!

God Bless!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

11 days and counting......

11 days until my Birthday!!! Woohoo! I am so excited! I truly enjoy my birthday!!!!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

This is for the Blog Nazi........Enjoy!

It's Monday again! How does the weekend go buy so quickly? I am upset with the person who came up with a 40 hour work week.........Life is about relationships, not about "work". I would much prefer spending 40 hours a week building and enhancing the relationships I have through Jesus Christ!
I had a great relaxing weekend!!! Friday night, I went to dinner with my friends, Deb & Robert. We went to Babe's. I read Babe's was suppose to have the best fried chicken.......so we decided to go! The chicken was very good, but I do believe Popeye's is better......shhh!!!....Don't tell Babe I said that. After dinner, we needed to burn off some calories, so we went to Central Market......I just love Central Market!
Saturday was a great day. I went to see Brokeback Mountain. I wanted to see what all the hype was about....honestly, I did not think the movie was going to be good. I was shocked how much I loved it. I laughed and cried......and after I left the movie it's all I could think about for about an hour. I loved it so much, I am going to go see it again with a Sorority sister soon!
Saturday afternoon, I went over to Leigh's house to have some wine, and go over my pledging for Sorority. I think I had a little too much wine.......the wine was great, and Leigh's company was wonderful!!!! I left Leigh's about 7pm, and went to Karla's house.......Kenny cooked Taco's and they were great, especially since I had my wine buzz.
Sunday was a busy day. I went to Sunday School, Church, lunch, grocery store, home to take the dogs outside, back up to church, Superbowl Party, and finally I was home relaxing about 8:30pm. It was a great busy day!!! While I was at church, I was playing with Noah and Camden, and the Blog Nazi got me. My dearest friend Sharon told me to update my blog!!!! On my way home to Church, I knew Sharon would get me.......it was just a matter of time!!!! hahaha!!! It's all in good fun, b/c I was Sharon's Nazi last week! My Dearest Sharon this blog is just for you! Okay, I am going to be the Nazi right now..........Heather, UPDATE your blog!!!! Hugs!
My goal this week is to start and finish my book club book this week........We have book club in one week, and the book is East of Eden......601 pages! I need prayers for reading this week!!!
My other goal is to clean my home from top to bottom.

Have a very blessed week!
God Bless!