Sunday, November 11, 2007

Toilet Seat 101

Universities should offer Toilet Seat Replacement 101. I'm such a girl when it comes to home repairs. I usually rely on a man to fix the problem, but this time I wanted to do it. Honestly, I was appalled to even ask a friend to replace the toilet seat! Next time, I will pick up the phone to call Rent-a-Husband! During my lunch on Friday, I went to buy a new toilet seat. After work I dodged the incredible traffic to get home in enough time to replace the broken toilet seat, before my Friends came over for dinner. How embarrassing would it have been for me to open the door with a toilet seat in hand? VERY EMBARRASSING! It only took 45 minutes to get the old seat off! I put the new seat on and to my surprise I purchased the WRONG size seat! I drove to Lowe's & purchased a $27 toilet seat. When I finally got home, it only took 20 minutes to attach the new seat.

Ladies, The Moral of the Story: ALWAYS get a man to do the little projects in the house b/c they do turn into big projects. If you have a big project, CALL someone!!!

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Heather said...

Sorry we couldn't do "bucks" tonight....It was good to see you though.