Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Day of Remembrance

I had a wonderful Memorial Weekend! I relaxed & enjoyed myself. I slept late, watched tv, and cooked healthy food. I house/dog sat for Kenny & Karla. It was 4 dogs and me. It was pure chaos. The dogs loved running around the house and back yard. It was blissful they could all blow off some energy! If Pongo was not trying to hump Phoebe, he was being fussed at for trying to hump Phoebe. Pongo is like the little old creepy man at the retirement home who tries to hump any female that comes along.

On Friday, I found out I actually do have a real back problem that is causing my back/leg pain. For years, I always thought my back pain was from my weight, but the Doctor said "Nope, it is heredity". So, it's not because I am a Fat Girl that I have back problems, it's simply b/c my back is going to fall off soon! I have to go see a specialist soon, maybe he can save my back! Praise God for giving me a great Doctor who is patient with me. My a1c test came back great.......6 months ago it was a 7.1, and now it is a 5.6. 6.0 or less is in normal blood sugar range! Go Tammy Go!

Memorial Day has always been a great day of remembrance for me. After Sept. 11th, I feel honored to have such Great Men and Women in America who are willing to die so I may have freedom. On Sept. 11th, we lost so many Great People in the Twin Towers. I recently read a book written by Marian Fontana who lost her husband Dave Fontana in one of the Towers. Dave was a Firefighter in NY. Marian wrote about her life as a widow, and how Sept. 11th changed her life forever. I praise God everyday for Marian's Husband, Dave, and the many men like him. How many people did he save to only die himself? How many lives were touched by Dave's hand? (Marian, Thanks so much for a beautiful book. I will truly treasure your words all the days of my life. Thanks for standing up for what you believe in, and showing women every where we can make a difference. Thanks for becoming the President of the 9/11 Widows and Victim's Family Association. I am truly proud of you.) How many lives were touched by Sept. 11th? How many lives will never be the same b/c of Sept. 11th? How many children were affected by Sept. 11th?

How many lives are touched my the war going on now? How many of our loved ones are fighting so we can have freedom? I am a member of a small church in my community, and we even have people in the war zones right now who are loved by a member of our church. I keep reading about the war, and all the great obstacles our military faces each day. We are all touched by the war, we may not know it, but every life has been touched.
I am Honored to call myself an American. I am HONORED to be a part of our countries past, and I am Graced with the opportunity to see our country grow. I am not saying America is perfect. I am saying we are truly blessed to be part of the Greatest Nation on Earth who has thousands of Men and Women who are willing to fight for our lives, freedom, happiness, and families. Lord, Bless, Guide, & Protect our Military, Government officials, and their families left behind. Give them Strength, Comfort, and Peace.

God Bless.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Garage Sales, Pigs, and Kids!

I had a good weekend. I went to Garage Sales with Heather (I had a great time Heather---Thanks)! I found a cute little coffee table. I love it! Heather and I started out with great weather, but by the time we finished it was HOT......real Hot. By the time I got home, I was finished with the Texas Summer.....and it's NOT even summer yet! What am I going to do when temperatures reach 100 degrees?! I will definitely melt! Luke was with us a better part of the morning.....Luke was so good.......We had him in and out of the car several times, and he did great! Good Job Luke! I am glad you like your new desk! Learn lots! Your Mom is a great shopper!
Saturday night, I went to the Bugh's house for a Pig Roast. It was great! I had a really great time with the kids.......especially Camden! Sharon, I think you guys should start renting Camden out! When I first arrived at the Pig Roast, Camden ran up and hugged me, I knew at that moment my heart already melted for this child. Whatever he wanted that evening, if Mom and Dad said no, he could have asked me, and I would have giving him the world! " want how many cookies??? Okay, Let's go get you those dozen.......and do you want soda too?"

Hugs & Kisses to Luke and Camden!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Two Scares of a Lifetime in One Day!

For the last several months, everytime I stand for long periods of time my left upper thigh aches, and gets a little numb......Do you know the feeling when your foot falls to sleep and you think you have hundred tiny little needles in your foot?.......and you know the feeling immediately after the needles when your foot is waking up, but it is not completely "up" yet............well, that's what my thigh feels like when I stand for long periods of time. Yesterday, my thigh was numb, as well as a part of my left arm, and part of my left leg. So, I started doing some research on the internet, and totally freaked myself out with my self-diagnosis........In my poor little mind, I was having a full stroke! Well, I drive myself to my friend, Deb's Deb could drive me to the doctors office. Here's a question for you........Why did I drive myself to Deb's house when I thought I was having a stroke? Another stupid moment in my life. Deb and I get to the doctor. Ms. Doctor does a full exam........asking questions, testing my knowledge of today's events, making sure I was aware of life around me, testing my arms & legs, visual test, sound test, and several blood test. Ms. Doctor does not think I was having a stroke (PRAISE to you Lord)......She thinks the reason my left arm & lower leg ached yesterday was caused by fatigue...........She thinks the pain in my thigh is caused by a pinched nerve in my back............However, she can not confirm what is really wrong until I have a MRI on my lower back.

Last night, I am watching the Will & Grace finale. I was relaxed, comfy on the sofa, and enjoying the time to myself when all of the sudden I hear a crash coming from the bathroom. My first reaction/thought was I have to get the dogs out of the house b/c there is someone in my bathroom going to kill us. My next thought was I way to comfy & I am in my pj's, and if someone was in my home waiting to kill me, they would have the fight of their lifetime. My dogs prance to the bathroom to find out what's going on.......and as they were by the bathroom door we heard another crash. I have never seen Phoebe so scared, she ran so fast with her tail in between her legs, jumped on the sofa with me, and she was shaking so much! I finally got brave enough to pick Phoebe up, and we walk to the bathroom. The closer I got to the bathroom the more freaked she got.......I put Phoebe down, and she ran the opposite away. I opened the bathroom door, and my shower curtain rod fell down! I assume the rod fell half way the first time, and completely the second time! No "Stranger Danger" in my house!!!!

Praise to you Lord Jesus for saving my life twice in one day! ;)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Last night, I went to Pokeno at Heather's house! I had a great time! I came home with 3 gifts! It was Great! Heather--Thanks so much for hosting! I am really enjoying meeting so many great women! Praise God for Godly FUN women. I am looking forward to next Month!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Houston or Bust

I drove to Houston over the weekend! My cousin, Tina, graduated from Nursing School! I had a good time. My Parents and PawPaw were in Houston too! It was great to see my family! My Mom and I did not agrue all weekend! Praise God! It was great spending time with everyone! I drove to Houston on Friday. Tina got "pinned" on Friday night, we all went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse, and then back to Tina's house to relax. Saturday, we ate breakfast, shopped so Tina could get everything ready for her graduation Party (the only complaint I had about the weekend was Tina should have completed her "party" shopping so her company (My Parents, PawPaw, and I) should not have had to travel all over Houston for 5 hours shopping for supplies). I had breakfast with my Mom on Mother's Day. It was the first Mother's Day we spent with each other in years. It was Great to hug & kiss her on Mother's Day! She's a great Mom! My first Mother's day without MawMaw was actually okay! I praised and thanked God for MawMaw, and after I finished praying I was okay! Prayer works wonders! I drove back to Dallas on Sunday.........I then went to Kenny's Mom's house to spend some time with my Dallas Family! Sunday was a great day!

Tina and I are so much alike it's eerie at times, but then again we are SO different. Tina listens to Hip-Hop, R& B, Rap, and Soul music. I listen to Christian Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues, Techo, Rave, Easy Listening, and some classical. Since it was Tina's Party, she played the music she likes (which is how the party should be)........By the time I left her Party, I was READY to leave! I can not stand to listen to LOUD music I do not like. It was good to see Tina have a great time with her friends! She deserves to be happy the day of her Party! Tina is a great nurse. God, I ask Blessings and Guidance for Tina as she enters into the Nursing World!

At my company we are hosting a convention this week, so as a perk the office did not open until 9:30am! It was great getting so much done this morning! I could really get use to working 9:30am until 4pm!

I have so much to do this week.........I am really looking forward to Wednesday & Thursday nights.........I have two girls nights in one week! Dinner with my Sorority Sisters on Wednesday, and Pokeno on Thursday!

God Bless!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mother's Day

What has been your Favorite Mother's day?
Does your Husband get you something special for Mother's day?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Plans & Question of the day

I had a great weekend. Friday night, I went to dinner with the Harpers......and back to their house to discuss VBS. I am excited to help decorate for VBS. Heather and I are going to have a good time decorating! Saturday, I worked at Sonic as a fundraiser for my Sorority! Sunday was church most of the day! All in All, it was a great weekend! I really enjoyed myself catching up with old friends..............

Question of the day: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hopes & Dreams

When you were a child:

What did you want to do when you grew up?

Did you want kids?

Did you dream about your wedding day? If so, was your wedding day everything you hoped for?

What type of career did you want?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Texas Heat

Before I moved to Texas, no one warned me about the Texas HEAT! If I knew then what I know now, I would have moved to a State where the temperature was comfortable all year long! The closer Summer approaches the more I dread the Hot Weather.
When I got home after work yesterday, I walked the dogs......It was getting pretty warm...Thank Goodness the wind was blowing. I re-potted a plant and swept the patio! By the time I was finished, I felt way to hot to do anything else! Simply, it's not going to be a pretty summer for me! I am guessing from June 15th to Sept. 1st I am going to be the AC.
It's funny, but the older I get the more I love being outside, but the more I hate like the heat. Since I am so fair complexed, I burn so easily, the heat and sun completely wear me down......I love being in the pool......So, if you are looking for me........Come and Find me in the Pool!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekends are never long enough.

My "New" Life style change can be difficult at times, and can be extremely easy at times. The longer I go on the cea-how program it becomes easier, but I do have difficult moments. Last Night after I had dinner, I could have eaten a whole chocolate cake accompanied with a whole gallon of chocolate ice cream! Instead of my chocolate feast, I had a little cup of sugar-free jello! It sure did not do the trick, but at least it helped with my sweet tooth!

My Saturday was getting my oil changed, walking the dogs, laundry, getting "beautiful" to start my day, walmart, horse races, racing back home to change to go to a banquet, taking the dogs out, finally arriving at the banquet a little late, going out for dessert (but I only had water) with friends after the banquet, driving home from my friends house, walking the dogs, and sleep at about Midnight!

My Sunday was walking the dogs, getting "beautiful" to start my day, drive to church at 8:30a, Sunday School at 9:30am, helping with a baptizism, the sermon, running to get lunch, a meeting at church on VBS at 12:30p, took the dogs out, finish the laundry, napping for an hour, driving to church, the sermon, grocery store, home, cooked dinner, watched TV, took the dogs out, and sleep at about Midnight.

NO wonder I am exhausted everyday, and NO wonder why I never think I rest on the weekends!

This coming weekend I am resting, watching movies, and cleaning up! This week is even going to be pretty slow.........I am looking forward to a little down time!

God Bless!