Friday, October 12, 2007

Burning Rubber!

TGIF apparently means the people of Dallas become Nascar Drivers after 4pm. On the way home today from, I was truly amazed at the number of Dangerous Drivers I witnessed. I even had a Brilliant Idiot in from of me on his mobile phone, lifting his only free hand in anger that should have been on the steering wheel. He did not see the Driver in front of him slam on his breaks...So, he slammed on his breaks so quickly I smelled burning smelled like burning hair. Gross! MEN! I had to slam on my breaks......and my tires caused burning rubber! It was the worst 10 seconds of the day!

Dallas, Here's a tip for you....Just because it's Friday, it does not mean you are qualified to drive like Dale Earnhardt Jr. SLOW DOWN!


Heather said...

People are friggin' idiots here on Dallas roads. My father in law and I went to p/u pizza tonight and this guy couldn't wait the 2 seconds it woulda taken for us to finish pulling out of the parking space. He had to go around. I swear, it's interesting how we always end up right next to the same guy that passed us; at the next light.

sasha said...

Preach it sista!