Friday, September 07, 2007


Last night, Melanie (my new found coworker, now friend) and I went to have a few drinks at the Local Fox & the Hound. I love the FOX! Melanie and I are Husband Hunting for me (Melanie is already in a Great Relationship--Praise God, b/c Mel is absolutely Beautiful--She would be Great Competition). Mel and I had a little dinner (major heartburn city) and a few beers. I have not been "OUT" in a long time. On the way to the bar, I kept thinking how nervous I was.....How does one (being myself) behave in a bar after all this time? Will I finally meet my Prince Charming? Wonder if I do meet my Prince Charming? How exciting it would be? No wait, do I really want to meet the Prince in a Bar Setting? My Parents kinda did, so why not me?
Here's the scene: Melanie and I are talking & drinking---Have a GREAT time....Moments Later, a man walks to our table and sits down....he really makes himself at home. I was thinking...You must be kidding me.....Are men really that rude these days? Moments later, he calls his Buddy over who comes to the table and sits down. Rude again. They ordered food and stayed at our table. I'm amazed. It was not until a few minutes before Melanie and I left did one of the Guys say "I hope I did interpret you Ladies!" Come ON! Did I believe that? NOPE!
Anyway, Melanie and I had a great time until those Men came to our table.

Melanie and I are already planning our next adventure........Stay Tuned...I promise to keep you updated!!

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Heather said...

So did the guys that sat down with ya'll ever talk to ya'll?