Thursday, November 15, 2007

Moment of Silence

My favorite day of the week is Sunday. I love going to church to worship God, fellowship with friends, and pray. My "old" Church (I am still looking for a "new" church) has an incredible Pastor, named Shannon. Shannon prays almost every Sunday. Right before Shannon begins her beautiful Prayer, she calls for a Moment of Silence within the church. During the Moment of Silence, I find rest, comfort & peace within the Lord. It's one of the times I delight in the Lord while resting at his feet. The Moment of Silence does not last very long. I believe if it did most of the congregation would fall asleep.
I keep thinking about how great & awesome this Moment really is. It's amazing how this 4 to 6 minutes on Sunday morning is one of my highlights of the week. Also, I keep thinking God wants more alone time with me. He wants me to have many Moments where I find rest at his feet. Life is complicated, busy, and demanding. Where do I usually find peace? WITHIN THE LORD! God is calling me to spend more time with him, in his his his love.
Karla and I talked this week about us being accountability partners in Christ together. Karla, I am up for challenge. Let's begin today!

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