Thursday, October 25, 2007


When I was in high school and college, I had a huge circle of "Gay" Friend's. Now, that I am older--33, my Circle of friends consist of Married Straight Couples, a few Single females, and few Gay Friends. The problem is that I never see my Gay Friend's b/c they live all over the world...and I am stuck in Texas. Where does one find new Gay Friend's who live close to me? :)

Here's what I miss the most about my Gay Friend's:

I never had to worry about if I was pretty or not going to Gay Club's.

I never had competition with a Gay man over another man (b/c I was a GAY club). We both liked the same thing--MEN!

My drinks were always free (their Mother's raised them right--always buying me drinks even if I was female)!

The music was always better at the Gay Club's.

I was always the "token" Girl.

Recently, two young Guys just moved into the apartment next to me. They have an adorable little puppy. While we were all outside walking the dogs, I introduced myself. Within minutes of talking to them, I asked if they were Gay. They both started laughing....and said Yes. My Gaydar still ROCKS!

My friend, Richard, is stationed in Germany. Germany even has a Gay Bar named Blue Eyes. The German Gay's LOVE ME!


Heather said...

Ok, we need to find you a straight man first then we'll worry about finding you a queen.

Heather said...

Love the new blog setup and the pics of your kiddo's. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

before you worry about finding gay friends, you need to revisit apostrophe-s usage:

friend's = ownership. as in "my friend's car is blue"
friends = plural, more than one. as in "my friends live in town." as in "I have ten gay friends."

unless you're talking about ownership, there should be no 's in "gay friends" or "gay clubs" or, for the commenter before me, "kiddos"

Blueeyes said...

Dear Anonymous, If you have brave enough to actually comment, why are you not brave enough say who you are? If you do not like what I type or how I type on my blog, you simply do not have to read this blog. This Blog is about me...definitely not about you. Cheers!