Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm such a GIRL.

Tonight, I left the office at 9:15pm! Today is the last business day of my 3rd Qtr. Busy, Chaotic day! I'm so glad to be home! I have 5 women on my team--6 including me......4 of us are PMSing. 4 WOMEN with PMS was quite humorous.....Lots of Laughter & Crankiness! All in all, the day was very productive.

As I was walking up to my Apartment, I noticed one of my neighbors, Amy. Amy was just getting home from church....once a month her church sponsors a Single Bible Study on a Friday. I asked if I could go with her next time. She was all excited and told me she keep me posted on the next Study. After Amy and I said "Good Night", I immediately started thinking about what I would wear to the Bible Study. The Bible Study is a month away & I am already thinking about what I am going to wear! I'm such a Girl!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


This is what I get when I start cleaning at 8:30pm:

Went to Bed Way too Late.

Having Major Back & Feet Pain.

Allergies in Full Force.

Waking up to a Beautiful Cleaned House: PRICELESS.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Premiere Week: Joyful!

Last night, was the beginning of Premiere Week. I watched Heroes and the Bachelor. I have my DVR set to record something every night this week! Yep, I'm addicted to TV. Since my summer TV shows ended, I have been watching lots of HGTV and Discovery Health, but now it's time to watch "real" drama on TV. I'm excited to see the Journeyman (which I have recorded at home), Bones, House, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Cane, Brothers & Sisters, Ghost Whisperer, Ugly Betty, Cane, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Big Shots, Pushing Daisies, Lost, October Road...and many other Shows. Thank Goodness I have a DVR I actually know how to use! Honestly, I'm a Busy Lady and I am not home enough to watch them all, but I enjoy them all!

What Premiere show(s) are you excited about watching?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Bliss Equals Monday Blues!

My weekend rocked! My friend Karla and I went to Melanie's house on Friday night just to hang out. Karla really needed to get out of her house after her crazy day. I called Karla & told her I was taking her out....We had a good time at Mel's.

Here's some crazy NEWS: I was up at 5:30am on Saturday! Can you believe that?? 5:30am on a SATURDAY! It was pure chaos. My Sorority attends the Plano Balloon Festival each year. At first, I thought I can not believe I am up this early for a Balloon Festival! It was actually very beautiful and refreshing to do something I have never done before. I was home before 10:30am, and in bed at 11am to take a nap. It was a great 3.5 hour nap!!!

Saturday Night, Taza and I went to dinner, shopped and watched 2 movies. My friend, Heather, told me I should try a new restaurant in McKinney named Petra's. So, Taza and I headed to Petra's. I did not think it was very good. The food was very bland...the portions were pretty big, but I had to add way too much hot sauce to my plate...I'm hoping it was the dish I ordered....I will try the restaurant one more time before I right it off completely. I'm such a food critic.

Taza and I went to a Plus Size Clothing Store. I purchased 2 pair of jeans! Since I have lost weight last year and gained a little weight this year, I do not own a pair of jeans that fits or that is fashionable! On Sunday I went to another store, and got 3 more jeans and a black pair of pants! I'm going to be so CUTE in my new clothes! I have a problem with pants and jeans........Why don't they make clothes to fit short FAT women? The petites are too short and the averages are two long...I'm going to have to get most of the jeans tailored! Craziness!
Taza and I saw 2 movies: Rush Hour 3 and Resident Evil: Extintion. They were both good movies.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Early Retirement?

I am very blessed. I have a great job that my friend, Heather, talked me into accepting. Honestly, I am very grateful for Heather walking me through the pros and cons. I am blessed because I actually have a job I like. Lately, when my alarm goes off at 5:15am to get ready for work, I just want to scream. I want to call in everyday with some sort of illness.....a Headache on Monday, Eyes hurting on Tuesday, Texas Allergies killing on Wednesday, My Dogs ate my Homework on Thursday, and I am just going to spend Friday in bed.....Get the idea? I want....NO, NO.....I NEED a vacation where I have no responsibilities. I am taking a family vacation before the end of the year...I am counting the days down. My vacation can not come fast enough. I keep thinking if I get one more email asking me to do someone else's job, I'm going to SCREAM! I have to keep reminding myself, I DO LIKE MY JOB! Do you ever feel this way??

Saturday, September 15, 2007


One of my newest friends, LaNae, is moving to Iowa soon. I met LaNae from my Pokeno Group! Friday night, some of my Pokeno friends, my friend Karla, and some other LaNae's friends went to Snuffer's for a last Girl's Night OUT with LaNae. We had beautiful weather so we sat on the Patio. We had Great Margarita's, good food, and LOTS of laughter. I have always found Laughter to be the best medicine! After Snuffer's, most of us traveled to Cristina's for more Margarita's. At Cristina's, we also sat on the patio. As the night progressed, the weather cooled down quite a bit. The cooler Mother Nature got the worse the bugs were. Bugs are nasty little beings created by God's sense of humor. I can just see God in heaven laughing at all the Silly Women who scream and run from bugs. The bugs were small. I think the Bug War at Cristina's started before we arrived, but none of the Wait Staff wanted to tell us a full attack of the Bug World was under way in fear they would be attacked too. After about 1.5 hours of the Bug War, we all decided to leave. When I finally dropped Karla off at home, she changed into pj's very quickly and took her curly hair down out of her pony tail. Right in the kitchen, one of the Bug Soldier's fell out of Karla's curly hair. Karla & I were a little freaked out (God's sense of humor again!). Karla killed the BUG. She's a Brave Woman.

WARNING: If you have curly hair, be warned the BUGS will travel in your hair to your home with the intention of continuing the Bug War. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Update on Randy: Like Pulling Teeth

I was brave today. I IMed Randy. I tried to start the conversation with humor. Humor was the wrong move. Randy has no humor....very dry. The conversation was awkward & weird. It was really like pulling teeth to get answers from him. He never even asked a question until we started talking about why I was looking for a new church. I kept thinking if Randy was really interested he would ask more personal questions, be more interested, etc. Right? Right!! Randy recently has gone through a divorce after 12 years of marriage. He's not ready to even be friends with someone yet. On top of it all, he called my pups Mop Dog...Absolutely Rude! :) My pups maybe Mop Dogs, but I'm the only one who can call them Mops! HaHa!
So, Mr. Randy unless you miraculous change over night, I will need a man who already has a sense of humor and is not so newly divorced. Randy, I'll pray for you to heal and to find happiness again!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm a HUGE Chicken

Today, I felt as if I turned 16 all over again. Let me explain my silliness to you.....Melanie and I were talking about finding me a man. We talked about finding someone at the office.....Eventually the conversation lead to a man at the office named Randy. Well, today Melanie talked to Randy about me. I turned into a 16 yr old again. Melanie told me to instant message Randy after they talked.....I said NO....because I am a HUGE Chicken. Honestly, I do not think Randy is interested BUT Mel insisted I IM him. Did I IM him? No. I promised Mel I would tomorrow. I might have to call in sick tomorrow just to avoid MY promise. Am I scared? Yes Why? I dunno. Well, I AM going to work tomorrow and I will IM Randy. It's not easy being Single.

Ladies & Gentlemen--Please give me some advice.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time to Smell the Flowers

My Little Shih-Tzu, Phoebe, LOVES flowers. She can spot a flower (whether it's a weed or not) with her little eyes from 50 to 100 yards away. She has pulled me in so many directions just so she can go smell the flower. My neighbor's Mother came into town to visit her son. His Mom put a beautiful flower plant right outside his front door (the plant is now died...that's what happens when Mom leaves). Each time we walked outside or came back inside Phoebe had to go smell the flower. I'm truly amazed by Phoebe. With each flower Phoebe smells, I hear God telling me to enjoy the little Moments in Life.

How can Phoebe, my small fury adorable little pup, take time to smell the flowers when I can not manage to take time for myself? Phoebe understands. It's amazing how something as small as my dog smelling each flower she comes in contact with is a Life Lesson from Our Glorious Lord! In the last few weeks, I feel like I have not had enough alone time with God and Myself. I'm rushed & constantly stressed. Nothing major really going on, but so much "stuff" to do. Definitely not enough time to do it all.

Since I finally made a decision to find a new church, I have added pressure to myself. I feel I should be able to walk into a church and "feel" like I belong immediately. I want God to tell me instantly this is the Church Home HE wants me to be at. Did I have the same experience at the my current Church? The simple answer is NO. I did not like my current church at first. I thought it was not a good "fit" for me. However, I stayed for 7.5 years. I became very blessed by this Church. My relationship with Christ Grew uncontrollably. It's home to me now. God has called me to find a new Church Home where I can grow more a Single Christian (and hopefully to find my Husband-to-be). Each new church I visit, I compare everything and everyone to my current church. Am I really having the best experience comparing each situation, person, and sermon to my current church? Again, the answer is NO.

With Phoebe smelling flowers, God has shown me I should enjoy looking for a new church. Take Time to Smell the Flowers, Blueeyes! Take Time to Enjoy it! Enjoy the Sermon & what each Church has to offer. Blueeyes, Open Your Heart & Follow my Directions........Oh, and by the way, Blueeyes, I am in the Driver's Seat, so please move over and Let me Lead You to a church where I want YOU to GO?

Friends: Take Time to Smell the Flowers........Life is a Precious Gift from Christ so enjoy it. Take time out for God and Yourself. Listen to where wants to Lead You, and Let Him Drive you there!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blogging From Home.


It's OFFICIAL! I am blogging from home! The Very Handsome Married Cable Guy came this morning to hook up digital cable and my internet! HipHipHOORAY! I'm finally very COOL!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007


Last night, Melanie (my new found coworker, now friend) and I went to have a few drinks at the Local Fox & the Hound. I love the FOX! Melanie and I are Husband Hunting for me (Melanie is already in a Great Relationship--Praise God, b/c Mel is absolutely Beautiful--She would be Great Competition). Mel and I had a little dinner (major heartburn city) and a few beers. I have not been "OUT" in a long time. On the way to the bar, I kept thinking how nervous I was.....How does one (being myself) behave in a bar after all this time? Will I finally meet my Prince Charming? Wonder if I do meet my Prince Charming? How exciting it would be? No wait, do I really want to meet the Prince in a Bar Setting? My Parents kinda did, so why not me?
Here's the scene: Melanie and I are talking & drinking---Have a GREAT time....Moments Later, a man walks to our table and sits down....he really makes himself at home. I was thinking...You must be kidding me.....Are men really that rude these days? Moments later, he calls his Buddy over who comes to the table and sits down. Rude again. They ordered food and stayed at our table. I'm amazed. It was not until a few minutes before Melanie and I left did one of the Guys say "I hope I did interpret you Ladies!" Come ON! Did I believe that? NOPE!
Anyway, Melanie and I had a great time until those Men came to our table.

Melanie and I are already planning our next adventure........Stay Tuned...I promise to keep you updated!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It will happen Monday.

Monday morning (between the hours of 8am and 12pm) the cable/Internet Technician will come to my home to upgrade my cable so I can finally have Digital Cable as well as a DVR AND he will hook up the Internet. I will finally be able to blog from home. Also, I will be able to put more pictures on my blog!! HipHipHooray! I'm so very excited! It's all coming together so quickly. KENNY, THANKS FOR BEING A GREAT FRIEND. I really appreciate your help and your time away from your family. Karla, Thanks for loaning out your the family Computer whiz. You are a doll!

Also, I will be getting a new "used" cell phone one day this week.....Thanks to Poppy Gene! My cell phone is about to completely die.

Praise God for the Karla & Kenny's Family!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Not Long Enough.

Why do 3 day weekends come & go so quickly? The weekend was definitely not long enough.

Here's my busy weekend:
Worked late on Friday.
Cleaned my Home.
Went to a Bible Study on Saturday.
Painted my toe nails (this is such a chore).
Bathed the Dogs.
Took a 4 hour nap.
Went to Sunday School and Church.
Told my Sunday School I was looking for a new church (this was a very hard thing to do b/c I absolutely Love my Sunday School Class....It's the best Class I have been in at my old Church).
Visited a co-worker at her new home.
Made Potato Salad twice.
Slept until 9am.
Finished Laundry.
Watered Plants.
My friend, Kenny, came over to hook up my computer. He's coming over again tonight to finish up.
Made lots of phone calls.
Went to Karla's house last night for Grilled Burgers. YUM!
Watched Kyle XY Marathon all day yesterday.
Ate at PF Changs. My fortune cookie said: I will find my Soul mate unexpectedly.
Visited with some Great People from Church.