Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Hairdresser's Dog.

The world forgot one simple fact: Ellen DeGeneres is Human. Ellen cried because she's human with emotions. She wanted Iggy, the dog, to be returned to her Hairdresser's family. Ellen was honest about re-adopting Iggy to her Hairdresser. In this Chaotic World, how often do we find Honesty? Ellen could have lied to the adoption agency, but she did not....She was honest.
Ellen stated she made a mistake by re-adopting the dog. She should have read the adoption papers she signed. Honest mistakes happen daily. We all fall short.
This whole situation is out of control. Marina Batkis and Vanessa Chekroun, owners of the nonprofit Mutts and Moms agency, have received death threats for not returning Iggy. America, you disappoint me.....Death threats over a Dog is Outrageously Insane. I understand people love their animals. I have two of the Cutest Dogs Ever. They are absolutely a great Joy in my life. Would I make death threats over another person's dog issues? My answer is Simple: NO!
Ellen's main concerns are her Hairdresser's children. Ellen hurts because the children hurt. How incredible is that? An adult hurts because a child hurts! Tom Cruise said Jerry Maguire stated "We live in a Very Cynical World". We do live in a cynical world. Ellen was concerned/upset because someone else was hurting. I applaud Ellen for going on National Television asking for the dog to be returned to the Hairdresser. In my opinion, Ellen did what she could to make the situation right.
What I do not understand is this: Mutts and Moms' owners were adamant about their decision, and a spokesman for Batkis said she wouldn't be "bullied around by the Ellen DeGenereses of the world." Bullied by the Ellen DeGenereses of the World? Come ON! Ellen is only given America Laughter since her Career started..I have never recalled a time when Ellen was a Bully.
America, We have so many other major problems in our country & the world to make death threats and to call people names. Did you know we have thousands of Soldiers overseas at War? Focus on the War & let's see what you can come up with!

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