Monday, March 27, 2006

Mild or Spicy, Please!?

Some like it HOT, some like it NOT!
Do you like your food spicy? If so, how's spicy? Spicy enough to make you sweat and your mouth explode??
What is your favorite spice?
What's been the spiciest food you have ever eaten???

Friday, March 24, 2006

Lime Jello

Last night, I heated up dinner, immediately brushed my teeth, and decided to have lime jello.......this is a Warning: NEVER have lime Jello right after you brush your was the worst thing I think I ever tasted.............the lime jello tasted like tar!!!! Yuk, GROSS! I had to throw the jello away!

Today is Friday! I am waiting for 4pm to come very quickly!!! The plans for the weekend will be very relaxed......I am cooking dinner for my friend Deb who has been out of town for a week. I am cooking pot roast, and I am actually bringing dinner over to her house!!! It will be great to see Deb and Robear! This weekend will be about relaxing, catching up on my Beth Moore bible study, reading my book club book, a Cea-how meeting, Noah's Soccer Game, dinner with Deb & Robear and Church on Sunday! I really need to catch up on my bible study---I have been a very bad Christian lately........I need to get focused! Praise God, He never loses focus on me! Thanks be to God he loves me unconditionally, and understands I am only human.........The world is so amazingly blessed to have a Savior with such compassion! We are going into week 6 in my Bible Study, and I have not even finished week 3, 4, or 5, and now I have to complete 6!!! I think on Saturday when I am cooking I am going to turn off the TV, and listen to soft music in the back ground, and finish Chapters 3, 4, and 5! Friends, Please Pray for my dedication to my study.........

Here's a question: Do you always need to have a TV or Radio on in your home? Do you need to have the TV or Radio on when you are reading? As soon as I walk into my apartment, one of the first things I do is turn on the TV............when I am reading or doing a bible study, I have to have the radio on, I normally listen to smooth Jazz or something along those lines. I even leave the radio on during the day so the dogs can have something to listen too!!!

Have a great weekend!
God Bless!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Girlfriends & Directions

Last night, Heather hosted a girls night out at her house! The evening was good. It was good to see the Pokeno Ladies again last night. My friend, Sharon, was there as well! It was so good to see Sharon outside of church. Heather's new house is simply precious! Here's the question of the day??? How did Heather & Jason ever find the cute little Lemon house all the ay in Neverland? I do not think I have ever taken so many rights or lefts to get to someone's house before!! I never thought I was going to get to Heather's new home!!!! Praise God Heather gave great directions b/c I would still be looking for the her Lemon House! Thanks Heather!!! Heather---Great Job on the Wall Colors.......I love it! I can not wait to sit on your front porch and rock the night away (boy, that makes us sound OLD)! Little Luke and Daddy Jason came in right before I went home........It's amazing how much father and son look alike! Luke was exhausted....He had a wild & crazy night with us friends! Luke was falling asleep in Heather arms (it was a great moment to watch)! It was about 9:30p when Sharon & I decided to leave! Since I was really lost by the time I got to Heather's, I told Sharon I was following her home. We only turned around once!!! We finally got on Custer Road, and we need to turn on Stonebridge Rd to go home the way we came..........But Sharon kept going straight......At that moment, I was totally paniced! I kept saying to Sharon this is not the way we came, this is not the way we came............and I am freaked out b/c I am totally lost (remember Sharon was in her car & I was in my car)!!!!! Sharon can we turn around, I am LOST, Please turn around!!!! Sharon I am stressing out here!! And as we were driving we came upon 121! I started saying Sharon is the Bomb....Go Sharon, Go Sharon.......Sharon, you get the SMART drivers award! Next time I go to Heathers, I am taking Custer Rd! Sharon, Thanks for getting me home last night!

God Bless!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Joys of being an Adopted Aunt!

Last night, I watched Jillian so her Parents could go dancing at the Senior Center. They had a great time, and honestly I think Jillian and I had more fun! Jill and I ate dinner, played with Phoebe & Abby, watched American Idol, danced, danced, danced, danced & danced, hugged, kissed Phoebe and Abby or I should say Phoebe & Abby kissed all over Jillian(the more they kissed the more she giggled), ran around chasing each other, and I changed 2 wet diapers! Praise God for no #2 diapers!!!! Jill is a beautiful little girl with the sweetest personality! Lord, thanks so much for the time I spent with Jillian!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

THIN women screaming to get out of this BODY!

My week has been extremely quiet.........I went to book club on Monday night (well, Monday night definitely was not quiet with all the kids running around, little Hunter is such a out Rebecca, when he gets older he's going to be a heartbreaker!), Tuesday night I went to my Beth Moore Bible Study, last night I watched TV & did a couple of chores.........BUT tonight is going to be great! I am going to Rock Fish for Dinner......YUM! Since I have been on my "new" change of life, I feel my food is boring.......I want fireworks at every meal, and lately it seems like I am eating at the old people cafeteria everyday....BORING! ;) So, tonight I am going to eat spicy fish, and I am going to love every minute of it!!!!!

The saying is true, Women must suffer to be beautiful!! I have never really seen myself as a "fat" girl.....don't get me wrong, I know I am extremely overweight, but I have always loved myself no matter what size I am in, I have always been comfortable with myself no matter what size I am in, and I have always thought I was sexy no matter what size I am in. However, I have always seen myself smaller than I am actually am, until I have seen a picture of myself, and then I think........Who the heck is that fat girl? I am shocked the "big" fat girl is myself! Yikes.

I talked to my Mom this morning........she said she really was proud of me for changing my eating habits.....she proceeded to tell me how stunning I was, and how impressed of me she is..........and in the very next sentence she told me the reason I was still single was because men do not like Large Women, and then she said Men do not like fat women.......she did not tell me once, or twice, but 4 times that Men do not like Fat Women! My first reaction was to tell her to be quiet, but I know she loves me, and Mom wants me to be healthier.......So, for once in my life, I just let Mom talk......and the conversation ended on a positive note with each of saying I love you!

God Bless!
Have a great day!
Thin Girl Screaming to get OUT!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Thankful Everyday

During Lent, I have been giving Thanks and Praise to God for all the wonderful blessings in my Life.

Here are some of the Blessings I have been Thankful for:

*My Job

*Family & Friends

*I am thankful for the time I had with my MawMaw and Jeff. Praise God they are at rest in the Lord.

*I am thankful for little Cameron & the joy he brings into my life. Cameron has taught me so much about Christ (it's truly amazing).

*I am very blessed to have two precious dogs who calm my loneliness.

*I am very blessed to have the Lord who is active & alive in my Life.

*I adore all the children in my life. I love getting high fives from Noah and Camden(and hugs from them too), hugs from Kirsten, Kaden, Jillian, Courtney, Hunter, Krislynn, and I love holding Allison, Abigail, and Kenneth. If someone ever needs emotional therapy, hold a newborn. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. It's one of the most peaceful feelings I have ever experienced!!!!

*It's amazing to watch Chase & Allie (my nephew & niece) grow into teenagers. I love talking to them about there life. They have so many opportunities as teenagers that I never had......Technology Rocks! I am the cool Aunt Tammy who listens to the same music they do, who buys from the "cool" stores, and who they can simply just hang out with! I ROCK!

*I am very blessed to be a member of a Great Church Community! A couple of years ago, I thought about changing churchs, but it was God's will for me to stay at the one I am at. I feel so welcomed & loved.

*When I was 30, my Step-Dad adopted me. I was blessed the Day my Mom married my Step-Dad. My Daddy has been a great Positive influence in my life! Praise God for making a man who would Love not only my Mother, but who also fell in love with her children.

*Praise God for allowing me to be the Granddaughter to a wonderful man by the name of Dave. I can not ever remember a time when PawPaw was not a strong solid rock for the family. I have only seen him cry once, and it was at my MawMaw's funeral. I inspire to be like him.

*God Bless the families in Dallas who have unofficially adopted me. Thanks to the Biel Family, Paige Family, and the Jordan family. I really do not think they realized what they were doing when they all took my under their wings!!!!

*I am very blessed to be a member of my Sorority! I love getting to know everyone in the Sorority!!!! They are all great women.

*I am thankful God placed 6 great individuals in my life at work who make my daily routine at work so much more enjoyable!

*I am very blessed to have Beth, Candice, Richard, Gabe, and Tracy in my life since I was a young adult. Thanks to each of you for taking care of me when I did not know how. Thank you so much for all the great memories.......I love the "good old days", and I pray for many, many more happy memories with each of you!

*I am blessed to have Karla, Deborah, Rebecca, Sharon, Taza, Heather, Laura, and the rest of my Church friends who inspire me to be a better Christian and one day a Great Mother!

Have a great fun-filled weekend.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Work Relationships

It's been a pretty good morning until my co-worker, Glenda, told me she could tell I have lost some weight........So, now it's a GREAT morning! Go Tammy Go......Hold on while I do the Tammy Dance! Okay, okay........I have stopped dancing, everyone can relax now!

The diet is a little hard, but it's not as hard as I thought it would be. I will take it one day at a time, and will do God's will with each passing day.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Survival of the Fittest!

I started the Cea-HOW eating plan today! I want to be a BIGGER LOSER than I am now! I pray God gives me the strength, and the will-power to lose weight! I need to be healthier, and look sexier! Amen! I met some really great people at the cea-how meeting!

I had a 4 day weekend! It was great to be out of the office. I went to the Doctor, the movies, cooked dinner for some friends, shopped until my feet hurt, went to a Cea-HOW meeting, church, and watched movies at home! It was great! I even took the dogs for a long walk on Saturday and by the time we got home we were all exhausted!

During Lent, I want to take more time out for God, and Thank God for all my many blessings! Each day I am going to pray and thank God for something in my life I love! God is Glorious!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lent Begins today.....

I gave up soda for lent.......Friends, be ready for 40 days of moodiness!!!!! What did you give up for Lent?

Unprofessional in a Christian Company

I interviewed for a Buyer's position a little less than 2 weeks ago. I really do not think I got the position b/c I heard the VP of that department (who is my VP now) talk to a Supervisor about the position. VP said he thought someone from the Supervisor's team would be a great fit for that position......VP was on the phone in his office right across from my desk with his door open! How UNprofessional can someone really be? It was tacky. I am EXTREMELY qualified for the Buying Position......Honestly, If I do not get the position, it will be b/c I am female....I do believe they really wanted a man for this position...Simply put, the company I work for strives to be a great Christian Company but if falls short so very often. I am disappointed in the company I work for. Heavenly Father, I ask for wisdom, clarity, and blessings upon me today........If I do not get the Buying Position, please direct me in the right position so I can continue to do your Will in Corporate America. Blessings to All!