Friday, November 09, 2007

Too Busy for my Own Good.

I planned on having a relaxing weekend. Apparently, the world (aka Friends) had a different plan. I realized on the way to work this morning I have plans tonight, Saturday, and Sunday. Tonight, I am grilling out tonight for some neighbors.....I'm pretty sure with a bottle or two of wine I will have a good time, but I simply want to be alone tonight. Stop Worrying, I'm not depressed....I just want alone time. Before everyone comes over tonight, I need to put on a new toilet seat and un-clog my bathroom sick. I have never replaced a toilet seat...and never used draino. It will either be easy or completely embarrassing if my neighbors have to go home to use the potty!
Saturday, I am going to the dog park with some friends. It should be big Fun with my psycho-Dog, Abby, who at times thinks she's a big dog in her 12 lb little body....or she's afraid of all the other dogs and wraps her leash around my legs. Saturday afternoon, I am cleaning out my dresser. I do live a boring life! I should be going on a date with a Very Handsome Man (VHM)instead of cleaning my dresser out! Where does one go to find a VHM?
Sunday, my Sorority is hosting our Annual Thanksgiving party. I'm bringing vegetable dressing. It's my first time making the toilet seat should be easy & good...or I will definitely have everyone using their own potty.

Wish me Luck!!!


Heather said...

You're too funny. I can just hear you explaining all of this in your southern drawl....Miss ya. Will see you this week for Pokeno....Should I wear my red evening gown?

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

Let me know about the dog park. Would Gracie like it? What is in the vegetable stuffing?