Friday, August 03, 2007

VBS Week & the Steece Family.

I am doing registration for VBS this week. I love checking in the kids. The kids faces are so filled with joy, excitement, and happiness to come to learn about Christ! How amazing is that?! I want to always have their same excitement when I learn more about Christ!

I finally purchased dog treats! My Girl's are not keeping me up anymore. Life is getting back to normal. Tonight is the last night of VBS. HipHipHooray! This week is a great week for the kids, but a very long week for the Adults.

Please pray for one of my Favorite Bloggers. Suz and Joe Steece who just delivered Quads! Suz delivered 3 handsome boys and a very beautiful girl! Can you imagine 4 beautiful babies at once? God has blessed them beyond imagination. Suz's did an amazing job during her pregnancy! Suz was so inspiring during her pregnancy...she was filled with a wonderful peace that showed on every picture she posted. I've never met the Steece's, but I have been praying like crazy for them! God Bless the Steece Family!

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