Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas is MAKING me eat!

Packages/gifts are being delivered daily now to the office from vendors "thanking" us for our business. About 90% of the time, each package contains food, lots of food! Between the "must" eats at the office, each party I attend there is a huge selection of food I should not be eating.....but I do. My Mom is cooking the best meal on Christmas day. The meal will consist of CARBS with a side of CARBS! I'm really not complaining, but why don't we cook more veggies during the holidays. I'm making 2 desserts for Christmas day. I think I am going to stay in PJ's all day....Everyone needs comfy clothes on Christmas day. I will not eat everything in sight on Christmas day.
I have never said this before.........BUT I am tired of eating everything I see right now. Come January 2008, I will celebrate my new lease on food! 2006 was a great food year for me....I lost over 50 lbs. 2006 was a bad food year for me....I gained, lost, gained, lost, and right now I have gained 8lbs since Thanksgiving. I am going back on my "new, improved" way of eating.......lots of veggies, with little flour & sugar. I need & want to get healthier! Pray for me!

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Taylor said...

Amen! We are in the same boat about now. In fact, I have a package from a vendor right here I haven't opened yet that says 'CAUTION: CHOCOLATE. KEEP AWAY FROM EXTREME HEAT'. And I haven't worked out since Thanksgiving. But come January, no more chocolate and I'm back in the gym!