Friday, April 27, 2007

Finally Friday.

I am so very excited it's Friday! After yesterday, I need a relaxing weekend!
Yesterday was Chaotic!!!!!!! UPDATE: My apartment looks great painted & Speedy Karla said she will come over to help me put pictures back on the wall & help me move my hutch. My dogs are absolutely beautiful groomed. BooBoo Kitty did great at surgery & I get to pick him up today! I'm so excited to have my Old-man-bitter cat home!

We had our Sorority Founder's Day Dinner last night. I did not want to go to this after my long day yesterday but I went. I am an amazingly wonderful time! Dinner was good & the time with my Sorority Sisters was great. After the program was over, we all walked to our cars together. The Girls were walking ahead of me. I had kinda of a "movie" moment. I thought we are all so different yet so much alike, we all in different stages of life but we all keep up with each other, we all have different backgrounds & yet seem to want the same out of life, we are all have different personalities, but all relate to one another. I also thought what a great circle of friends they all are & then I thought what a great family unit this is. I then ran up to them & we all said our goodbye's! Movie Moment--and I was the star! :)

Thank you, Lord, for getting me through a crazy day & ending with a sweet moment. God Bless!

Happy Friday---Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm such a girl.

I am getting my apartment painted today. I'm finally going to have khaki walls! So, last night I had to take everything off the walls & move everything away from the walls! It was a little stressful! Thanks Karla for coming over & helping me move my kitchen hutch and helping me take down stuff from the walls. (Karla was so fast that I did not even realize that she really took almost everything down--Karla's new name is Speedy)!

At 7:30am, I had to bring my Dogs to get groomed & bring my 17 year old cat to have surgery on his eye lids.....He's having a mini eye lift. Every time I bring my dogs to get groomed I feel horrible, b/c they always freak out when I leave them there----It makes me feel like a bad Mom. This morning was no exception!!!

Now, it's BooBoo Kitty's turn to be handed over to the Vet. I had to take him out of his crate & put him in the Vet's crate & was okay doing that. When I walked out of the Vet's office to my car........I started immediately crying. Not even a pretty cry, one of those instant nose runny ones, with crocodile tears shouting out of my eyes, instant headache from crying so hard, feel like I could faint from the instant girl drama going on in my head. Wondering why I was crying so hard? Well, I'm going to tell you......BooBoo Kitty has been my longest relationship (sad, I know). BooBoo "adopted" me in 1993. When I left the Vet's office, I kept thinking if something happens to Boo today, I simply could not handle it. Boo is 17 years old.......pretty old for a cat & I know one day he will no longer be with me, but God please not today! I had my over-the-top-girl-drama-cry for the day. Please pray for BooBoo to recover quickly from surgery today.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hot & Spicy Slots!

My friend, Deborah, and I went to Shreveport on Friday night. We had a great time! I played the Tabasco penny slot machines! It was great! I came back $50 ahead! I was so excited! Deborah and I came back Saturday night. We took the back roads back instead of the highway. The little East Texas towns were adorable! I have been to Shreveport numerous times, but have never taken the back road home. It was the "long" way home, but it was a great time. It made for Great Memories with Deborah! We laughed a lot over the 2 days. On the way back home, we stopped for snacks. Deborah got pork skins---YUK! Here's a warning: Never open a bag of pork skins in a closed car. The smell will make your eyes water and your nose itch! :)

Deborah, Thanks for a great weekend! Happy 12th Anniversary to Robert. You can truly see the Love you guys have for each's so very sweet!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Even as the daughter claims her mother "does not understand", she realizes that it's not true. Mother understands all too well. Just don't expect her to always agree or approve.

My Thursday Thirteen is Dedicated to my Mom: 13 reasons Why I Love my Mom:

All of my Mom's Life, she has dedicated her life to making my Life better.

My Mom is a Christian who fully stands firm in her faith.

My Mom is always there for me when I need her.

She has a heart of gold. She is constantly looking out for her family & friends (especially her Daddy, My Dearest PawPaw).

We have the same smile.

My Mom is constantly learning something new (always in a new class, learning new things to help her in everyday life & in the business world).

Mom is a great business woman (an incredible accountant). She does my taxes! (Praise God!!)

Mom is a Great Cook (when she cooks that is).

She has her own style & way of doing everything.

She has a great laugh (right from the belly).

I always know where I stand with her. Even when we fight, I know she loves me--she may not like me at that moment, but her love always shines through.

She was smart enough to marry my Step-Dad who adopted me when I was 30!

My Mom loves me Unconditionally. She is extremely easy to love.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Give me the Coffee & No One Gets Hurt!

I'm bitter. I am not a morning person. Mornings are definitely not my favorite time of the day--unless I get up on my own without an alarm.

Let me explain my bitterness this morning. Yesterday, I had my review at work. My Supervisor & Manager both said I am doing a Great job, but they have noticed a few times in the last several weeks I have been late...which is somewhat true. I was told, they want everyone here on time, but they do not care what you do once you get here (does this really makes sense)?! Nope!

In the last few weeks, I have had doctor's appt.'s in the mornings. I have been coming in really late for those appt.'s. I normally get up between 5:30am & 6am everyone morning (really 6am is way to late for me to get up with everything I must do in the mornings). Lately, I have been pushing the time to 6:15a or 6:20am. On these mornings, I am rushing around so much that I am totally stressed out. So, after my review, I promised myself once the alarm goes off at 5:30a, I will only hit snooze once (okay, a girl still needs to feel like she has some type of control in the mornings).

When the alarm went off this morning..........Oh wait a minute, the alarm did not go off this morning, I woke up at 5am today. 30 MINUTES BEFORE MY ALARM WAS SET! I'm bitter. The Heavens must have it in for me!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Did you know?

Sunday was my church's Annual Zoo trip. I had a great time! I believe we came during the animals nap-time's. Most of the animals were sleeping. The cheetah looked so sweet & cuddly. I thought about climbing over and taking a nap with her, but I thought twice about it. I might have been her evening meal! By the end of the trip, my legs felt as if they were little rubber bands. We walked for hours! Sunday was a beautiful day....not too hot or cold.

Did you know African Black Footed Penguins exist? I always thought Penguins lived in the cold, but nope....... read on:

African Black-Footed (Jackass) Penguin:

Southern coast of Africa

The black-footed penguin, also know as the jackass penguin, lives in colonies on 24 islands between Namibia and Port Elizabeth, Africa. New colonies have also been established on the African mainland. African penguins live in warm climates where the land and water temperature stays relatively constant (approx. 68°F).

Physical Characteristics:
The penguin has a broad black band about 2.5cm (1 inch) in width that runs in an inverted horseshoe shape on its chest. Its face has a broader white band on its cheeks. They stand about 50 cm (20 inches) tall and weigh around 3.5 kg (7.5 lbs).

African penguins are fast, agile swimmers. They have often been heard making a loud donkey-like braying noise, this is how they received the name "jackass penguin."

During the nesting season two eggs are laid. Incubation takes 33 to 60 days. The male and female take turns sitting on the eggs in 1 to 3 day shifts. Once the eggs hatch, both parents care for the young. Chicks become less dependent on the parents between days 70 to 100.

It is a common misconception that penguins live in cold, icy places. Be it warm or cold, the primary condition penguins need is a constant temperature.

Monday, April 16, 2007

One ought.......

One ought, every day at least,
to hear a little song, read a good poem,
see a fine picture, and if it were possible,
to speak a few reasonable words.
--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

What does this mean to you?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great Family Time.

I am always invited to one my best friend's Mother-in-law's house for the holidays I am in town for. This Easter was no different. I went to Karen's house again--Karen is Kenny's Mommie, Karla is Kenny's Wife. I am so very blessed to be welcomed into this family. When Karen first learned I was Single living in Dallas away from home, she instantly welcomed me into her questions asked. Karen always invites me to every family celebration. I always have a great time. Praise God for a Great Family who loves me even after they know me........and not because they have too! :)

On Easter Sunday, I was sick. I had horrid sinus pressure, my chest hurt, I had a cough, my nose kept running away from me, and I felt like I had been run over by a truck twice! I went to church. I actually debated whether I was going to go to church or not b/c of the way I felt........BUT God kept telling me I went to the cross for you, I was beaten for you, and I died for you, so I think YOU can go to church today. So, I got dressed--believe me, this was a huge feat--and went to church. I am thankful I went, the sermon was very moving. I went home to change & finally got to Karen's around 1:45pm. I hugged everyone and said hello. I got a little snack & waited for lunch. We ate lunch...and it was GREAT! After lunch, I took my place on the sofa and slept on & off for about an hour. Each time I woke up, a beautiful little toddler would come over to me, touch my leg, laugh, & run away. Abby & Allie (Karla's youngest children) are absolutely adorable. Honestly, I think Karla paid the girls in candy every time they woke me up! Karla, fuss up! hahahahaha We had Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Each child found lots of eggs filled with great prizes!

Thank You God for sending your Son to the Cross. Thank You Lord for his Resurrection. I am filled to Joy to Know I am LOVED so unconditionally Jesus went to the Cross for me. Praise & Glory to Jesus Christ, your Love will endure forever!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter.

May God Bless & Guide you on this Joyous Holiday. Jesus Christ is your Savior........Rejoice in his death and Delight in his Resurrection.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Life as a Single Among the Married

Life is strange at times. I am SINGLE (so, if you know a Christian man who is SINGLE too, send him my way). In the last few years, I do not have many single friends. The ones I did have partied way too much and I had "grown" out of that. I still like to go for a drink every now and then.....and I still love to dance.....but "to go out" with the intention of getting drunk is not my idea of having a good time, or getting home at 5am totally stresses me out now. I even attend a Church with very few Single People. Honestly, I think I am the youngest female in my at least 15+ years. Pretty Sad. Back home in New Orleans, I had lots of Single friends. We went out, shopped, watched movies, read together, spent time together, double dated, enjoyed our single-lives. The Women in my Life now are incredible Women, but they are married----and most with Children. It's a great blessing they have their husband's and children. Praise God for them. It's hard being the only Single Friend in my circle of Friends. It has it's ups & downs. The Upside is if there was an available man, I do not have to beat up anyone else for him! ;) The downside of it is that I AM SINGLE. I have started praying for God to lead me to a group of friends who are Single......maybe I should branch out and find a new church with a "real" Singles program. I am also praying for God to lead me to my Husband to be too. I am seriously thinking about finding a new church. I am completely torn at what I should do because I adore the church I attend right now. BUT I do believe I am held down quite a bit at my church (but that's a different story).
Last Sunday, my friend Jackie from back home called and told me she was moving to Dallas! Jackie is SINGLE. I am so very excited to have her here. Jackie should be moving to Dallas by the end of April, if not May. Heavenly Father, Thank you for Old Friends.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Wednesday

I heard from my Doctor yesterday with the results of the Stress Test. The Doctor said I have a healthy HEART! I have soft tissue close to or on my heart, but that could be breast tissue. Nothing to worry about. He thinks I have a major case of Acid Reflux. I am going to start on medication soon. Praise God in Heaven my Heart is healthy.

Thank you for your Prayers!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stress Test & My BIG Mouth.

Monday and Today I took the Stress Test the Doctor ordered. The actually "Stress" part of the test was the worst 5 minutes of my life. The Tech injected me with some type of medicine which widened all my arteries and other words it stressed my body out. I had every side effect they said I "might" get.......intense pressure in my head & shoulders, nausea, weakness in my arms and legs, chest pressure, shortness of breathe....these side effects were not light, they are above any pain I have ever experienced. Praise God the "Stress" part of the exam only lasted for 4 minutes, and the side effects completely wore off 1 minute later. I told the Tech, they should really use this medicine to torture prisoner's or very bad people. I promise you it will get them to confess! So, an hour after the "stress" test, I had to take the "resting" part of the test. I had to lay down on this little table. My rear end hung off the sides of the table. I started laughing immediately& the Tech started laughing b/c I told him my rear was hanging off. Since I was flat on my back, the Tech helped me get up........He held my hand and pushed my back up so I could finally set up. Well, here's where my BIG mouth comes in: I told him I could use him in my bed every morning. I definitely did not mean it the way it sounds.......I hardly ever embarrass myself, but yesterday I did! My face turned 10 shades of red. Then, I started behaving like a stupid little girl. I had to run out of the office. Today, the Tech'ss told me I was the highlight of their day yesterday b/c I was so funny! Praise God!