Thursday, November 15, 2007

Moment of Insanity

Yesterday, I worked 10.5 hours. I had an very productive, long day. When I got home, I had mental mush...absolutely no energy. At 9pm, I get this crazy thought.."I should straight & organize my closet and my dresser drawers. I have 2 drawers I have not opened since the last time I purged my clothes. I finally finish with organizing everything I wanted at about 10pm. I have a bag of very old tshirts I will throw away. It feels good when I get rid of stuff. I even found 2 pair of pants I fought I had. I put them away b/c I need to have them tailored. I guess I will be going to the tailor on Saturday!
I hope I can go home tonight just to relax. Knowing myself, I will come up with another chore I must do!

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