Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wrong Side of the Bed

I believe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed spitting nails today. Everything is a "big deal" today. The dogs did not pee fast enough this morning, packing lunch took too long, the coffee pot was not ready when I wanted it to be, picking out clothes was chaos b/c everything is dirty (I decided this morning, I need a new wardrobe OR a maid to do laundry), I have cried & laughed within moments of each other, traffic was horrible, I am angry at everything & everyone at the office, my back & stomach hurt. I decided it's not really the wrong side of the's PMS. Watch out Dallas--I will be driving home from work today. So, be nice to me, I really do not want to have road rage with you this afternoon.

Christmas is MAKING me eat!

Packages/gifts are being delivered daily now to the office from vendors "thanking" us for our business. About 90% of the time, each package contains food, lots of food! Between the "must" eats at the office, each party I attend there is a huge selection of food I should not be eating.....but I do. My Mom is cooking the best meal on Christmas day. The meal will consist of CARBS with a side of CARBS! I'm really not complaining, but why don't we cook more veggies during the holidays. I'm making 2 desserts for Christmas day. I think I am going to stay in PJ's all day....Everyone needs comfy clothes on Christmas day. I will not eat everything in sight on Christmas day.
I have never said this before.........BUT I am tired of eating everything I see right now. Come January 2008, I will celebrate my new lease on food! 2006 was a great food year for me....I lost over 50 lbs. 2006 was a bad food year for me....I gained, lost, gained, lost, and right now I have gained 8lbs since Thanksgiving. I am going back on my "new, improved" way of eating.......lots of veggies, with little flour & sugar. I need & want to get healthier! Pray for me!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas is 7 days away.....

Since Christmas is 7 days away, have you finished your Christmas shopping???? I officially finished shopping on Saturday. It was a huge relief to finally actually know it's completed.

Tell me how your Christmas shopping is going?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Restroom Mishap.

Today, I was brave. I went to Wal-mart to finish Christmas shopping. Before I actually put on my "Wal-mart" Christmas armour, I went to the restroom in Wal-mart. As a little girl walked out of the bathroom, I ran into the bathroom. I walked into a bathroom I have never seen before. It only had 2 stalls, and something white hanging on the wall. At first, I thought why does this womens restroom only have 2 stalls, and OMG a urinal! I ran out of the MEN's restroom as soon as I realized I was staring at a urinal.
Two questions: 1. Why would a little girl about 10 to 12 years old walk out of the men's restroom? 2. How many people saw me running out of the wrong bathroom?

Friday, December 14, 2007

The War-Zone at JCPenney.

Yesterday, I made a mad-dash to the local mall to purchase a much needed Christmas present for my PawPaw. The parking lot was unbelievable. It was like being at the circus. With each car door opening, it was like 20 clowns getting out of their match-box car. I started counting the number of people being dropped off--12 people inside full-sized truck. Scary!

As I was walking into JCPenney, the War started. It's amazing at the happiest time of the year people can become Satan within seconds. Accidentally, I was kinda pushed into a someone. She screamed at me. Why me? Friends, You should be extremely proud of me....I kept my mouth closed. Finally, I purchased what I needed for PawPaw and ran out of the store. Once I was in my car, I thanked God for my safe return.

May the Lord Bless ALL the holiday shoppers!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Red Head Moment

As I turned on the dryer, it would not turn on. I was getting upset...I thought I can not believe I have to call maintenance again to fix something. Also, I just washed all my dirty panties...and they all needed to be dried by tomorrow morning! I tried turning the knob again to turn on the dryer. Still did not come on. I was so frustrated I slammed the dryer door closed. Okay, BlueEyes, Another RedHead Moment! The Dryer does not work unless the door is closed.....When I realized what I did, I turned on the dryer. The dryer is now working beautifully!
I'm off to bed...Night, Night Blogging World.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sunrise...God is Good.

Sinus Infectionville

Texas weather is never constant. Over the weekend it was HOT, today it's rainy & cold. My poor little sinus cavities can not take all this change. Monday morning at 4am I woke up with a massive migraine. I stayed in bed most of the day Monday. The slightest movement make my world come chasing down all around me. Literally, I felt like my little,big head was going to explode at any moment. I even prayed for God to make it! The pressure was unbearable. My sweet dearest friends, Deb, Karla, and Heather, took extra good care of me. Deb came over to give me medicine with my Bozo the Clown hair, bad breath, no bra, and my extremely messy,dirty apartment. The sad part is my OCD never really kicked in. My home is always neat, tidy, and clean. The only thought I had was Deb will make it all better.....either with medicine or a hammer. The pressure from the migraine finally started going away about 5pm! Praise God for Relief!
Tuesday morning, I went to Dr. Girl. I was diagnosed with a Sinus Infection. Dr. Girl said my infection was so severe I would start to feel worse before I get better. Hate her. I started antibiotics last night. We will see how awful I start to feel tomorrow.
I had so many chores to get done this week, gifts to buy & wrap, dogs to bathe, laundry to wash, errands to run, etc. God has a funny way of slowing me down.
Dr. Girl gave me strict orders NOT to eat dairy products. Why would she tell me that? It only makes me want ice cream more! Hate her again!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Since I officially became an adult--meaning moving out of my Parents House & paying ALL my bills--I have lived in apartment communities. My homes have been really great, and a little scary to say the least. After 11 years of living in Dallas, the apartment I am in now is my favorite so far. The other apartments I have lived in never really felt "like home". My apartment now is the only home my dogs have known. I have "raised" them here. Life in Apartment with dogs can be challenging. My only wish for this apartment is that it came with a doggie door & a fenced in back yard (OH and more closet space!). Before I adopted my dogs, I never really knew my neighbors. Neighbors were always just someone you said hello too when I was running to & from my car. Since I take my dogs on walks, I have met a several neighbors....I have learned two things....People are either Friendly or Anti-Social. I have met some really nice people who are friends now. It's amazing the friendships I have found living in my neighborhood.

Do you know your neighbors? If so, are you friends with them?
Do you have any "Scary, Creepy, Neighbors you warn others about?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Did you doubt?

Since I was 5 years old, I always wanted to get married and have children. When I was about 12, I told my Mom I wanted to have 5 children. The look in my Mother's face was of shock & laughter.
At 33 years old, I still want to get married and have children. At times, I am extremely excited about my life has a married woman and mother. Other times, I am completely filled with panic. I believe God has already told me I will get married and have children...and He has given me peace while I wait. At times, I doubt this peace. Sometimes, I think maybe the peace God has provided is the peace he has provided to comfort me b/c he has planned for me to remain Single & childless. Then, I argue with myself that God's peace is a gift, and I should just accept it. I constantly think "Will I be a good wife and mother?" I think I will be a great wife, but becoming a Mother scares me. From the beginning to the end, I have my doubts. The thought of delivering a child worries me...and the thought of raising a child freaks me out a little.....Will I be a good Mom? My entire life I have always been attached to children. When I was younger, I was called the "Mother Hen" of the family. Right now, I can not imagine my life with children. Children teach you so much about your life and the world.....Children are one of my greatest Joys! I think I will be a good Mom....I just need lots of courage! :)
Did you ever doubt your ability as a Parent? Were you afraid of giving birth? Does Parenting get easier with time?

The Holiday Vacation

My family and I went to Branson, MO for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We had a great vacation. Branson, MO is family-oriented city filled with great people, sights, and entertainment. We went to see a musical about the Life of Jesus, called The Promise. The Promise was incredible. I was truly blessed & overwhelmed by God's Promise to me. I am not worthy to receive eternal Life with God, but Jesus already paid my ransom. Lord, Thanks for a wonderful, safe family vacation. Thank you for allowing my PawPaw who is 79 yrs old & 12 months (PawPaw states he is not 80 yet) the strength to still have the energy to travel. My family is truly blessed.