Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time to Smell the Flowers

My Little Shih-Tzu, Phoebe, LOVES flowers. She can spot a flower (whether it's a weed or not) with her little eyes from 50 to 100 yards away. She has pulled me in so many directions just so she can go smell the flower. My neighbor's Mother came into town to visit her son. His Mom put a beautiful flower plant right outside his front door (the plant is now died...that's what happens when Mom leaves). Each time we walked outside or came back inside Phoebe had to go smell the flower. I'm truly amazed by Phoebe. With each flower Phoebe smells, I hear God telling me to enjoy the little Moments in Life.

How can Phoebe, my small fury adorable little pup, take time to smell the flowers when I can not manage to take time for myself? Phoebe understands. It's amazing how something as small as my dog smelling each flower she comes in contact with is a Life Lesson from Our Glorious Lord! In the last few weeks, I feel like I have not had enough alone time with God and Myself. I'm rushed & constantly stressed. Nothing major really going on, but so much "stuff" to do. Definitely not enough time to do it all.

Since I finally made a decision to find a new church, I have added pressure to myself. I feel I should be able to walk into a church and "feel" like I belong immediately. I want God to tell me instantly this is the Church Home HE wants me to be at. Did I have the same experience at the my current Church? The simple answer is NO. I did not like my current church at first. I thought it was not a good "fit" for me. However, I stayed for 7.5 years. I became very blessed by this Church. My relationship with Christ Grew uncontrollably. It's home to me now. God has called me to find a new Church Home where I can grow more a Single Christian (and hopefully to find my Husband-to-be). Each new church I visit, I compare everything and everyone to my current church. Am I really having the best experience comparing each situation, person, and sermon to my current church? Again, the answer is NO.

With Phoebe smelling flowers, God has shown me I should enjoy looking for a new church. Take Time to Smell the Flowers, Blueeyes! Take Time to Enjoy it! Enjoy the Sermon & what each Church has to offer. Blueeyes, Open Your Heart & Follow my Directions........Oh, and by the way, Blueeyes, I am in the Driver's Seat, so please move over and Let me Lead You to a church where I want YOU to GO?

Friends: Take Time to Smell the Flowers........Life is a Precious Gift from Christ so enjoy it. Take time out for God and Yourself. Listen to where wants to Lead You, and Let Him Drive you there!

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Heather said...

amazing how perceptive animals are