Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm LOST without it!

Dear ABC,

My Summer was incredible. I watched all my favorite Summer shows faithfully...almost like a religion, I never missed an episode. Fall Premiere Week was Great....Thanks for making Premiere Week a Huge Success! I have enjoyed all my Old Favorite Fall TV shows. I even enjoyed the new shows you created....Big Shots & Dirty Sexy Money ROCKS. My Love Affair with ABC has grown over the last several years. However, this season I feel like I have missed something important. Last night, I finally put it all together. I know you have condensed the season to a mere 16 weeks because you wanted to make us--the Viewer--happy. The re-runs were okay.....I complained about them, but I dealt with them. Hell, I even watched the re-runs. What I am trying to say is this: BRING BACK LOST! I miss LOST so much! The wait is killing. I want...NO, I need to find out how Charlie, Claire, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Kate, John, Ben, & Juliet are all doing on the Island! Who is the next Character to be killed? Will Jake finally realize Juliet can not be trusted? Does Charlie really save Claire's Life? And what really is up with the Black Smoke Thing? I know my TV addiction has gotten out of hand (Thank Goodness for my DVR), but COME ON, bring LOST back, damnit!

Your Faithful Viewer,

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