Monday, July 30, 2007

VBS Week/Still Hunting for a New Church/My Brother.

It's Official.....VBS starts tonight at 6:30pm. WOW! I can not believe it's already here........and yet I'm already looking forward until it's over! Last year, I did so much for VBS. I helped decorate, helped with registration, make sure everything was running smoothly for our Security men, etc. This year I did not do much. I am responsible for registration this year & making sure the Security men are doing okay. VBS is not my priority this year. Since I started looking for a new church, I am slowly pulling myself away from activities at my current church. I was told on Saturday by my friend Ty I should go to my current church's Board & tell them why I am leaving. I thought about doing this, but now I think I am definitely going to. I think it's important they know why I am leaving. It might not make a difference to them, but I am going to tell them. I found a church I really liked, but I still want to do more research on the Single's program. Also, I want to visit 3 to 5 more churches before I make a decision on a new church home! If you know of a church in the Plano/Allen/McKinney/North Dallas Area with a great Singles Program, please let me know.

Friends at my Current Church: I am finding a new church....I am NOT replacing you. I need a church home where there is a Single's Program. I love all my friends at FCC. I will cherish everyone single one of you. We will still remain friends......God has placed your friendship in my life for a Great Reason! So, Stop Worrying about me.

PandaMom, post a blog ages ago about blogs just showing the Greatness in our Lives. Well, what I am about to say it not pretty. My family needs all the prayers we can get right now. So, here goes. Both my Brother and I have back problems....more than likely they both are heredity issues. My Brother, Stephen, is a Welder. So, he is on his feet from the moment he gets to work until he leaves. Because Stephen is on his feet constantly his back problems are more severe than my own. About 2 to 3 years ago, the Doctor gave Stephen pain medication. Let's say one thing led to another and now Stephen is in a Christian Rehab Program in Mississippi. Stephen is married with one child and 2 step-children. Please pay for Stephen to put his faith in Jesus Christ to overcome his addiction so can live a life filled with Peace & Happiness. The program is a 13 week program. 3 days into the program he called wanting to go home. In Stephen's heart, he knows he needs this, but it's extremely difficult. This program is so completely out of Stephen's comfort zone. His wife, Julie, is having a difficult time. My Mom is having a difficult time......Honestly, I think my Mom might have a mini nervous breakdown about all of this. Stephen can make ONE 15 minute phone call weekly, and he can have visitation one a month for 3 to 4 hours. Stephen's 1st visitation is coming up Saturday, Aug. 4th. My family is going to see Stephen. Please pray for Stephen and our family to get through this. Pray for a God-filled recovery for Stephen!

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Heather said...

I'm proud of your brother. Also, I totally support your need for a singles group and telling the people why you're leaving ask Brooke about the letter she wrote to our old pastor when she left for the same reason.