Thursday, January 24, 2008



My aorta/heart is working properly! Praise God.
Thanks for all your prayers.

Big Scary Test.

The CT scan was scheduled for 1:30pm. I called Karla right before the scan. She would not get off the phone with me until I actually walked into the building. Karla said, "I want to hear you walk in the office b/c I know you will chicken out." I think I have to find a new Karla friend....a new Karla who definitely does not know me like this Karla friend does! The Question of the day is.......Where can I find a new Karla Friend? (Dear Karla, I'm just joking. You know how much I love you, but can you please get out of my head's kinda eerie you know what I am thinking!) Right before I talked to Karla, I sat outside the doctor's office and thought I was going NOT walking into that building.
Before the CT scan, I was absolutely scared of the test. When the Nurse called me back, I was panicking inside. Honestly, I thought I was going to faint on the way to the CT scan room. My knees were wobbly and I started instantly shaking.
When I finally walked into the CT room, the nurse explained what was going to happen & how the medicine was going to make me feel. The BIG SCARY CT scan only took 12 minutes! 12 minutes! In the beginning, I was really afraid of the actual test. The test was a breeze. I am definitely more scared of the test results! The nurse said my doctor should receive the test results within 24 hours. I'm thinking I should hear from my doctor tomorrow morning! I will update this amazing blog when I find out the test results.........good or bad, I will update!
Please pray for me!!!!

UPDATE: My doctor's nurse called moments ago. I have a 4:15pm appointment to go over the test results.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prayers Needed


Please pray for me. I am going to have a CT scan tomorrow of my be exact my aorta. I had a chest x-ray last week due to high levels of inflammation in my system. Well, when my doctor received the chest x-ray she noticed my aorta looked a little "unusual", not abnormal. But unusual enough she wanted me to do further testing. I am so scared something major will be wrong. It does not help I went on the internet to self-diagnose myself. The only thing the internet tells me is I have a major disease, will have a horrible operation and die within 6 months. Please pray for me.

Please pray for my Brother and his family. They are going through major attack from the Devil.

Please go read the blog of Confessions of a CF Husband. Please read the amazing story of the life of Nathan, Tricia, and 2-week old Gwyneth Rose. It will bring you to tears! Praise & Glory are given to God. He is the Healer in our lives!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Youth in Hollywood.

The Youth in Hollywood completely miss the point of being serious, moral role models. When I a child, I had great role models to look up in Hollywood......Brooke Shields, Julia Roberts, CalistaFlockhart, Diane Keaton, etc. Britney Spears is from my home state. I thought she had it all together when she first became "popular". I thought "WOW!" someone from my home state made it BIG. I was so proud of her. Now, I hope she does not do anything to harm herself in the next couple of days. I pray for her emotional and physical well being. Where did things go so wrong with her? The sad part is Britney has two small children who at this point have not contact with their mother (at least, that's what the media is saying).
I'm just a ordinary person with a "normal" life with no paparazzi following me. Can you imagine your life being photographed each time you leave your home? Paparazzi photographing the good and the bad in your life. I assume she brings most of the chaos on yourself. I get tired of family taking my picture during the holidays or on vacation.
I will say this: I'm 33 yrs old. My Family would be here so quickly, if I did anything Britney has done. My Mother would come to TX, pack my apartment herself, and lecture me the entire 8 hours it would take to bring me back to Louisiana. I would expect her to do that. At times, my family should have come to TX to get me. My wrong doings were not make public. Thank Goodness. I am not placing any blame on Britney's family.....Britney is a grown woman. She does make her own decisions. Britney needs a reality check.
Lindsay Lohan was a BIG name in the media months ago due to all the drinking, drugs, and partying. She went into treatment. I'm proud of her. Lindsay's name is seldom in the media now. I'm not saying Lindsay's name will never be media again, but she's making an effort. Believe me, we are all human and fall short. We all make mistakes, but for 90% of us our mistakes are not made public.
This post is NOT to demean the name Britney or Lindsay made for themselves. It's to bring light to the awful jobs they are doing as role models. I am pretty sure they know this. I have a 16 year niece who looks up to these "Superstars". What role models in Hollywood can my Niece look up who are her age? I pray she looks up to the Hollywood that's one the right path.
Listen up Young Hollywood, it's time to get your act together and make a Positive name for yourself again. The Youth of America are waiting!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

30 Days.

Friends, I turn 34 in ONE MONTH from tomorrow! Stay tuned.....Plans will be annouced soon!

No Plans.

For the first time in weeks, I do not have any weekend plans. It feels awkward and great not to "have" to do something. I want to do something this weekend, just no plans yet. At the same time, I would love to just stay in all weekend. I'm torn. Should I stay in or should I go do something? Cleaning is a must this weekend, but it will only take an hour or so. After cleaning, I can paint the town red! I have books that kept calling my name. I keep thinking I am Single, 33 with NO weekend plans. Yep, it's horrible & lame! My 2 best girlfriends in Dallas are both going out of town this weekend. Witches! :)

What do you when you have alone time?

P.S. What are you doing this weekend? Let's do something!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Bucket List

Today, I went to see the new movie called, The Bucket List. It was a very good, heart moving experience. The movie is based on two men from different backgrounds who have cancer. They travel the world; experiencing, exploring adventures that they have never done before they "kick the bucket".

What things do you want to do before you go home to be with the Lord?

Friday, January 04, 2008

Ever Wonder Why??

I always get so frustrated with myself when:

I walk into a room and forget what I walked into the room for.

I open a Cabinet door/Refrig. door and forget what I need.

Last night, I walked into my bedroom 3 times before I remembered what I needed to get.

Does this happen to anyone else? Why am I so forgetful lately?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

1 More

Here's 1 more resolution:


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Question of the Day.

To keep or to NOT keep? Are you asking yourself what is this Crazy Lady talking about now? Well, friends.......I am talking about MY new year Resolutions. I am KEEPING them this year.

Resolutions are:

1. Eat Healthy---It's a Lifestyle change, NOT a diet.

2. Limit flour & sugar products.

3. Call my friends in LA more.

4. Send out birthday, anniversary cards, etc. on time.

5. Lose Weight thru the Lifestyle change, NOT a diet.

6. Pray more, read the bible more, spend more alone time with God.

7. Find a new church with a Great Single's Ministry.

8. Find my Husband-to-be (God, I need your help with this one).

9. Shave my legs more (if you only knew how long it's been, you would think I am totally insane).

10. Keep up with my cleaning better (I am really anal about my house--it's always clean & neat, but I can be better at it)

The Happenings.

My Life has been busy, busy, busy this holiday season. With work, work, work, and more work, I have not been doing much of anything. At the office, we had a system upgrade that caused a major system malfunction during the week of Thanksgiving. So, the month of December has been pure chaos. The week before Christmas I work 50+ hours in 4 days.
I was so ready for a little Christmas break so I drove to New Orleans at top speed just to relax! Also, when I moved to Texas, my Mom said Santa Claus ONLY came to Louisiana, NEVER to Texas. I will go where the Santa goes. I left my home at 6am on Friday, Dec. 21st. The drive home was so peaceful with the sun coming up through the trees & very little traffic. My Family & Friends really out did themselves this year. My gifts were amazing! I am very blessed to be loved like I am. I had a "Scrooge" frame of mind this holiday season. I did not even want to put Christmas decorations out, but my friend, Karla, "made" me. I kept reminding myself it's "NOT all about me". The reason for this season is the birth of our precious Savior. I am truly moved by the simple fact that my Savior was born from a virgin mother & was an infant when he came to earth. Jesus could have come to earth as a man, but choose to come as an infant. The birth, life, and death of Jesus was so I could have entire life in Heaven with God. Praise the Grace of Jesus Christ! Alleluelia! Amen!
Once I finally was home with my family, my attitude was quickly changed. It was good to be home to see my family and friends.
It's 2008 already! 2007 flew by so quickly! Wasn't Jan. 2, 2007 just yesterday?