Friday, August 03, 2007

The Simple Life is Gone.

In Holland, there is a simple explanation for extremely stressed People in their Professional & Personal Life: It's called Burn Out. Burn Out is on the approved list of Health Issues/Problems approved by the Holland Government. In other words, the Company or the Holland Government pays someone who has taken leave from work due to the extreme stress in their life. Burn Out could be a great thing for the United States. Some people will take advantage of Burn Out, but I believe a good portion of America needs a break.

When I read the newspaper, I am not shocked any more. I simply accept America to do harm, cause chaos, and destruction. I am shocked that I am not shocked. I recently read about a Soldier who drove from Virgina to Texas to take revenge on another man based on name calling over the Internet. The Soldier burned the man's home down. I read many examples of evil in America: Murder, Rape, Incest, Violence, Racism, etc. Where does it stop? Who actually gets hurt with all the Violence we cause? The answer: the person causing the Violence. The man who burned down the house will go to prison. I believe the Soldier needed Burn Out. Seriously, maybe a little more than a Burn Out.

Do you need a "Burn Out?" Do you need a break from your fast paced life? What do you do to relax?

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Taylor said...

I would love love love a weekend laying on a beach somewhere. With no appointments, no responsibilities, no one to answer to

OK OK, I'm back. I escaped in my head for just a little bit...