Thursday, February 26, 2009

The B I G 35!

On Feb. 18th, I turned 35. I have been asked several times how does it feel to be 35. Honestly, it feels like I am really still in my 20's, only wiser, fatter, and a little better financially! ;)

My Parents and PawPaw came to Dallas to visit me for my Birthday. They drove in on Wednesday and left on Monday morning. We all had a really great time together. My PawPaw and Dad were completely done with us due to the fact my Mom and I shopped until they almost dropped. My birthday week could not have been better. My family and friends surprised me with a wonderful dinner and fabulous gifts.

My family and I went to see two movies last week. We saw Hotel for Dogs and Madea Goes to Jail. Hotel for Dogs was a great movie. If you have kids, take them to see this movie. They will love it. Madea Goes to Jail was an amazing, heart-warming and laughable movie. Tyler Perry is a very talented man. He was born in New Orleans....that makes him good people. If you LOVE Tyler Perry, then please go see Madea Goes to Jail.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Home Decor Junkie

Last year, I purchased a new comforter set right before I moved in July. Since moving, I have completely unpacked & decorated all aspects of my new home with the exception of my bedroom. In my bedroom, I still had all the old decor up that matched my old comforter. It was all very pretty stuff, but it simply did not match. The time came where I wanted new bedroom decor. The hunt for new decor began about 2 months ago.

Hobby Lobby, Kirkland's, Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's have been my new addiction. Hobby Lobby and Kirkland's being my absolute favorite. My addiction has gotten so bad that I actually can predict when what decor goes on sales at Hobby Lobby per week. It's getting pretty scary. The only thing I still want to complete the bedroom is wall art. I think I found exactly what I am looking for at Hobby Lobby (of course!). My 35th birthday is next week (WOW....turning 35 kinda freaks me out). So, I'm waiting until next week when they are on sale for 50% off and when I get birthday money.

Since my bedroom is about 95% complete, I have started shopping a little for the kitchen. I want to add a few pieces. I have already purchased a couple pieces, but I need a few more things to complete the new kitchen look.

What stores do you like to shop for home decor?