Thursday, December 29, 2005

Traveling for the Holidays

I finally traveled home for the Christmas Season! I drove to New Orleans with my two hyper dogs, and my old bitter cat. They each got sick once on the way there, and on the way back home they were all fine! It was a great trip home! I got to see my family and my 3 great friends!

On Christmas Eve, my family and I went to church. The service was very nice, and the music was great........My favorite Christmas song was sung......Mary Did You Know! It brings me to tears almost everytime I hear it! We open presents at my Parents home on Christmas Eve. It was great! I got everything I dishes, glasses, christmas ornaments, angels, a teapot and a vase from my MawMaw......I am very truly blessed to have the family and friends I do. This Holiday Season has made me a little more mature in my faith. It's amazing how a simple birth of a child could save me, and how his death enriched and enhanced my life more than I could even comprehend. Lord, Thanks for sending Jesus to us......Thanks for all the mighty works you have done in my life.

On Christmas Day, I was extremely lazy!!! I watched 4 movies, slept, and ate all day! It was great! How many days do we just get to lay around the house and relax!???

This Year I have some MAJOR New Year's Resolutions! The first one is too become more Mature in my walk with God. The Second one is to lose 100 lbs in 2006.........If I lose 100lbs, my PawPaw will give me $1000, and my Mom will give $500....$1500 to lose 100 lbs. No food will touch my lips in 2006!!!!! HAHAHA!!!! Just Joking! I am going to change my eating habits, and in the end I am going to find a healthly, sexier ME! My third resolution is to find a Husband........So, for all of you in the Blogger world.........If you know of a man who is a devoted Christian between the ages of 28 to 40, who likes big women..........SEND HIM MY WAY! He must want children!

I gotta go............have a great day!
Hugs & Love.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Busy Wild Weekend

The weekend was great! I saw Karla, and her babies on Friday. Karla & the girls are doing great!!! Stephanie, Kirsten, and Kaden are great older siblings!!! On Saturday morning, I took Abby, Phoebe, and BooBoo Kitty to the Vet for Health Certificates..........It was chaotic! I need to make a mental note NEVER to take all 3 of them to the Vet together again! It was a huge relief when I finally got them all home and settled. Saturday night, I went to Rebecca'a Mom 75th Anniversary......the party was okay....not really a big deal......I was home asleep on the sofa at about 9pm. Sunday, I was so busy! I went to the Birthday Party for Jesus, Church, Lunch, and then I went home cooked, and then I went my Sorority Christmas Party, and The Connection at church. Sunday was busy, but it was wonderful! I would have to say Sunday's on my favorite day of the week!!!

I am getting ready to go home for Christmas!!!! I have lots to do, and not enough time to do anything.........I have to pack everything the animals will need, everything I will need, christmas presents, and everything else I have for my mom, and the dogs crates............I doubt I have enough room for everything in the car! I will probably have to omit some things, but wonder if I happen to need the item I unpacked! I love to pack everything! Why do women have to bring everything they own when they go out of town???!??!?!!?!!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday Blues

Well, another day at the office! Is it just me or is working 5 days a week, 8 hours a day which totals 40 hrs a week seem a bit crazy? Honestly, I am very thankful for my job, but I could be doing such much more with my time.........helping friends, spending time with family and friends, volunteering at church, a school, an animal shelter, a hospital, or nursing home! I could be spreading God's Word to a non-Christian, but nope I am at work slaving all day!

It's funny how I am the closer I get to a vacation! My brain becomes mush, I am absent-minded, and I just do not want to be at work! I would to be at home watching a chic flick, drinking a cup of coffee, relaxing, OR I would love to be at Karla's house holding one of her beautiful babies!!! Kenny and Karla now have 5 children! Holy Lord, Please bless them, and protect their family! I am so very excited for Kenny and Karla! I have always wanted a big family! One day my Prince will come! LOL!

So, one week today, I will on the road, traveling home to see my family! At this time next week, I should be about 2 hours away from home! WOOHOO! I pray my time with my mother is good. We are having's really just Mom and Daughter stuff! I am 31 years old, a very responsible adult......So, why can Mom NOT let go of the control she thinks she has! It's amazing to me when she tells me when to turn off the lights, or how she tells me to handle my dogs, car, apartment, just simply Life in general! Also, it amazes me when I come home she automatically thinks I come home just to see HER! I have other family, and especially my friends I want to see. I hate the fact she is constantly near me when I am home..........I understand she misses me...........BUT when I am home she does not have to consume herself with me! I honestly thought she was getting better, but then MawMaw died, Aunt Shirley died, Hurricane Katrina hit, and then my Step-brother, Jeff is in the hospital.....and now she is back to her old ways. Don't get me wrong, I love and adore my Mom, and I can not imagine life without her.......So, maybe my trip home for Christmas I will just not open my mouth when she starts her Motherly ways........Okay, everyone MUST pray for mouth constantly gets me in trouble!!! LOL!

Here's the question of the day..............what's the deal with NOT telling people Merry Christmas! I will continue to say Merry Christmas when I am in public............Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Look how beautiful I am!!!!!

Allie and Abby

Life is simply incredible! On Monday, my best friend, Karla, delivered her second set of twins! Allison and Abigail are their names........and they are the most adorable babies in the world!!! I fell in love with them instantly! Karla and the girls should be able to go home tomorrow! I am so excited for them to go home! I am truly blessed to have so many adorable children in my life!!!! At church, we have 7 women who are pregnant, and who are all due in December..........I guess God figured he was going to take care of growing our wonderful church!
I am going to see Karla, and the girls today at lunch!!!!

I leave to go home in 7 days! I am excited to be away from work for a few days! I do like my job, but at times it drains me.........only b/c the work is so boring at times. BUT I am very thankful I have my job! God has truly blessed me!

Well, it's lunch, I am going to the hospital to see Karla and the babies!

God Bless!!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Good Morning!!! The weather in Texas amazes me! On Saturday, the temperatures were in the 80's, and today we might get wintry weather!!! Honestly, I love the cold weather, but I would love it more if I was at home warm, drinking coffee, and snuggled on the sofa with my dogs watching a chic flick, instead of at work! More than likely, we will get to go home early!

18 more days until Christmas!!!! I drive home in 15 days!!! I am renting a car, and driving home this year. It's so much cheaper to rent a car, pay for gas, and take all my animals!!! If I were to fly home, and board all my animals it would be so much more money b/c the price of plane tickets to New Orleans have increased so much since gas is so expensive and Hurricane Katrina hit. I pray my Mom and I get along this trip. When I went home for Thanksgiving, we fought constantly..........This holiday season is so hard......It's the first holiday season without MawMaw.......I never imagined life without MawMaw!

The month of December has been crazy busy already and it will continue to be crazy until I go home! Every weekend I have something planned and even during the week I am busy! I love being busy, but I always enjoy being home. This weekend I have my company Christmas Party, Friends coming over for dinner on Saturday, and Sunday is church all day!!! The weekend is going to be great, but when will I sleep??!

Tonight, I have my Sorority Meeting! It's the Christmas gift exchange! I am really excited about the meeting tonight!!!! I truly enjoy being in the Sorority! I love all my Sisters!

The powers that be actually want me to work, I am going to start on my day!

God Bless!

Friday, December 02, 2005

WOOHOO, It's Friday

Thank God it's Friday!!!!!