Thursday, August 31, 2006

I am the PAYING Customer!

My Life this week is a little frustrating..........On Tuesday night, my apartment owned fridge went out. This is the THIRD time the fridge has gone out. I called maintenance about 8:45pm Tuesday night. Did they call or even come by to fix the problem? NO! I called again Wednesday morning asking them to fix the problem. Mind you, the entire time my food is defrosting & my patience is getting shorter & shorter. I get home with a note on my counter stating the fridge is "blowing cold air". I think, "WOW, this is great.......the fridge is finally working"! When I opened the freezer to get ice, most of the food was already defrosted, and the food in the fridge was warm........I called the office again, and this time I was not so nice. At first, they said it would be Friday, possibility Monday---since Monday is a Holiday, it would be Tuesday---before someone from the manufacture would be able to come out.........Once again, my temper and patience got the better of me, after much discussion about me being a GREAT resident & never being late for rent the entire time I have lived there, and a threat to call the home office---which I did---I got a fridge from a vacate apartment. YEAH, TAMMY. The "new" fridge is cold, but the ice maker does not work. So, I have to call again this morning.......another inconvenience! I absolutely hate dealing with apartment, cable, phone, tv, or electric problems. People can be rude........Don't they get it........I AM THE CUSTOMER. I may not always be right, but I am STILL THE CUSTOMER. I am reasonable when it comes to maintenance, but 6 days to fix the fridge is outrageous.........In July, I was having trouble with my a/c on a Saturday. I called the apartment office, and some new guy answered the phone. New Guy proceeded to tell me I would not be able to get the a/c fixed until was 98 degrees outside. I nicely told him refusing to fix my a/c is "an bearable living condition" in July at 98 degrees, so they were in breach of my lease and I would be moving out in 48 hours with NO penalties. The apartment manager called me back, and my a/c was fixed within the hour.
On the brighter side of apartment living, I actually LOVE living in my apartment. The people in the office are very sweet, repairs are normally done in a timely fashion, I live on the 1st floor, my apartment is my adorable little home, I live close to the pool & sand volleyball court and the eye candy is pretty GREAT when the men are playing volleyball--YUM!


Heather said...

You forgot to list our lovely experience at Sonic...We were the paying customer there too.

Blueeyes said...

YEP! Sonic Sucked too!