Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Day in the Life of a Social Butterfly:

Last weekend, I was extremely BUSY! I do not think I stopped to smell the roses once!

Friday night, I went to dinner with Deb & Rebecca........I think I had the best meal all week on Friday night! YUM!
Saturday morning, I went to see Lady in the Water. It was a great movie. I absolutely LOVE M. Night Shyamalan. He's extremely talented!
Saturday afternoon, I went to help my friend, Rob, organize and pack his apartment! As I suspected, Rob is a typical bachelor! How come Single Men NEVER throw anything away? Honestly, Rob's apartment was not has bad as I thought it would be.........Single Men simply do not really clean or pick up after themselves (actually, I have known two Single females who did not clean or pick up after themselves--and I was shocked)! It's amazing to me b/c I am such a clean, anal freak when it comes to my home. PEOPLE hire a maid! :)
What's going to happen to their home lives once they get married?!? The New Wives will have to be extremely organized, flexible, and strong willed when it comes to cleaning! Rob was already making great progress when I arrived........he already had lots of trash bags already outside waiting to be thrown away & lots of piles ready to go to the Goodwill! When we first started you could not see Rob's floor, but after a couple of hours the floor was visible. HIP, HIP, HOORAY! Moving is never easy......it involves so very much......organizing, packing, going thru all of your belongings......it's hard to decide what you want to throw away, donate, and keep. Packing is NEVER fun especially if you are Single, b/c it's just you packing & the only person you talk to is yourself (not fun at all)! I had a great time with Rob packing and making fun of each other!
Sunday was busy! I did not stop all day! I went to Sunday School, Church, Lunch, home to take a Nap, a Youth Sponsor Interview, and finally returned home again only to clean a little. I think I finally got in bed about 12:30a thinking I needed a vacation from my life! Can people actually take a vacation away from their own lives? hmmmmm.......something to think about!
Tonight, my bestest friend in the whole wide world (I have to suck up b/c she is helping me tonight), Karla, is coming over to help me hang up my Rack! Thanks Karla! I am so excited to finally have the plate rack hung on the wall with my apartment back in tact!

Praise God for my Amazing Circle of Friends! I am very lucky to have the friends I do, and I pray my Friends finds Happiness and Joy today in Jesus Christ!


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