Friday, August 18, 2006

Just Say NO to DRUGS!

Last night, I kept dreaming lots of crazy things.
First, I dreamed I won the lottery, quit my job, purchased a house here and one in New Orleans, and all of my friends kept asking me for loans......Can you please pay off my house? Can you please buy me a new car? Can you buy this or that for me?......I was greedy, b/c I kept telling everyone NO! I do remember Heather popping up in my dreams & we were thrift shopping with my lottery winnings & we had on matching outfits.....weird!
Second, I dreamed my friend, Sharon, called me & asked me if I could come to Noah's birthday party that afternoon.......I told her I already had plans, but she proceeded to yell & scream at me, telling me I was a bad person, how Noah was going to be disappointed b/c I was the only person invited & I was not showing up!!!
Third, I dreamed Sharon called me to ask me if I knew where Noah was, then Rebecca was at Sharon's house screaming in the background Hunter was missing too......Both Mother's were in a panic......I was thinking how crazy they both sounded........I looked out my window, and in the dream I could see Sharon & Rebecca in Sharon's house both flipping out. So, maybe I was their neighbor?!
My alarm finally went off, and the dreams stopped. Thank GOODNESS.......I was beginning to fear Sharon!

Boys & Girls........these dreams were the product of taking benadryl right before bed time! JUST SAY NO!!!! DON'T DO DRUGS!


Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Funny! I rearly have dreams now that I take Ambien.

Well Tammy you should not let our kids get lost. hehe

Heather said...

What did our outfits look like?

Heather said...

You crack me up with your dreams.