Friday, December 29, 2006

Home again.

I went home to New Orleans to visit my family for Christmas. I had a wonderful time this Christmas. I rented a car, loaded it up with luggage, presents, and my dogs. We made the 8 hour journey home with no problems. I was about 2 hours away from my Parents front door I could not wait to get out of the car. When I finally arrived, I do not know who was more excited me or my pups. We all jumped out of the car with pure delight! My PawPaw was at my Mom's house. It's always so good to spend time with PawPaw. I know he is lonely since MawMaw died last year. This Christmas was the 2nd Christmas without MawMaw. This Christmas was so much harder for me than last year. I miss her so much more this year. Everyone in my family got along well.........even my Mom and I got along extremely well. We talked & laughed the entire time I was home. Praise God for small miracles. My Mom's Brother, David, even came by with the his family. We have not seen David is years. Praise God for another small miracle. Please pray for my brother, Stephen & his family. Stephen is not in a good place right now, so he and his family are struggling.
Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Praise God for the birth of our Savior!
Please pray for my friend, Heather. Heather is having complications from surgery still. Pray for healing, wisdom, comfort, & peace for Heather.

Happy New Year!

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