Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Monday!

I had an okay weekend. Nothing major was planned. I spent Friday evening with Karla & her family. Saturday morning, we finally finished the scrapbook we have been working on for a solid month (thank God it's done). Saturday evening, I went to Deb & Robert's house for dinner. Robert cooked Paprika Chicken, and it was Fabulous! Sunday was church. I had a not so great time at church this weekend dealing with some stupid drama. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly drama can start over the simplest things. Anyway, that's all I am going to say on this subject, before I get upset again! Remember People, whatever you read on my blog--stays on my blog..........I do not need anything I say on here to get back to people I go to church with or associate with......So, hush those lips of yours!

Tonight, I am hosting my book club group. We are actually not discussing a book tonight......I thought it was time to just have my book club Ladies over so we can actually spend some time together, and actually pick out a book for September. In preparation for tonight, I have cleaned my apartment: dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen & bathroom, started laundry, and I might even make my bed today. When I went to bed last night, I exhausted and had horrible back pain, BUT my home is clean!! I am cooking tonight: veggie jambalaya, chicken, cheese biscuits, and tomato & cucumber salad. YUM! I am looking forward to cooking tonight.

It's now Aug. 14th. We are half way through August. Praise God. So, maybe we will have another month of really hot weather! I am tired of this hot weather. I am tired of sweating & being hot. I want the COLD weather. I love wearing fall/winter clothes way more so than summer clothes! Yes, I am definitely ready for COLD weather. It's more comfortable to walk the dogs when it's 32 degrees than when it's 104.

Since I have been on an organizing frenzy at home, I have found clothes that I am too small for now. (God, I love saying that). In January this year, I went shopping for "work/church" pants. I purchased 3 pair, and now they are ALL way to big on me! I paid way to much money for them, and I hate to give them away. So, does anyone know a tailor in our area? If so, could you please email me with their name and number. I cheated on my "diet" all weekend long....It was simply wonderful.....It's Monday, so I am full force again!

I am tired of re-runs this summer. I am watching two summer shows I love: The 4400 and the Dead Zone. Great Shows! I am ready for the Fall Line-up. I was a TV junkie last Fall, and I will be a TV junkie this fall. I am glad I actually know how to use my VCR now (it took me about 2 years to finally work the tv, cable box, and vcr all together!) b/c I record so much! Praise God for VCR's! What TV shows are you looking forward too?

God Bless.


3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

I'm right there with ya on the summer re-runs. The new fall shows can not get here fast enough. I am looking forward to watching The Amazing Race, Grey's Anatomy and the brand new one after Grey's (I don't remember the name. Anyway, I'm not hooked to too many shows but I am addicted to HGTV's House Hunters. LOVE that show!!!

Can't wait for book club tonight, just like good t.v. shows, it has been too long!!!

See ya girl!

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Are dead zones new?

I go to a cleaner thats a taylor off of jupiter and parker next to the Mr Jims Pizza. I don't have the name or number, but they did a good job :)

Book club was great!

Blueeyes said...

Yep, the Dead Zones are new......I was told the story line is a little off from the original, but I love it anyway!