Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Taking you back into childhood.....

My weekend was filled with lots of fun-kid friendly adventures. On Saturday, I went with my Youth Kids to play whirlyball and laser tag. I did not play whirlyball. Laser Tag was my game of choice! I love playing laser tag! I probably had more fun than some of the teenagers.
As I was playing my second game of laser tag, I had the sudden immediate urge to go to the bathroom. Here's the moral of this story: You know you are getting old when you have to take of your laser tag vest, stop playing the game, and pray you make it to the bathroom before you pee on yourself! Second moral: Never drink lots of water before you play laser tag.

Saturday night I was babysitting. We were coloring and watch Mary Kate & Ashley goes to Paris. I have seen this movie a zillion times with the girls. As I opened the huge bag of crayons, I was completely taken back to my childhood.........Hundreds of memories filled my head. I always loved getting a new box of crayons when I was a child. I also love the smell of play-do. Such sweet memories. I love the smell & taste of boiled seafood. When I was a child, we always had huge "crawfish/shrimp/crab boils" with family and friends. I loved the excitement of Christmas and Birthday's (actually I still love the excitement). I love the anticipation of what Santa was going to bring me! What sounds, smells, books, taste, etc. take you back to your childhood


Heather said...

Hey Tammy Whammy....what movie were you wanting to see next week? Do tell...I might want to accompany ya.

Karla said...

Smells from childhood--well, my Mom would make chocolate cookies and my brother I and would lick the beaters or 'batteries' as my brother would call them--YUMMY!

I also love the smell of Play-Do, New box of crayons, and the smell of a freshly cut hay field.