Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Day of Remembrance

I had a wonderful Memorial Weekend! I relaxed & enjoyed myself. I slept late, watched tv, and cooked healthy food. I house/dog sat for Kenny & Karla. It was 4 dogs and me. It was pure chaos. The dogs loved running around the house and back yard. It was blissful they could all blow off some energy! If Pongo was not trying to hump Phoebe, he was being fussed at for trying to hump Phoebe. Pongo is like the little old creepy man at the retirement home who tries to hump any female that comes along.

On Friday, I found out I actually do have a real back problem that is causing my back/leg pain. For years, I always thought my back pain was from my weight, but the Doctor said "Nope, it is heredity". So, it's not because I am a Fat Girl that I have back problems, it's simply b/c my back is going to fall off soon! I have to go see a specialist soon, maybe he can save my back! Praise God for giving me a great Doctor who is patient with me. My a1c test came back great.......6 months ago it was a 7.1, and now it is a 5.6. 6.0 or less is in normal blood sugar range! Go Tammy Go!

Memorial Day has always been a great day of remembrance for me. After Sept. 11th, I feel honored to have such Great Men and Women in America who are willing to die so I may have freedom. On Sept. 11th, we lost so many Great People in the Twin Towers. I recently read a book written by Marian Fontana who lost her husband Dave Fontana in one of the Towers. Dave was a Firefighter in NY. Marian wrote about her life as a widow, and how Sept. 11th changed her life forever. I praise God everyday for Marian's Husband, Dave, and the many men like him. How many people did he save to only die himself? How many lives were touched by Dave's hand? (Marian, Thanks so much for a beautiful book. I will truly treasure your words all the days of my life. Thanks for standing up for what you believe in, and showing women every where we can make a difference. Thanks for becoming the President of the 9/11 Widows and Victim's Family Association. I am truly proud of you.) How many lives were touched by Sept. 11th? How many lives will never be the same b/c of Sept. 11th? How many children were affected by Sept. 11th?

How many lives are touched my the war going on now? How many of our loved ones are fighting so we can have freedom? I am a member of a small church in my community, and we even have people in the war zones right now who are loved by a member of our church. I keep reading about the war, and all the great obstacles our military faces each day. We are all touched by the war, we may not know it, but every life has been touched.
I am Honored to call myself an American. I am HONORED to be a part of our countries past, and I am Graced with the opportunity to see our country grow. I am not saying America is perfect. I am saying we are truly blessed to be part of the Greatest Nation on Earth who has thousands of Men and Women who are willing to fight for our lives, freedom, happiness, and families. Lord, Bless, Guide, & Protect our Military, Government officials, and their families left behind. Give them Strength, Comfort, and Peace.

God Bless.


Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Go blood sugar! I am happy it is better!

Heather said...

I am so proud of you for losing so much weight that your a1c test came back so good. I have got to get on the ball so mine does too.