Friday, October 13, 2006

New Developments.

I went walking on Tuesday & just as I walked onto the trail I see Andy in the distance.......We walk together.......I really did not think we would, but Phoebe stopped to do business, and Andy stopped with us! I kept thinking that was pretty cool. Honestly, I think he likes my dogs better than me.....but we will see. We get to the end of the trail, and Andy asked if I normally come this way. I told him I normally go the other way(which is up the trail, through the neighbor, and back on the trail again---not really different from the way we came...just the opposite way)......He gives me a "stupid look" and within 3 seconds he said "Have a good night, we are going this way". Was it something I said? Did he smell my BO (I promise I had on deodorant!)? Maybe he had to go to the bathroom (maybe he had diarrhea?)! So, I thought our walk was going pretty well until he had to poop!

I had a good interview yesterday afternoon! I really want this job!!! It would be a great opportunity for me, and it's so close to home! Please pray I get this job. Pray for God's will to be done.

I have decided I love walking as a form of exercise! I enjoy being outside with the rest of the wild animals. I use to walk years ago when I lived in the ghetto, but I have not really walked for exercise in a long time. I love it. I am walking almost every other day! I even put walking before going out to eat last night. Amazing! In my former life, I would have skipped walking with the intention of walking when I got home, gone to the restaurant, and then gone home to put on pajamas with no walking whatsoever. Last night, I walked, ate, walked a little again (really for the dogs this time), pajamas & TV time, and then bed time! I would like a round of applause! ;)

TGIF! I have waited for Friday since Monday morning at 7am! I am ready for the weekend. My Sorority and I are hosting a garage sale this weekend in one of our neighborhoods. It's going to be great weather! I am ready to shop!!! I love garage sales.

Tonight, I am going to dinner with some friends! We are celebrating Kenny's birthday! Happy Birthday Kenny! I am very blessed to have a "little" brother like you in my life! Thanks for making me apart of your family!

End of my New Developments.


3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

What's up with that?

I bet he's married and he's one of those that doesn't wear a ring! His loss, your mister right is out there wandering around lost until he finds you! Boy he will be happy then.

I am glad to hear your interview went well. God will provide the right job for you. I am sure of it.

Have fun this weekend.

Heather said...

Ok, here's a "development" for you. GARAGE SALE and you didn't invite me you big nerd. I'm not leaving until tomorrow NIGHT dork. With regards to the "do you usually go this way down the trail comment from Andy". I think he was probably saying, "Great, now I know which way to be hiding in the bushes for next time when I can (in the words of the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of OZ) get you and your little dog(s)too. Ok, he's too freaking me out with that random comment I say ix nay on the oybay. That's pig latin for later wierdo diaherea boy. Or maybe he was trying to make sure he came another way next time so that if his WIFE decided to join him next time he wouldn't run into you again. Love you (wink)

Heather said...

In the words of the guy from the movie Twister, "LOSER, move em'(him) out!"

In the words of Meg Ryan in Top Gun while responding to her husband's piano solo, "Show me the way home honey" (far away from diahrea boy)

In the words of Vince Vaughn from Wedding Crashers...while smacking his butt cheeks...."watch me take this (smack smack) on down the road"

Ok, I'm out of good movie one-liners.

Blueeyes said...

I started walking a little later in the afternoons....and I have not seen diaherra man since the last time. I already decided I am way to cute for to hell with him! ;)