Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Facts about VBS

Life has been constantly moving & shakin' lately! VBS is under full swing........the children are having a ball, but I can see exhaustion in the faces of most of the adults. VBS is a great week, but at the end of it.......I am completely wiped! Since VBS last year, I said I was NOT helping the week of VBS, but look at me......I AM helping out! Praise God, I am NOT a station or crew leader this year. I think this VBS is one of the best I have experienced. Thanks to Pastor S, Karl, and All for making this VBS the best ever.

Since I started decorating for VBS, I found muscles I have not used in years(especially the butt muscles!) At times, I wish my butt would simply fall off.

I am so exhausted at night, I can not seem to sleep. I lay in bed thinking of when I will sleep......I finally killed the sheep I was counting.

I have left dishes in the sink every night this week. This is so UN-like me. Dishes MUST be done before I go to bed, but this week I think the dish fairy forgot my house.

My back & leg pain has moved completely to my left hip. My left hip screams "sit down fat girl, SIT down."

At times, I think I am having more fun than the kiddos this week. Every night, I put on my dance shoes and dance to the VBS music........I'm such a nerd.

I have been passing out bottled water to the safety men, station, and crew leaders this much water can a grown man drink?! I am amazed. I kept thinking last night a couple of them would float away soon. The exercise is great walking back and forth to make sure everyone is fully hydrated, but when I get home I realized I have not had any water all night long. So, I drink and drink tons of water, and I think I might float away!

Each night, I have been checking in the children as they arrive for VBS. Two of the new kiddos have said, "I can not believe you do not know my name yet".......okay kiddos, I am OLD! I am lucky I remember my own name.

Last night was so sad, my Friend, H, made a huge paper mache black bear (which is pretty cool), and one of the real small kids was completely scared of him. The poor child freaked out when his crew leader tried a few times to put him closer to the bear........Great Job H on scaring the kids! ;)

Since I have been so busy this week, all I wanted to do was eat everything in my sight, but I have resisted! Damn me! Ice cream sounds great right about now!

Have a great day!
God Bless!

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