Monday, August 07, 2006

2 Purses for $7... Can you beat that?

On Saturday, Heather & I went thrift Store Shopping! We had a GREAT time! I love going to thrift stores! The only horrible thing about Saturday is was 150 degrees, and everytime I stepped out of the car I thought I would melt! I got 2 purses, an antique pyrex dish, and pillows for my new loveseat all for $15.00! I love a bargain! I wonder if there is a thrift store that specializes in plus size clothing?! Heather, Thanks so much for twisting my arm & making me go! What would I do without YOU!? I can not imagine a world without friends like you! Heather, when are we going again?! ;) Next time, let's plan a huge day of Thrift store fun.........Start off with breakfast (to give us energy, of course) & then start shopping. I am ready today!

Saturday night, I went to a Birthday Party for a friend of mine! It was a night filled with lots of great "family" time, food & fun! When I finally got home on Saturday, I was exhausted. The sun is my enemy this year. I hate the big bright hot shiny sun.

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Heather said...

Stick with me kid and you'll get all the bargains!