Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Joy of Tooth Pulling

Last Thursday (one whole week ago), I went to my "mean, hateful" dentist to have one wisdom tooth pulled. Let's just say, it has NOT been a pleasant experience! I did okay over the weekend, but on Monday I started to have incredible pain. I called the dentist crying asking to come in. I made an appt. early on Tuesday dentist was my Knight in Shining Armor......he cleaned out the whole in my mouth, and it felt much better......I did not have a dry socket......Thank God......I do not think I could have handled the pain of a dry socket! I hate the dentist......actually I hate all dentist.......they are mean, hateful, crude people. I can not imagine a person growing up saying they wanted to be a Dentist.......Imagine working in the mouth of your patients every day........Imagine the bad breath you have to face everyday! Gross, Yuk! My pain is slowing going away........I still have some pain, but I can eat solid foods again (Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!) Praise God for Darvocet!

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