Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday's thoughts.


*Today is the Day the Lord has Made, & I will rejoice it in.

*I am going over to the Casa de Rice tonight for dinner! YUMMY!

*I am sleeping in tomorrow! HipHipHooray!

*My company is sponsoring a happy hour this afternoon! I get to leave the office at 2:30pm today! HipHipHooray!

*I LOVE Grey's anatomy.


*I think we should plan a Girl's Weekend Away the beginning of 2007.

*I have lost 60lbs. I am dropping dress sizes all over Texas. I pray no one picks them up!

*I still want Popeyes chicken.

*I need a dog walker in the mornings! I love my babies, but walking them at 5:30am or 6am every morning is hard. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with beautiful weather this week.

*We need to plan a Girl's Night Out or In soon. I will even host.

*I need to learn how to groom my dogs properly. Can you imagine the cost savings?
*Why do celebrities think a marriage is disposable?

*I can not spell to save my life.

*Last night, I was lazy. I took the dogs outside, cooked dinner, washed dishes and watched Grey's & Six degrees. I forgot to record ER (stupidity). Did anyone record it?

*Pray for our Military & their families. They are fighting for freedom & justice.

*I still want a HUGE Margarita....and I will get one today!


Heather said...

Had fun with you last night you big nerd.

Blueeyes said...

Thanks. I had a good time too! The food was WONDERFUL! Ya da bomb!

Heather said...

ok, it's not friday anymore so me thinks one needs a monday update