Monday, September 11, 2006

Unity is the Gift.

Dear Friends,

At times, Sept. 11, 2001 seems like a distant nightmare which never existed. Five years later the reality of Sept. 11th is still with all of us. It was the worst terror attack on the American population. It gave us fear and doubt. We felt lost & alone in the world. People we loved were dying right in front of us. Cops and Firefighters rushed into each of the Twin Towers to rescue as many people they could. Hundreds of the Cops & Firefighters died trying to save the innocent. Thousands of people died in the Towers. The buildings were destroyed, crumbled down to the earth. People were running for safety, and jumping from the Towers. The families and friends who lost someone special are still dealing with their loss. It's amazing we all live in our own little worlds. When tragedy like Sept. 11th happens it takes us back to reality. It makes us realize there are many more problems in the world other than mine own. Every life in American was changed on Sept. 11th.

Five years ago today our Great Country was changed forever. After the Sept. 11th attacks, this country "grew up" quickly. The attacks gave us a great gift.......unity. People were talking to strangers again, the American flag started popping up in & out side homes, churches continued to pray for our country and the ones we lost, People started respecting our armed forces, police officers, and firefighters, families got stronger, and People fell in love with America again. America is the Greatest Country in the World. I am proud to be an American.

Nation Of Survivors
In the bright September morning without warning to us all
A few thousand lives were shattered and we watched two buildings fall
And a billion souls felt empty, and the flags at half-mast fly
In the memory of the innocent which didn't have to die
We've lost brothers, sisters, cousins. We've lost family and friends
But we've made the choice not to forget their lives and tragic ends
Though we've had our share of troubles we have put them all aside
As a nation grieves we find ourselves defending them with pride
We're a nation of survivors, with one heart we share a tear
But we live to serve the memory, not giving in to fear.
Though they try to take security with the things they've done and said
All their acts of inhumanity bring unity instead. So we stand here as a family.
One heart, one soul, one voice.
We are challenged by this moment, and united here by choice.
--Jack Foshee Jr., Sept 12, 2001.

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Paisley Turtle/The Scribe said...

Thank you for sharing... sincerely. In a time where many people have let the moment slip away, it is worth reclaiming a bit of the spirit that guided us, and necessary to keep it from happening again.