Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Last Friday, I went to Rob's again to help pack! It was a weird night for me. I constantly talked to myself the entire night & I had the hiccups several times. My hiccups are little weird ones......I normally only hiccup once.........So, it was a night filled with one little hiccup numerous times over the course of the night! Weird! I talked to myself most of the night b/c I was more or less packing by myself. The weekend before Rob and I packed together.......I did not mind packing alone, it was just I had no one to talk to......and I was singing to myself most of the night.......and if anyone has heard me sing, it's simply not pretty! It's funny, but I love to sing........especially at home when I am cleaning. Give me a cleaning towel and I will sing you a song! La, la, la, la, la!
Since I have been helping Rob pack, my need to clean my apartment has been in full force! I have re-organized my closet, cleaned & dusted my room, & reduced the clutter in my room! It's amazing, but removing some of the knickknacks made my room seem bigger.
My friend, Kim, gave me a leather loveseat! It's beautiful! When Kim & I started to become friends I feel in LOVE with her furniture. Kim is engaged to be married, and they decided to give the loveseat to me! The furniture was delivered on Saturday! My little home is simply adorable! I am very blessed to have what I do. Lord, Thanks so much for blessing me with my beautiful home!
It's official: I have been accepted as a High School Youth Sponsor. Praises are in order, & Prayers are definitely needed for my sanity and the happiness of the Kids!

God Bless!


Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Whos Rob you were helping pack.

Exciting a new love seat! Congratulations

Heather said...

Girl, you're going to LOVE working with youth. You'll be great. I loved doing it when I was single before I met Jason. Those kids give you way more than you'll ever give them. They need positive role models. I still keep in touch with a few of my kids. Who are adults now. Can't wait to see the new LOVE seat. Maybe you should name your blog, "THE LOVE SEAT". I think that would be cute.

Blueeyes said...

The Love Seat! It's a great name!!! Maybe since I finally got a love seat, I will get a new LOVE! Pray for me!

Karla said...

I agree with Heather, 'The Love Seat' is a great name for your blog :-). Your world is full of love from us 'normal people' all the way to your four legged kids.