Thursday, December 14, 2006

Busy Holy Days.

My vacation was wonderful, but I was having a difficult time adjusting back to reality. I think I am finally back on track, but then Christmas vacation is so close. I may have a relapse! I went to the mall on Saturday to finish up Christmas shopping, but it was pure chaos so I left. I think I had memory loss from the last time I went to the mall at Christmas time. Mental note to self: avoid malls during Christmas time. However, I discovered a new Christian book/gift store this week. I went to Mardel's for the first time this week. Mardel's has everything I want and need!

I love my new job. I work with really good people. I enjoy what I do. I have good hours and great pay!!!! Praise God for small miracles.

Please pray for my friend's Heather and Lorraine. Heather had major complications from surgery. Heather is finally at home recovering. Lorraine had a stint put in her heart yesterday. Lorraine also has 2 other major blockages which will be treated with medication. Please pray for a speedy quick recovery for them both, as well as strength, comfort, and peace.

What are some of your family's specific Christmas traditions?
Do you open Christmas presents Christmas eve or Christmas day?
Does Santa leave his presents unwrapped or does he wrap them?
My family always has gumbo along with the "traditional" Christmas meal. We have potato salad instead of mashed potatoes. Within the last 10 years, we always open gifts on Christmas eve. Santa never wraps gifts at my house.


Heather said...

thx for the prayers sweet friend.

Blueeyes said...

Thanks for your friendship! Now, get your Butt healthy enough so I can come see ya! It's been way to long! Hugs & Love to my Wonderful Heather Friend!