Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Saving, Cleaning

I am going on vacation very soon so I am limited as what I will do b/c I have to save every extra penny. If anyone has any extra pennies, send them my way! I need them ;) So until I go on vacation, I will not buy anything except food & gas. I will eat at home 6 days out of 7. I will watch movies I already have at home. I will not spend money on stupid things! I will not step foot into a thrift store (until my sweet friend, Heather, "forces" me go with her---Heather, PLEASE force me soon). I will not buy a new purse (this is going to kill me!). Yep, I am trying to convince myself! My life will be pretty boring until I go on vacation. Lots of cleaning, cooking, reading, and old movie watching for me! Can I really not buy a new purse until after I get back from vacation?! Pray for me! I am addicted to purses!

Whenever I travel, I must do "spring cleaning" before I leave. I must wash & change my sheets, wash the dogs beddings, dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom & kitchen, most of the laundry must be done, and everything must be in it's own spot. I absolutely love coming home from vacation to a very clean house. I totally stress myself out when it comes to cleaning, packing, taking care of myself & the dogs before I leave on vacation. This trip my dogs will have to be boarded. I am definitely going to be freaked out about that. I hate the fact they will be boarded! I am going to miss them so very much!

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