Friday, October 06, 2006

Scariest Moments.

Here are some of my Scariest Moments of my Life:

1. Starting college for the first time. I moved to campus & I was scared to live away from home. I begged my Parents not to leave me that day. Two weeks later, I was so excited to live away from home! Freedom is amazing!

2. Moving to Dallas. I moved to Dallas with $250 in my checking account. I worked at Walmart so I was transferred. When I showed up at the new Walmart, they had no clue who I was.

3. Living with a horrible roommate.

4. Starting a new job.

5. Losing my job.

6. Breaking up with my ex.

7. Living alone for the first time: I slept with the kitchen light on for weeks (yep, I am a wuss).

8. Having one of my dearest & sweetest friends give me a flu shot......Yep, that's right. My friend, Karla, gave me my flu shot. We were both so freaked out about the whole experience. Karla finally stabbed the needle in my arm (I think she liked stabbing me!), and the flu shot was given. FRIENDS: Do NOT try this at home especially when Karla has a needle in her hand.

9. Turning 30! How did I get to this age? I was only 18 yesterday! Better yet, How did I finally become 32?!

10. Seeing my own reflection in the mirror at night while the lights were off, and thinking someone else was in the house trying to kill me. I told the killer to leave me home. When I finally realized the killer was myself......I put myself back to bed.


Rebeccalynn_dj said...

how about having your friend move in the aparment directly above yours.

Blueeyes said...

That was not so scary! You were very well behaved!

Heather said...

Girl #10 cracked me up. Remind me to tell you a story next time I talk to you about this same thing...