Thursday, May 03, 2007

Typical Me Morning.

Around 3am this morning, I woke up with a "charlie horse" in my left foot & toes. The pain was unbearable. I was laughing & crying. My toes kept curly up--it was painful, but to see my toes curl like that was hilarous! My toes may never recover!

I started this morning off on the wrong side of the bed. I got up 45 minutes late. I took the dogs outside. They were wet & gross when we finally came back in. I could not decide on what to wear. I realized I did not have anything clean to wear. So, I had to wear "dress up" closes with heels today. Heels are definitely not my friend! Finally, I get in the shower. I just purchased a new bottle of shampoo. The bottle has a pump. I love pumps. I could not figure out how to un-screw the pump part of the bottle. I kept thinking how was I going to wash my hair if I can not use the pump---typical red head moment for me. It then hit me----I can actually unscrew the lid and pour shampoo into my hand. WOW, not so bright this morning!
At this point, I could not remember if I had brushed my teeth or not. Just in case, I brushed my teeth again. While I was getting dressed, I realized I did not put on deodorant. I put the deodorant on while my shirt was buttoned---BIG mistake! I had to take off the shirt and find another one to wear! Thank God I had another shirt from the dry cleaners! Halfway to work, I realize I forgot to pack my breakfast & lunch (someone come & feed me today!!!).

I do not function well in the mornings. I like to think Mornings are the Enemy.


Heather said...

No,what is the enemy is this yellow color you chose to blog with today. I will be sending you the bill for my eye Dr.visit.

Taylor said...

I venture to your blog daily from Sharon's and I have to agree with you on mornings. My husband is a morning person and I am NOT, this makes for an interesting dynamic in our home on some mornings.