Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spring Cleaning Again.

My home has been in a disarray since it was painted. Every single one of my "hot spots" (a place I dump stuff when I come home or a place I put stuff when I'm too lazy to find a real place for it) has been completely covered with stuff. Monday night, I cleared one hot spot. Tuesday night, I half cleaned my 2nd hot spot. Tonight, I am going to finish the 2nd and finish the 3rd spot. I am building up to heavy duty spring cleaning on Saturday. I want to re-organize my bedroom closet. I need it to the moment it is simply over-flowing. I want to spot clean my carpet. Living with pets it's hard to keep up with the carpet. Pets are gross...they are lucky they are so loving & adorable. I need to dust my bedroom, change my sheets, & make my bed. I need to completely clean my kitchen, wipe the counter tops down & wipe the stuff sitting on the counters, I need to mop, vacuum...........Honestly, I need a maid. I'm too busy to keep up with my own mess. Since I was sick in November & I finally just started feeling better again in March I am finally physically able to spring clean my home (believe me, I have cleaned my home since November, but not the way it needs to be cleaned). Plus, My Mom & Niece are coming to visit me in June. So, I need to start cleaning now to have everything in place when they come!
Hopefully, Saturday will begin with Garage Sale shopping with my Heather Friend, the start of my Spring cleaning, dinner at my place with friends......Cinco de Mayo on the 12th of May...Mexican night, with a great dessert that I got from one of my Blogger Friends, PandaMom........Dessert Fruit Pizza. YUM! (PandaMom, I am excited to try this on Saturday...Thanks for the recipe!)

Here's a question of the day: Do you make your bed everyday?


Taylor said...

Depends on the week. This week and last my bed has been made. I've also been in the spring cleaning mind set lately and have been cleaning out a cabinet a night. Amazing how much stuff you don't need and will never use gets shoved into a cabinet just to get it off the counter.

Heather said...

No, why make your bed when you're just going to sleep in it that night.

Brooke said...

No way. I hardly ever make my bed. Is that bad?

Blueeyes said...

It's not bad. I use to make my bed every single day, but lately I simply don't care. Most mornings I say I am going to make it, but I never have time.