Friday, May 18, 2007

Fed Up with this Week!

I'm ready for 4:30p to come! Please come quickly. I am having a really long week.
I really do not have major plans this weekend. My friend, Amy, is coming into town! I'm exited she's coming "home". My Sorority and I are providing a meal to one of the "run-a-way" children's shelters on Saturday. I now do not have to work tomorrow...HipHipHooray! ! I have a Pig roast to go to tomorrow night.

This morning I returned to bible study called, Play&Pray or it's Pray&Play (I can never remember the exact name). I had a great God-filled two hours. I needed a weekly bible study where I can learn more about my Christ & grow in Him. My Female Pastor leads the study. Pastor Shannon is one of my Favorite People....She's a great listener, not judgemental, she has a great laugh, great morals, and is so God-filled. I truly admire Shannon. I'm blessed to be able to attend this study. Thank you Lord this blessing.

Have a great weekend! Behave yourself!

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